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  1. Heisman

    This guy could end Ginn's Heisman hopes in week one. Don't they test for steroids at the college level? 520 lbs NATURAL... under 22 years old... no way. from ESPN.com... Miami (Ohio) at Ohio State (15): It's too much to ask for a rookie head coach to march into the Horseshoe in his first game and beat a top-10 Buckeyes team -- but that doesn't mean it won't be competitive. Ohio State won't have quarterback Troy Smith, thanks to an NCAA suspension, and Justin Zwick was slowed earlier in August by an ankle sprain. Not only that, but this might be the only time all year that Ted Ginn Jr. is not the clear choice as Best Athlete on the Field: Miami linebacker Terna Nande (6-foot-1, 228 pounds) runs a 4.45 and benches 520 pounds. Can you say "Freak"?
  2. Why Sarge should be let in

    I think Sarge made a bet with himself. I don't remember anyone here actually betting him. I also thinks the forum sucks with his absence, though.
  3. Gieger out at Ohio State

    Then bring back John Cooper already...
  4. Less than 24 hours until Nirvana.

    Nirvana comes when the kids go to bed at 8:00 so I can watch the game with no distraction. The bad part is that I am guaranteed to drag ass tomorrow. This eastern time zone is rough.
  5. TD Oklahoma

    I was home this weekend watching some of the Big 12 game. I was embarassed for Colorado. What a blowout. AP is silly talented. Anyway, I thought to myself, "I wonder if the fanatics are online... at the Huddle... watching the game together?" I guess I was right. Did you two watch the game together?
  6. Conference rankings

    Yup. That's what I'm telling you.
  7. Conference rankings

    In my eyes, if OU wins the NC, the Big 12 is the stronger conference. If OU loses, the Big 12 is still stronger than the Big 10. End of story. The only way to fairly assess one conference versus another is if the Big 10 and Big 12 suddenly became the Big 23. (You know 10 + 12 = 23) This coming from a lifelong Michigan fan. However, I hate the rest of the Big Ten with a passion. I almost enjoy seeing the other Big Ten teams lose as much as see Michigan win.
  8. Hey Sarge

    What was the spread last year when they got beat?
  9. Tyrone Willingham fired.

    I heard he "resigned." Not sure how much was him or them...
  10. Toledo/Bowling Green

    Those schools are 23 miles apart and hate each other with a passion. Good sport. Toledo is on to the MAC Championship game, now.
  11. NFL to experiment with on-field seating...

    Buy NFL ticket, drop a dime on the TV, and buy your wife a skirt. It's safer.
  12. Time for the yearly NoThanksgiving rants.

    Ahhh... primetime. The babies are asleep.....
  13. College Bowl Picks '04-05

    I'm in. I just hope Michigan shows up.
  14. If you were commissioner

    That's a trade. And cheating. We lock dropped players until Tuesday at 1am to avoid this after our trade deadline. I would start knocking heads if they didn't have a good excuse.
  15. Time for the yearly NoThanksgiving rants.

    Pro football on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday this week? I don't care who plays. If you only watched the games that had great matchups during the year, you'd be lucky to see a half a dozen games all year and the good games almost always end up being those games that were not touted so heavily before. Football is football. Stop Lion hating. I fully support Cowboy hating, though.