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  1. Weekly Blitz

    Car Cin Jac SDC TBB
  2. Gamble Picks

    That is what I'm doing also (in another league) I keep reading about the TE scoring against Indy and the Bills defense does scare me.. Just look at my money leahue lineup. I'm actually considering Frerotte this week.. Jones is tall and REDZONE material.. I watched Clayton drop ALOT of balls last week af=gainst the Vikes so he is in my doghouse right now.. I mean CATCHABLE balls
  3. I think it was on here somewhere that he had a top % of pass completion over 30 yards. Kinda of a WDIS question, .. T.J. Housh or Clayton (TB). Palmer does throw a nice catchable deep ball doesn't he??
  4. Weekly Blitz

    Cleveland Dallas Miami Pitts Tampa Bay
  5. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 2!

    I made it past week 1???? Eagles now
  6. WEEK 2 MATCHUPS Griese vs Buffalo Frerotte vs Jets Looks like a toss-up in my book, I went RB heavy with LT2, Dillon, Steph Jackson and Cadillac at Flex. Our scoring system credits longer plays (i.e. 10-20=2, 21-30=3 and so on) Tampa at home, Miami on the road?? How good are the Bills corners?
  7. San Fran up 21-6

    Martz is fixin to go 90/10 on play calling.. Bulger to Holt should be good in my ESPN Gridiron now!!!
  8. Big Bench Pts

    Bench Points-- Frerotte.. but we start 2 and I had Griese and Hassleback. and I DID start the Cadillac!!! Other than that no bad picks
  9. I remember one guy was WAAAY better at picking the games last year.. Since I'm getting older and the old noggin doesn't retain knowledge like it use to, help me out.. Plus, its always fun to get a little $hit started between 2 huddle execs on the message board
  10. WHO was better last year at picking?

    I knew the winner would come out with both guns blazing!!!!
  11. Opening Sunday!

    As always, My DAN MARINO.
  12. WHO was better last year at picking?

    Please share your top 10 crisp!!! I need the help..
  13. Does Madden Have A New Lover?

    I think Madden has lost his man crush on Favre because of the overnight graying of Brett's hair. As we ALL know, Madden and his Adonis looks can get ANY QB he wants!! My worst nightmare is visualising Madden and his hand motions explaining to his wife the art of sex.. EEEWWWWWW
  14. Weekly Blitz

  15. He hasn't played a down but says he is healthy, He is on my bench but I have Jerry Porter (starter)who has Hammy problems.. Do I drop Branch and pick up Bobby Engram for week one --Porter plays N.E. week 1 .. I know this is a weak problem but Seattle does pass a fair amount.. I'm rambling a little but I got a nice buzzzzz right now so forgive me.. what I'm getting at is Branch plays the Raiders, who are prone to the big play,, but with no reps, I dont know if he will play.. Typical Yahoo scoring here..
  16. 1.Peyton Manning 2.Carnell Williams 3.Peyton Manning 4.Preist Holmes 5.Torry Holt 6.Marc Bulger 7.Preist Holmes 8.Torry Holt 9.Ryan Longwell 10.Pittsburgh 11.Baltimore 12.Minnesota 13.Carnell Williams 14.Carnell Williams 15.Matt Jones 16.56 17.Tom Coughlin 18.San Diego 19.St. Louis Rams 20.St. Louis Rams tie breaker-- 44 -------------------------------------------------
  17. value of Dante Hall & Randle El?

    Randle El gets the nod, starting WR (and Ben will come back to life).. Hall is very inconsistant on offense
  18. Post your team names here

    Guy in our leage has 'Beer Camels" or another I always liked was "The Alcohol Dragons".. that for when you wake up in the middle of the night swinging at things..hence, swatting the dragons My team name this year is the "KnottHeads" with a Barney Fife pic.. NIP IT IN THE BUD
  19. Trent Green has never had solid WR's in KC (Gonzo don't count) and has always put up good numbers.. He must throw a nice catchable ball in the right spots OR it could be that Holmes/Johnson thing that makes him better!!!! He is a solid point producer.. IF JJ stays out of Bill's doghouse you are in good shape.. as far as I know there are no new Jets players on the Cowboys this year..
  20. Geez, there are 5 posts about TO tonight

    T.O. started the 1st 3 under alias's anyway.. Looking at the start time, they were between the crunches in his front yard and having hot chicks wash his car.. I can't wait till they call a slant over the middle and he hand motions a fade to the sidelines and plows into Andy Reid.. OOOPS, SORRY COACH
  21. NEVER EVER touch the Denver backfield.. Unless you pick one as a 3rd/4th RB.. Skeletor will drive you crazy.. I hardly watch preseason, only because 5-6 years ago I drafted Kenny Shed (Raiders WR) after he killed in preseason only to end up with like 10 catches a year.. But when he ran down on kickoffs and made that tackle WOOOOWEEEEE I got ALOT of points off that..LMAO. You may find a few diamonds in the preseason but stick with the proven players.. It all depends on LUCK and INJURIES anyway.. When you win 41-39 one week and lose 88-76 the next, that says it all
  22. I got Brandon Stokley in rnd 11 and Larry Johnson rnd 13 in a standard yahoo league.. QB-C-PEP Griese RB- J.Jones L. Jordon Cadillac Williams J.J. Arrington L. Johnson WR- Horn Porter Houshmandayhole Stokley Randle-El TE-D. Clark DEF- Philly I had the 6th pick and went with C-PEP over Edge .. In all my other leagues I went RB first.. but felt like I got middle of the road QBs then..
  23. late round GOLD?

    Smith went in rnd 5.. the guys team went LT2 , Trent Green and Holt as his studs.. I do see youth in my RB's, I had J.J. late last year and Jordan did run good when he got the chance. and I had my fill of Barlow last year