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  1. Who's the Snitch?

    Link Just curious to know how the league knows that a practice is too intense or physically demanding on the players. Does a player or his agent on the team need to call into the union’s office and complain? Does the league have player’s reps at every practice to watch and report? Then what do they base their criteria off of to make a judgment call that a practice is too intense and penalties should or would be warranted? I understand players like Corey Stringer and others have made these things watched more closely. Come on the Raiders need some work, they have a new coach and to me it seems shameful to penalize them even more by cutting off a weeks worth of work. Even if the work is just weights I would assume additional film or whatever was probably also missed. Thoughts on this?
  2. So what you are really telling me is that at this rate I will be #1 any day now.
  3. Well I have been here before it was a pay site and was possibly the first person to sign up when it went to a pay site. I dont post very often just read the banter and articles but my registered number is 5 and i believe DMD once said the first few are admin accounts. Can anyone top being member number 5? If not can I get a free membership this year? LOL
  4. Stallworth or LJ Smith

    bump, if you are going to look at this you could just take 30 seconds and post, hell tell me the wrong guy i just need and opinion or 2 here.
  5. Stallworth has been nursing that hammy all week and last week when Garcia came in he threw 12 balls to LJ. Who is the better play this week. My league allows TE/WR. 1pt per 25 yards recieving and 6 for TD. My other option is D Mason if anyone thinks he is going crazy this week.
  6. Tough call at WR

    Wayne - no need to think about it he is in every week. then i would go with keyshawn, having smith back will help but going against the bucs his old team has to put a little fuel on the fire. then i would start E moulds. wash sec is weak right now and moulds shoiuld see some one on one matchups.
  7. Need some sound advice

    Not a terrible trade for you. without knowing your other wr's i would say this is a good trade to give your self depth till the end of the year fearing injury. Lee Evans at the end of the year could have the same numbers as Muhammad
  8. Good questions, The scoring system basically is rewarding TD's and was TD only until a few owners wanted to see some additional scoring. My team currently looks like this: start 1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr and a kicker. Bulger Pennington Leftwitch S Jackson Portis DeAngelo Williamson M & T Bell Wayne Driver Mason LJ Smith V Davis
  9. j cotchery

    Cotchery is unproven, he might be worth a pick up but not to drop one of your top picks and one of your better wr's. hold on to mason he may not have done much the first 2 weeks but he is McNairs main target and will get his when the season is all said and done.
  10. What happened to the good old days when a post of "I dropped my crack pipe," would warrant at least 2 post replies with intelligent insight? While getting another 2 letting me know where the pipe rolled off to. Now we have 20,000 members and nothing. And I'm the first person to ever sign up for this site. 4 admin accounts then ME the H U double Z!
  11. I just offered a trade of Portis and Bulger for Palmer and L Coles. 6 pts rush/rec td 1 pt every 25 rush/rec 4pt pass td 1 pt every 100 yards passing This scoring is a little differant as it awards som performance scoring but mostly td's. Let me know what you think, thanks in advance!
  12. Moron.... I am thinking of benching A Gates for J Porter this week. Can anyone give me some advice on what they would do. I have Harrison and Owens at that position but picking the 3rd wr is important because my RB suck.
  13. Password input?

    Blitz this happens to me all the time. What I have to do is reenter my username too and the password then it will let me in. Put I am also having problems with getting this password thing to come up alot. Came in here to ask about it. Nice to know I am not the only one having the problem
  14. How does this feature work?

    Yeah I just noticed that. Cool now i know thanks. [ 07-01-2001: Message edited by: Huzz ]