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  1. I would take Brady against the jets.
  2. WDIS need last second help!

    I would start Harrington and ATrain, McGahee is out and Rudi is being disciplined - he will play but probably not the entire game.
  3. Eli or Favre?

    I agree - Bears will be out for vengeance. Go with Favre.
  4. WDIS

    I agree - Coles.
  5. URGENT WR/TE Advice

    LJ SMith!!
  6. C-Pep or Hasse? Quick!

    Hass - Cpep has no protection.
  7. Last Minute WDIS

    Westbrook rests enough to be ready to romp. Same scenario last week - missed one day of practice then ran for over 100 yds and scored. I would go with Westbrook.
  8. BUMP - any last minute advice on Wayne vs Burress as #2 WR??
  9. better receiver?

    Jennings - I think more opportunity with Favre, even behind Driver. Clayton is more like #3. I have Clayton and may drop him.
  10. WDIS? Eli or Hasselbeck?

    Eli - lots of good weapons with good matchups. Please see mine.
  11. WDIS 2 questions

    Not sure what your options are for Jones but would steer clear of him - even if he starts, he will most likely not be 100% and the Indy/Jax game will be rough. I woudl go with T. Jones - Chicago ROCKS!!!
  12. Warner definitely - Culpepper has no protection and limited options. I am going to go against the crowd here - while I agree Gore is rocking so far, sentiments will be high in NO and Bush seems to get better each week. I would roll the dice with Bush.
  13. anyone hear anything on steve smith

    He progessed up to a full work out this week. I'd play him.
  14. flex help please

    I would stick wiht you original plan for Toomer, Colston and S. Smith. Indi is playing JAX - tough D and not a well established run game.
  15. For QB: Should I start Bulger @ARI or Roethlisberger vs CIN at home? Thinking CIN D will be tough but their at home and it is still ARI. Foe WR- Need to start 2 of these 3: Fitzgerald vs STL (home) Burress @ SEA Wayne vs JAX (home) Thinking FItzgerald and Burress, especially vs JAX D - but it is Peyton! Thoughts??? Will answer your post. 12-man points only league, 6 pts for TD. I am 2-0.