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  1. Help me find a battery

    Bulldog Battery in Willoughby, OH. They have or can find just about anything and always beat eveyoie else's prices.
  2. trek decking

    Copeman, I might know where you can get some for a case a beer and some new hunting shorts.
  3. Lindsay Lohan arrested AGAIN

    Already happening.
  4. Go to Windsor while you're drooling uncontrollably . Maybe they'll give you a break.
  5. Kids pay 1/2 of their day care

    I have a 13 year boy and 11 year old girl and I can't leave them due to fighting. I can't trust either of them to babysit my 5 year old or 3 year old, either. My 13 year old stays home alone, but they brawl together.
  6. Access 2000

    I got it. Had a syntax problem.
  7. Access 2000

    I am writing a query in SQL to produce the union of 2 tables like this... SELECT [100].*FROM [100]UNION SELECT [300].*FROM [300]; [100] and [300] are the table names. I have 10 tables or so and I want to perform the union on all 10 at the same time to remove any duplicated data between the tables. How to I do this? Anyone with some SQL experience?
  8. Iphone Fans are Dumb!

    I love my Treo 700P. Great screen resolution and features.
  9. You should change your screen name to Ihatethefatman.
  10. Disaster waiting to happen

    You have chosen to ignore small boy in shorts -Get to hospital as fast as you can as wife is coming out of surgery -Squeeze me a little harder little boy in shorts Easy decision for you at the time, but a screwed up situation nonetheless.
  11. "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

    It has to have moving parts. The power supply may not, but the motors do.
  12. Interesting work issue

    Ugh. Bad sentence. Those e-mails all day would make me cringe, too, Whomp. Tough call on the confrontation, but I would want to point it out.
  13. WalMart Oil Change

    I got you all beat, I never change my oil.
  14. Fireworks

    No. We watched the local from the front yard where the tress have gorwn enough to block most of it. My 3 yr old hates them, so I thought I'd take my 5 year old last night to the downtown Cleveland show... Mid-afternoon, I stripped the training wheels from his bike and he took to it like a champ. He rode all day and fell alseep at 8:00, so we didn't go last night, either. Maybe next year...
  15. Pittsburgh beats Cleveland once again

    I've been in Cleveland since 1994 and I'm planning my escape route already. Sad, actually, I agree.