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  1. NCAA School of Nicknames

    Bring Back the Marquette Warriors!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Favre returning

    Bad News for the Lions and the Vikings!!!!
  3. A Superbowl Story

    Super Bowl XX, Bears Pats. Chicago Media says" No tickets, no plane tickets, no hotel rooms available"-stay home!! Struck out on the season ticket Super Bowl lottery. Decided to chance it anyway, flew to Atlanta, drove to New Orleans. 1 Challenge down. First Motel we stop at in NO says "No vacancy", but tell us that just down the road was another Motel that had a few rooms. 2 challenges down. Had a blast on Bourbon Street Saturday night before the game, while looking for tickets. Got up early, made a sign that said "Need two tickets" and camped out off the off ramp from the Interstate by the Superdome. Not long after, a car stops and we offer them $250 each for two tickets ($75 face each-2.5X face-you pay about 12X face nowadays). Turns out the person selling the tickets was the daughter of Rankin Smith, owner of the Atlanta Falcons (then), though we didn't know it at the time. As we're calling everyone we know to tell them we got seats to the game, we look on the back of the ticket to the seating chart. I'm dumbfounded, but it looks like the seats are on the 50 yd line. Sure enough, we amble down to the seats, and, 50 yard line, row 9 behind the Bears bench!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Superdome bows in near the middle however, so we're only two rows from the field! We look behind us and there is the whos who of society, Gary Hart, Mrs. Jim McMahon, actors, actresses, politicians, you name it. Our benefactor comes down, stays for 2 series, and tells us that she and her boyfriend are going up to the skybox. So we ended up with 4 seats on the 50 yard line, for arguably the greatest game in Bears history (except for the the 73-0 defeat of the Washington Redskins in 1940, my friend!!!). A fitting payback to long suffering Bears fans who used to sidle up to the radio and listen to Jack Brickhouse broadcast the Bears' home games on WGN back in the mid 1960's!!! Go Bears!!!! A dream come true!!! What a blast!!!
  4. Some think Urlacher is overrated...

    Its all true, about Butkus, and more. Singletary, great!!! Did anybody see Urlacher blow by everybody chasing Reggie Bush in the NFC Championship game.? That guy is sensational. Its great to be a Bears fan!
  5. Who will be the first to number 6 ?

  6. Ugly Bear Fans

    Guys, stop the madness. You ever met any fans from the DawgPound????? Those guys make the ugliest of Bears' fans look like Boy Scouts!!! Geeesh.
  7. The "Somewhat Official" Bears/Saints Thread

    The Bears D has a lot of talkers (Urlacher for one, although not underperforming), who have underperformed of late; Tillman, Vasher, Ogunleye et al. Its time to stop the talk of disrespect towards the Defense, and perform like they did in the first half of the season. Except for M. Brown and T. Harris, all the pieces from Day 1 are in place and healthy. They had best show up for the first time since the Jets game, and deliver, or shut up!! Go Bears!
  8. The Conspiracy Theorist

    I don't think we'll have to worry about this issue for much longer, as the Bears will vanquish the Saints this weekend. They aren't called the 'Aints for nothin. I believe that may have been only their first or second ever playoff victory, and the run ends here. Sub 30 degrees on Sunday as the Bears send 'em back to the Big Easy!
  9. Congrats New Orleans on the SB appearance!

    Maybe they'll just review that Redskin-Saint game film,..................................and hope for the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. ESPN Fantasy Focus said this morning that Addai is a go. And he's from Houston originally, if you put any stock in that. According to Eric Karabel
  11. The I Sat Gore Offical Posting Site

    Gore finally getting the respect he deserves. He was still a secret last draft day. But no more. Except a slight case of Fumble-itis, the guy is the goods!! Nuff said.
  12. So here is the question

    DA BEARS!!!!!!!!!
  13. Colston a GO!

  14. Colston a GO!

    Ok, Colston is active! Do I go with Colston, as a TE, or do I start the Bears' Desmond Clark at TE??
  15. Colston a GO!

    Colston is active???