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  1. Please give your opinion on this trade that has just happened in a league I am in: The Commissioner of the league trades A. Johnson for T. Bell straight-up. Both teams are in the same division. Auction keeper league, $100 cap ($110 allowable due to trades), 3 divisions, 18 - 20 player roster max., Johnson =$3, Bell =$1.50. Each week run: QB, 2 Rb's, TE, 2 WR's, K & D. Rushing / Receiving = 1 pt. / 10 yards, 6 pts. / td. Comish's. team: Delhomme, Collins, Holcombe, J. Jones, D. Davis, Parker, Staley, Suggs, Bell, Gates, Heiden, Driver, Williams, Housh, Kennison, Stalworth, Curtis, Tynes, Brown, Cleveland. Roster salary total- $105 Other team: McNair, Volek, Brunell, Ramsey, Alexander, C. Brown, Morris, Taylor, Graham, Kinney, A. Johnson, Wayne, Harrison, R. Williams, E. Parker, Elam, Bryant, Arizona, Indy. Roster salary total - $99 Thank you for your response.