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  1. Best trades...

    I don't know about my best trades ever, but just this season I traded Marshall Faulk for Gates after week 1, and last week I got Jamal Lewis for Kevin Curtis. I've got a few owners that are pretty pissed at me.
  2. Flex Lineup help needed

    What kind of scoring do you have? If it's basic scoring (no point/reception) I'd say to go with Lewis and TJ. The only problem with Cincy is whether they get a big enough lead early that they stop throwing the ball. Boldin probably won't have a bad week either. McCown looked decent at the end of last season and that game could be a shootout between equally bad teams so Boldin and Fitzgerald could both have nice numbers. I'm not sold on McCardell. He has the skills, but I don't know if SD will throw enough to keep LT2, Gates, and Keenan fat with numbers. And until I see a good game out of Green I wouldn't start Gonzalez against WR's and RB's. If you have to start a TE, then yes. But not here.
  3. WDIS at RB

    Wow, talk about slim pickins'! That's pretty much a crap shoot. Any of the three could end up throwing up a big ZERO for the weekend. I would think Pittman is the most likely to do something based on the fact that TB may have that game wrapped up by half and with Caddy nursing a sore foot Chucky may look for an opportunity to ease off the gas pedal with him. Jacobs has basically done nothing other than score 2 goal line TD's, and it looks like JJ is just plain BAAAD!
  4. Coles=Worthless?

    I'm asking that same question right now, but I'm going to hold on to see just how things pan out with Vinny in a couple of weeks. I have the benefit of Coles being my #3 WR, but I'm thinking Vinny may actually do a better job of running that new offense and getting the ball to the receivers. BUT, how long does Bollinger run the show until Vinny is ready to step in? Like the previous poster said, there is no telling who develops a rapport with Vinny once he comes in either.
  5. Is it fair?

    I agree. You are giving up too much. Bennett may not be worth a roster spot if MeMo is able to hold on to the the starting job. From the looks of your roster you are not strong enough to be giving up a strong RB like Duece to upgrade at QB. You don't mention how many you need to start, but assuming you start 2 RB, you are going to be hurting if you make that deal. Who knows how much Brown will play when Miami comes back from thier Bye Week and Ricky is back. And I'm not sure if BJ Sams is even worth a roster spot. How big is your league? What's out on the waiver wire? I think you'll regret it if you make this deal.
  6. week 3 QB and Def. help

    I think McNair could have a moderately successful game against the Rams so I'd probably go with him. In fact I am going with him. I'm starting him over Pennington in my league. Plus, I'm guestioning what is going on in Denver this year. That offense seems to be a little shaky because of the running game. As far as the Defense. I also have the Steeler D that I'm starting in my league, but I'd probably go with Dallas this week against San Fran if I had them. It has nothing to do with bouncing back after last weeks loss on Monday nite, but everything to do with the quality of the opponent.
  7. Alex Smith?

    I'm kind of surprised Putzier is still out there. You probably need to jump on him. Not only for Smith's bye week, but you could play the matchups between he and Smith. Plummer looks to Putziers quite a bit. I think he's your guy.
  8. Major Dilemma

    I'd bench Dillon. Thus far he hasn't gotten enough carries to really be effective and New England isn't going to lean heavily towards the run like Pittsburgh will. Of course that could depend on how the game goes. But I think this will stay close enough that neither team will have to be in position to throw to catch up or run to wind down the clock. Both defenses will be tough, but I'd have to give the edge to Fast Willie in this case.
  9. Need Advice on a Fill-in RB

    Wow, that's some really slim pickin's there! I would think you have to rule out Jacobs since he won't help at all unless he scores a TD. But it might be too much to expect that 3 weeks in a row (or maybe not). Suggs probably won't play. It looks like C-Mart will play, so that cuts down on Blaylocks value. I would wait for any work later in the week that may clear up the Denver or Minny situation and go with one of them. Sorry I can't give a more definitive answer.
  10. trade advice

    I'd like to help, but I'm kind of in the same boat. I was offered a deal for Culpepper and DJax for TO and Pennington today. I'm worried about Pennington staying healthy and whether or not Culpepper recovers from his absolutely distasterous start. Is it becuase he hurt his knee, is it becuase his center is gone, or is is becuase Burleson, Taylor, etc are no substitute for Moss? But becuase you are trading 2 bench players, I would think the risk/reward ratio with Culpepper is too good for you not to pass up.
  11. Throw me a friggin bone....

    I agree. You have more of a solid option in Bruce, whereas, Anderson and Dayne could get you zero in any given week. And even though I like Curtis, he is the #3 behind Bruce in St Louis.
  12. Should I Make This Deal? So I've been offerend Culpepper and Darrell Jackson for TO and Pennington. What's everyone's thoughts on Minnesota's current situation? Will Culpepper recover without his center (Birk) and will Burleson, Taylor, KRob be able to offset the loss of Moss? I feel I'm in position to make this deal considering I also have C Johnson and Coles at WR, and I get Jackson in return, but I think QB is my weak spot and am worried about Pennington's ability to stay healthy even if he does regain his arm strength and grasps the new offense. So based on my roster should I trade TO, and Pennington for C-Pep and DJax? Thanks for the help.
  13. To offer or Not to offer

    I agree. No way do I do that.
  14. Trade advice

    I would make that deal. Brown's bye week is coming up and then after that he may be # 2 behind Ricky in Miami. And since JJ is your #3 RB, you need someone a little more reliable after week 4. I think because you have some other strong WR you are in position to make this deal. But I think Johnson finished with some MONSTER stats this year. I would see if you can make that deal, but substitute any other receiver.
  15. Tatum Bell

    It depends on why you have him. If you looking for an every week starter, you better move on. But I have him as my #4 RB and I'm willing to wait to see if he takes the job by week 6 or so. If you can deal him for someone that may be an option to. His potential still has plenty of people (including me) intrigued and someone may be willing to trade something of value for his percieved upside.