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  1. Salvaging 3rd place.

    Standard Performance Scoring. WDIS E. James @ SD M. Barber III vs. DET C. Benson vs. GB New England D @ TEN Dallas D vs. DET (bearing in mind I am already starting Roy Williams, and I hate doing this.)
  2. losman or young

    Losman! and I do think Hackett will outperform LJ
  3. WR/TE

    I start 4 WR's and a TE. I already have Wayne and Glenn starting. To fill the other spots, I have M. Colston, Ronald Curry, Joe Jurevicius, T. Heap, and L. J. Smith. I'm obviously starting Colston, but this is Yahoo and he is eligible at tight end. So, the question is who do i start, and where do i start Marques. Any insight would be appreciated.
  4. wdis word answer ok

    If it were me, I'd play Boldin.
  5. thinking of benching holt

    I would bench Colston. Too much uncertainty about how much he's going to be out there. I've seen a lot of Booker, he's the real deal down the stretch.
  6. Standard league, slightly weighted towards TDs. Also, I'm having a lot of trouble with my Team Defense. Pittsburgh vs. Weinke and Carolina N. Y. Jets vs. Brad Johnson/Minnesota St. Louis vs. The Raiders New Orleans at home vs. the Skins
  7. Angelo Crowell

    He got hurt and didn't come back in
  8. Holy Crap I need help!

    I'd go Romo and Rudi to spread you out a little more if the Bengals get stifled.
  9. QB Help needed...

    No. I'd lean toward Eli in a bounceback game. If you're hating Eli right now, I'd go Cutler before McNair.
  10. I like Booker. Seems like he's on the same page as Joey and even though he's inconsistent, so are Mason and Caldwell. I'd go with TO, Chad, and Fitz also. They're too good.
  11. WDIS - QB

    I'd go with Romo, too. Miami is playing Jacksonville though.
  12. Who is a better acquisition for the final 5 weeks of the season...Jerricho Cotchery or Bernard Berrian? Standard Performance Scoring. Also... Eli or Cutler and I need to choose 2 out of R. Williams, Horn, Edge. Thanks in advance for the help.

    I am also looking for a QB to back up Bulger and possibly start and the candidates look pretty similar. I'm going with Vince Young.
  14. No sure thing, but I would bet on him going over 14 pts. especially with Alexander still nowhere near up to speed.
  15. i Have one move.

    I have one available move. My 4th receiver is Reche Caldwell, My tight end is Witten. Should I drop one to pick up Booker or Cooley, If so who should i Drop and who Should I pick Up. PPR League.