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  1. Hi Irish, finally taking a breather here. Do you have the link for the contest?  I'll make a donation :) 

    1. CowboysDiehard


      NVM....haxxed from last year's link.  Will PP ya soon.


    2. irish


      Awesome!  Good deal.

  2. Merry Christmas

    Easy to say. The cowboys haven't won a playoff game in over a decade. Whoop de do. Go suck on your QBs goalpost.
  3. Merry Christmas

    Yep. Dallas is a freaking comedy. I'm done ever believing in those El Guapos...they can't even show up for a game like this. Congrats to the Eagles. CowboysDiehard is no more in this forum, I am registering under another name. Been a Boys' fan since the age of 6...I am done. DONE.
  4. Romo or Garcia Witten or LJ Smith

    Can't help you at TE (Lj might have a slight edge), but i'm way behind myself and have to choose between Garcia and Romo. Since I need to roll the dice, I"m going with Garcia (even against my boys). They have given up 9 TD passes (including 4 to vick) in the last two games. I think Romo is good for a couple today, but Garcia has the most upside.
  5. Xbox Live Gamertags

    Just wondering if anyone is on XBOX Live. I just picked up Call of Duty 3, and have been online quite a bit playing. Anyone here play as well? If so, my tag is DarthVegas66. Let's team up for some killin' sometime, eh? Let me know your tag (here or via a PM), and I'll add you to my friends--even if you're a Redskin!
  6. Did anyone hear the radio announcement...

    LOL, me too, that's why I almost smashed my mouse getting over to the chiefs' site to see what was up
  7. Did anyone hear the radio announcement...

    Herm Edward's comments from today appear to be another reason... ...sounds like they've ironed things out. Q: Have you had a chance to talk to Larry Johnson about his post-game comments after the game the other night, talking about the predictability of the offense? Has he come to you? EDWARDS: “Yeah, he was frustrated and he said some things and you always wonder when guys say things do we write exactly what he said. Sometimes, we don’t. Sometimes we forget a few things because that’s how the story goes. But he’s fine; we’re fine. We’ll continue to try and get better and here we go facing another good defense and it’ll be hard at time moving the ball. The last seven times have gone down to seven points or less.”
  8. Just read that AI was deal to Denver. Now he can join Melo and KMart in making this the biggest sh+tmagnet crew in professional sports today. With that aszhat Carl running the show to boot., there's your answer to the question raised in this post. In the NFL, you have 1 bad egg, there are 21 other starters--and in a lot of cases, it's plug and play for the guy who gets the suspension. In the NBA, there are so many one man teams, that one Bozo becomes the face of the Franchise. So when he pulls an idiot move, it's almost like it's the whole team that pulls the move.
  9. official venting post

    Bitzgerald with the catch
  10. official venting post

    Kitna, Roy Williams, bunch of mothernintendoing, cockgobbling, Sega!licking, smileassed turd bumpers!!!!
  11. Dallas defense

    Great kick by Grammatica. Hope Fozell makes it back into the game, that last play shows how badly we need him in there.
  12. Dallas defense

    Hey, if Dallas loses, I'll do my nintendoing best to break the filters on this mother nintendoer! Yeah!
  13. Dallas defense

    They suck. Payton laid the blueprint, and the rest of the NFL shall follow. Fun game to watch, though! After last week, I knew Dallas wasn't going anywhere this year, so they might as well go into Fouts' Charger mode and start chucking the rock every play. What the hell!
  14. I'm benching Tomlinson this weekend

    Lol...sitting LT. Methinks you better loosen the band on the A*S*S*H*A*T* you're wearing, it's cutting off the blood flow to your cerebral cortex Lol...the filter changed it to BUTTONHEAD. Too funny.
  15. Romo Garcia or Sexy Rexy?

    Damn, lots of Romo fans here. I kinda like Grossman at home against the defense that yielded 5 TDs to Romo. Thanks for answering my post, btw!
  16. QB Poll

    I'll get around to some advice later on today, just post your link if you need my input. Thanks to all for responding!
  17. QB Poll

    Don't see your link...
  18. Barber III killed me last week?

    Barber burned me a couple of times last week on a couple of teams that are now DOA. Luckily, he is my #3 RB on the two I have still alive, with Colston coming back. I'll be going in that direction--Colston. Still haven't decided if I will start McGahee on one of those teams, though...probably will so I don't have to start 4 wrs.
  19. Saints are going to KILL Dallas

    The Saints have ALWAYS owned Dallas in meaningful games. This is no surprise to me. Saints are the class of the NFC, and so is Dallas (minus the C and the L). Good job Saints.
  20. What is Pinner doing in there?

    LOL...FU PINNER!!! FFFFFF UUUUUUU!!!! I'm TOAST in that league now. Damn fine time for Chester to miss a game. Fason is a purse-toting, panty wearing WIMP!
  21. MBIII and JJ

    Crap, you had to bring that up??? Do you realize what you've done??
  22. CornHole !

    LOL....Sly mumbling his way through a couple of plays...classic!
  23. How do you make a living

    I do Remedy (AR System) Administration and a little development Also work with Serviceware setting up knowledge areas (i.e. FAQ/KB sections) for end users and help desks.
  24. Is Romo for real?

    "For real" or not, it's finally fun to watch Dallas again. The last 10 years have been torture! At least now we can have some fun and win some games!
  25. Just when you thought Benson...

    Playoffs are almost here, almost time for my annual Sunday night drunken Cowboys lost and my last playoff team just caved so bust up the profanity filter post. Stay tuned.