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  1. Peanut signs 6 year contract extension.

    A name like Billy and you want to take a stab at Peanut? Who over the age of 3 is named Billy? Your comment supersedes your accusation.
  2. Tillman agrees to six-year contract extension. I'm glad to see that Chicago decided to keep this tandem (Vasher / Tillman) together. Now we just need to work on Briggs!
  3. RB Kevin Jones DET

    Will Kevin Jones be ready Sept. 9? It's 50-50 I have never been a fan of KJ and own him in 0% of my leagues. However, I know he is pretty much 100% drafted in every league. So, thought this would be beneficial to those of you that either have him or are thinking of drafting him.
  4. Bears Homers

    So you do understand...
  5. Need advice on good kick and punt returners

    If you were to target them, I would flip the order of which you have them. MJD would make a real nice late round pick in the 1st with your scoring (should he keep the duties of returning).
  6. Need advice on good kick and punt returners

    Devin Hester will be listed as a WR this year. Doesn't get much better than that. 1100 yards and 5 TDs. Others to consider: RB JJ Arrington (ARI) - flop as a RB but, not bad as a return guy. WR Antwaan Randle El (WAS) - looks to be taking over return duties from Cartwright. WR Wes Welker (NE) - takes over duties in New England. Was strong return man in Miami. WR Dante Hall (STL) - always a decent returner RB Darren Sproles (SD) - looks to be taking over Turner has return man RB Maurice Hicks (SF) - don't know if he is the return man this year or not, though
  7. Today is the day..

    If no deal is signed by the end of the day today, the only deal he can sign is the franchise tag offer in 2007. It appears that if no deal is signed by 3pm today, he is still threatening to sit out 10 games. Let's work something out!
  8. First pick in rookie dynasty draft

    Wait and see young grasshopper. Wait and see....
  9. Jared Allen's suepensio reduced

    That is great news! I am banking on him in a couple of my other keeper leagues.
  10. How annoying!

    Yeah. It's just the Circuit City one that gets under my skin.
  11. How annoying!

    I've been a paying customer of The Huddle for a few years now. Why is it that on pretty much every page I go to now has a flippin' annoying Circuit City add that flies across my screen? If I pay, I shouldn't have to be bothered with sponsors. Get rid of it! Please and Thank you.
  12. First pick in rookie dynasty draft

    Every once in a great while, a completely amazing running back comes along. None of the players you listed were ever compared to Walter Payton, Eric Dickerson, Jim Brown, Emmitt Smith, etc... AD has. Regardless of your FF situation, you don't pass up on somebody like AD.
  13. Where's the 07' Sleeper thread?

    Vanilla Ice? ...oops. That's Rob.
  14. Urlacher's text messages to his ex

    Somebody that doesn't want to actually talk to the "f------ fruit cake."