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  1. Hello BIG TEN

    Is Bandwagon Boy an OSU fan again?
  2. Bye Bye Rose Bowl

  3. Thank you JESUS

    You have chosen to ignore theeohiostate. View this post ยท Squeeze me a little harder theeohiostate
  4. Thank you JESUS

    I'm not preaching by any means. A simple favor was all I asked. You can either grant the favor or not. Obviously, you choose not to...completely your choice. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and have every right to express that opinion. I'm on here to talk about football, not religion. I'm not here to judge anybody for their spiritual / religious convictions. Again, a simple favor was all I asked. That is all.
  5. Adrian Peterson

    Maurice who?
  6. Adrian Peterson

    Peterson college football's ultimate weapon Just a portion of the article: The Oklahoma freshman is the best running back we've seen in a generation. If Heisman voters hold his age against him, they're idiots. Peterson's got Eric Dickerson's glide and burst, only he runs tougher and sheds more tackles. In a word, he's scary. Hands down, he's the most dangerous man in college football. (And yes, hands down even though he's seldom utilized as a receiver and not as a returnman.) Every time Peterson lines up in the backfield, the opposing defense winces. Most of the time they know what's coming: Peterson's going to get the ball, and yet they still can't bottle him up.
  7. Thank you JESUS

    One of the "policies" the Huddle has set up is: name changes aren't customarily allowed. I've been working with DMD and WW to get my name changed. However, it doesn't look like it's going to happen. My life has changed since I first joined The Huddle a year ago. You guys can throw all the stones you want. I just asked a simple favor. That is all. I didn't realize that was too much to ask from "grownups".
  8. How bad is the BIG 12 North?

    Eh. Who needs a QB when you've got Adrian?!
  9. USC vs Auburn

    And you are dreaming of Adrian Peterson trying to get into Maurice Clarett's jock.. Is there a difference between girly and homo?
  10. WHat a weekend.

    This is the big difference between The Sooners and The Buckeyes. We here in Oklahoma don't want anything to do with other people's jocks. I realize you up there in Ohio want to get into and fill other players jocks but, we're just not like that down here in Oklahoma. OSWho is barking up the wrong tree here at The Huddle. You may want to go try a website like gay.com for your pleasure needs OSWho.
  11. Thank you JESUS

    theohiostate, Out of complete sincerity and seriousness.... I understand that there is a lot of fun smack talk that goes on in these forums. However, I ask you one favor with complete humility: The tagline of this topic is "Thank you JESUS". Please, again in total sincerity, do not bring my personal savior (along with many others on here) into these forums in such a matter. I enjoy smack talking just as much as the next guy. However, this is where it honestly becomes borderline offensive to me. You can say what you will about this response (I'm sure you will) but, all I can do is ask for you to be somewhat respectful. Thanks. UrlacherIsGod (yeah I know, this is sacraligous within' itself)
  12. Kansas State 2000's Heisman Rankings

    Can't wait to see KState's Adrian Peterson / Jason White excuse for November. Let me guess, Kyle Orton is still a front-runner...
  13. USC vs Auburn

    Because humans realize that an undefeated record in the Big 10 this year isn't much of an accomplishment.
  14. USC vs Auburn

    I'm no "expert" but, I would have to say the OSWho may want to look into a Ritalin prescription.
  15. WHat a weekend.

    I thought this was pretty neat. It's listed at ESPN.com's Heisman page.