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  1. Match the Huddler with his Picture

    First off, is this site in your FAVORITES???
  2. For You Married Folks Only

    Just keep getting RE-married like me and you never do without for more than 30 days !!!! Plus its always NEW
  3. ever had a bottle rocket fight?

    Bottle rockets are the LEAST of your worries in the Beverly edition!!! The meter readers for the electric co. have remote meters on almost every house there because of the dangers of going in the backyards there.. Our own little WATTS.
  4. HBO sort of confirms Tony's dead

    If you have watch as long as I have, it was a bummer ending with the "you figure out what happened".. Its all leading to a movie, even though the cast would be light a few key players..LOL.
  5. 32 year ago...

    Well Gopher, we share the same day but but I'm 12 years older and wiser..
  6. i don't think my cousin is a fan of "24"

    So the kid is destined to be 5'6" and scream at bigger guys to intimidate them?? But hey, the good points are his cell phone will never die and he won't poop his pants EVER!!!
  7. nice crib

    It articles like these and the others he post on here that makes me wonder what is in his "favorites" list??? Looking for a house in San Fran and being the CHEAPEST house there I'm guessing those FREE Battlewing tickets are right up your alley..EH
  8. The Derby winner

    I go thru YOUBET and saw where they won't let you bet at Churchill Downs.. IF anybody is going or has an off track site would you be able to place a small $20/30 wager for me? I know a few guys in here could vouch for me on paying up and being honest (baseball leagues I'm in on here).. I have a few horses I would like to put in an exacta/ trifecta bet.. I don't use PAYPAL, but would send you a money order to cover the bet... No Biggie if not, just had the fever on a 20 horse race with a few nice long shots available.. I guess I would have to trust you to send me the winnings IF it won but there will be a decent juice pay for the trouble of making the bet for me.. Looks like a two way trust thing huh!!!!
  9. Perch, Zia, Mark5

    That could be a possibilty.. I can check with some employees in Shreveport to see what kind of deals I can get on tickets. SWEPCO always gets freebies to events..
  10. Bill Gates getting some competition....

    The Gates foundation once sent me $432 for forwarding 3 emails
  11. Imus update

    Does this mean that the WNBA will be an INFERIOR product next season? OOPS, IT ALREADY IS..
  12. SUNDAY April 8th

    FINALLY, after paying HBO for what seems like 3 years (actually I always have had it) the final 8-9 episodes of Tony and tha Boys is coming back.. Whats your thoughts on the Sopranos? I was a bit disappointed this last time (the reflection years and such) it just isn't as intense as it used to be.. Entourage-- read an article with Marky Mark and it started out about his early years but has strayed pretty good now. I still like the show but what actor that early in his career would blow off studio execs and expect to still make a living?
  13. Maybe I was wrong about The Playmaker

    I think that was the "LIMO" he was riding in!!!
  14. Tournament of Babes - Round 2

    Thank yoy Twiley for the AVI
  15. Cables for HD TV

    What was the website to get the cables for a HD TV for arounf 15-20 dollars? Looks like I will have a 50 inch within the week but they are wanting like 75 bucks for the cables. I have chosen the Panasonic TH-50PX60U Plasma, before I do buy it are there any horror stories about this one?
  16. P sighting

    A friend of mine works at Red River Lumber and he said " TY "has a clause in the contract where people can't come up and ask for an autograph.. You weren't that stuck up were you? LOL.. Are you in the "3 guys doing nothing" pic in front of the red P/U?
  17. Cables for HD TV

    tweaksThanks guys, I was reading a forum on tweaks and settings and it said you had to "break in" the set.. Is this true?
  18. 24 Last Night

    OK, I have turned my computer sideways and let my mind wonder and so far all I can come up with is BOOBS and the "Y"".. Am I close? As for last night, it was boring and all over the place with a wasted hour (actually 43 minutes thanks to the DVR) FROM MY LIFE. If Jack can shoot his good friend Curtis, let him in the Presidential bunker with an extra clip and see what happens THEN Jack could be president and Logan can be VISE PREZ. and he could Nuke the Chinese for the torture they laid out. This year is getting boring QUICK, and I have watched every year (day) with high hopes. C'mon Jack, we need a flashback to your better days. The way this year is going it will be Jack's brother wife who ends up being the MOLE.
  19. 24

    Sure thought DAD was fixin to get it in the back, since he didn't that means he has a BIG trick up his sleeve later.. (DAD and Logan will be in the same room together giving Jack info). Logan will be a good cop/bad cop the rest of the way. Probably his whole purpose last season was killing Gredenko. Morris was an Alchoholic because he HAD to be drunk to pork Chloe. A he SPAT, she SPAT type deal. We still have to decide who the mole will be IN CTU.
  20. NBA All-Star Weekend........

    Just got thru reading it and as always... a good read.. Bowling Alley Suite??? and they can't build a pro I would have liked to have seen the droopy drawers meet the Chinese dudes in suits passing by each other.. Culture clash at its finest.
  21. Three W's...

    I was wanting to bust DMD's chops on the spelling of "GREY" but in a Google search he JUST skimmed by grey or gray even though I have NEVER used a "U" WHEN i SPELL "COLOR" Just as long as we can have a topic when Quimby chimes in it makes it worthwhile Man, it gets boring in the
  22. is worth $2,206,643

    Dang I'm RICH.. $29,580.00
  23. ONE more HDTV question

    I have cable TV thru Cableone and have the DVR box that has HD channels and on the front it says "dual tuner DVR/ HDTV capable. On the upper channels (HD's) there are only like 5-6 available. Does this mean I will only get 5-6 channels in REAL HD or will the DVR TUNER give me the other one in HD since it says HD capable? Is CABLE that far behind satelite TV? For those of you who have DVR's, you KNOW you are addicted to DVR when you are driving down the road and miss something and want to rewind the radio station
  24. Most ridiculous statistic

    EVERYBODY leads the league in SOMETHING... I'm guessing Rex will have the LOWEST QB rating for a SB QB on a winning team.
  25. ONE more HDTV question

    and if you play BAYWATCH backwards the lifeguardess's (if thats a word but who cares this is a Baywatch moment) upper regions bounce ALL WRONG Yes, the dual tuner lets me record 2 at the same time. Thanks for the HD help Huddlers,