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  1. WDIS Bulger, Eli, or Leinart?

    I think ELi will have a good game this week
  2. Tough match up but I'd go with Booker - He's playing well lately Not sold on Wash - think he'll have a tough time with Cleveland
  3. WDIS - RBs

  4. WDIS Week 14

    Bush and Williams
  5. Stupid to Sit Stud?

    I have the same decision and I'm going with Williams
  6. WDIS?

  7. Barber or Lundy

    I'd go with Barber - he gets enough touches- Lundy will also be splitting time
  8. I'm feeling Crazy

    I would not bench either Tiki or Harrison
  9. Pick a 1 of 2 QB's

    I have the same issue and am starting Delhomme _ I think it's going to be a shootout
  10. Another WDIS

    Holt Walker and A Train
  11. I'll try to be brief Background - 10 team league - two brothers in the league - one will definitely make the playoffs (Team A) one is definitely out of playoff contention (Team Team A has always and still needs a second running back- Trade made between the two earlier in the year was Burress and Edge to team A for Berrian and Toomer - league made some comments but trade was approved after team B explained his reasoning how it would improve his team Latest trade between the two was Rudi Johnson to team A for Brandon Jacobs and Cotchery - I thought the trade was OK on it's face however the commish reversed the trade on his own after complaints from 3 of the ten teams in the league- Team B then dropped a few of his players (not all of them but about 5 and there were some good players) to pick up a certain teams players - team's B stance is he is out of it and should be able to acquire the players on his favorite team either by trading or dropping his players My stance has always been trades are fine unless collusion is involved but I also think you should be making trades to improve your team - Here team B is making trades and add/drops just to get players on his favorite team - I am up in the air as to whether this should be allowed. Any opinions Thanks
  12. Portis, Gore, or Dillon

    portis dillon for me
  13. Fair trade? Collusion?

    Sorry I hit reply by accident before typing my response Here are there rb's and wr's before the trade Team A Herron, Jacobs, Lewis, Parker Bruce, D Jack, Chad J, Berrian, Toomer, Cotchery Team B Rhodes, R johnson, E James Burress, Glenn, TG Housh, Muhammed, Coles, R Williams I see Team A's reasons for the trade but cannot see how it helps team B