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  1. lineup help

    Who should I start at qb this week Leftwich or Bulger. At wr I need to choose 2 out of the 4. I have Moulds,Bruce,Boldin,and Clayton. Please give me your advice
  2. wdis at Wr

    I need to pick 1 wr to play with Moss, and Clayton. Would you play Bruce,Boldin,or Moulds. Please let me know your thoughts.
  3. RB advice needed

    I have to make that same decision after playing tiki this week on a gut feeling which payed off. I am going to start A.Green for two reasons, one is the weather conditions in GB. It is suppposed to be below zero and very windy therefore they will run the ball an bunch. Second, as a viking fan I watch every game and I notice as long as the other team is close they will abandon the running game in the second half. I just can't seem to justify benching my 1st rdound pick in the playoffs. Good luck!!
  4. Tiki or TJones?

    I am benching Tiki for O.Smith this week but If I get to the next round tiki will play one the worst rushing def in cincinatti next week. yahoo!!
  5. wdis at Wr

    I have to choose 3 wrs out of: R.Moss vs Det I.Bruce vs Ari A.Boldin vs Stl E.Moulds vs Cin M.Clayton vs NO I am thinking about playing moss,clayton and boldin,but it is tough to bench either bruce or moulds. I will respond to yours.
  6. wdis at rb?

    I need to start 2 rbs and I am actually leaning twords Tiki and A.Green. I would play smith but It seems like tice abandons the run in the second half. As a viking fan this really pisses me off, they need to work the clock cause the Def sucks so bad. Any insight or advice would help. I will answer yours.
  7. QB ? Who to Start

    I would start favre due to the fact that Jax def is very good vs the run. Favre will have to throw the ball. As a viking fan all I have to say is GO JAGS!!!
  8. wr help

    Should I bench Issac Bruce for M.Clayton or A.Boldin? I am already starting R.Moss and E.Moulds. Please respond, I will to yours.
  9. wdis at Wr

    Sorry wrong forum!
  10. wdis at Wr

    Should I bench bruce this week for Clayton or Boldin? I am already starting R.moss and E.moulds. Please help me!! I will respond to yours.
  11. wdis at Wr

    I need to choose 3. R.Moss,I.Bruce,M.Clayton,E.moulds or A.Boldin. I will reply to yours.
  12. What D would you start?

    I agree, the cards def is much better at home. No rattay =big #'s
  13. tough call at rb

    I would go with mcgahee and goings. the bears def is totally different with urlacher in there.
  14. lineup help

    Do I play A.Green vs Det,O.Smith vs SEA or T.Barber vs Balt. Need to pick 2 rbs. Which WRs do start: R.Moss vs Sea I.Bruce vs Car M.Clayton vs SD E.Moulds vs Clev A.Boldin vs SF choose 3. Thanks
  15. Which 2 RB's to Start.....

    go with portis and Taylor. please see mine