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  1. drink shots

    J├Ągermeister - straight up and very, very cold
  2. OC Fries

  3. Prayers Needed

    Good Vibes on the way
  4. Are you kidding?

    Whoa -- Duuuude You're like one of those mutant chicks in that Tom Cruise movie - Whoa
  5. The perfect thread

    it is now cold
  6. I fell dirty for asking this,, but...

    I am not - no offense meant Polk
  7. I fell dirty for asking this,, but...

    Breast feed = everyone hapy and heathy
  8. Culpepper 2006

    Fish Fans --- Culpepper = steal for 2nd Pick (don't make me look it up) Of course we picked Williams
  9. Tainted Huddle beef?

    Now they want the beef brack ..........
  10. 35 years ago today...................

    Atta boy RR Kudos to your honey
  11. 32 year ago...

  12. Minnesota loses an icon

    RIP Nick