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  1. Chester or KJ?

    Gee, would I like to slam a door on my hand or drop a weight on my foot? If he's at or near 100%, I'd go with KJ. Of course, I'm planning to sit KJ for MJD this weekend, so take it for what it's worth.
  2. Is Willis a better play than MBIII?

    Looking at it strictly as an Expected Value, if it is 10 yds per pt. I'd go with McG, if it is 20 yyp go with Barber. B3 is more likely to score, but McG will get more yards.
  3. WDIS at WR

    Did we crib the same sources? Don't tell me your other WR is Holt. If so I'm willing to bet you are in the same doghouse as me. It seems to be a 3-sided coin flip. FWIW, the Yahoo experts poll has Evans>Cotchery>Jennings (although one of the 3 is high on Cotchery).
  4. Holy Crap I need help!

    I've got Palmer, but given the weather and the D, Romo is a good play. With the Foster/DWill uncertainty, I'd go with Rudi
  5. Ridiculous choices...but it is true!

    I'd start Alexander & Gore, but after last week you can't be faulted for playing Addai. please see mine "I need a win to make the playoffs"
  6. Two RB's needed for a win this week

    Deuce & KJ (if healthy; but I like D.Will if not) pls take a look at mine
  7. help....... quick

    TDs are always a crap shoot Berrian because REx likes to go downfield and the Vikes DBs can be beat Evans cause he'll get the most looks Housh cause he's a WR and Palmer is hot pls take a look at mine
  8. Which WR should I pick up to replace Ward?

    got an eight-sided die? go with your gut feeling, I'd go with Brown or Parker but only because of their match-ups. pls take a look at mine
  9. Ouch...which rb?

    D Williams but only because of the match-up pls see mine
  10. oak over balt de

    always go wih your studs--start BALT pls see mine
  11. WDIS at a couple positions

    Favre (this will be a shoot out) Gore (if healthy, Maroney if not) Edwrds (no good choice here) MIA (see above) pls take a look at mine
  12. QB: Palmer v. BALT or Favre v. NYJ (Palmer seems a no-brainer but consider the opponents) RB (pick 3): Gore @ NO, Tiki v. DAL, KJ @ NE, Jones-Drew @ MIA (Gore is obvious but the other 3 have issues and tough match-ups--Tiki's in a rut and gets no TDs, KJ coming off an injury, J-D is back-up to Taylor) WR (pick 2): Holt v. ARZ, Evans v. SD, Jennings v. NYJ, Cotchery @ GB (Yeah, I start Holt even though he's been a dog, but who else?) D: KC @ CLE or JAX @ MIA (after riding CAR for 8 wks, I've had some success the last 4 weeks playing match-ups) Oh yeah, the TE is Shockey. Scoring in sig. Thanks in advance. (Scoring: 1 pt per 50 passing yds, 20 rush/receiving yds; 4 pts per TDP, 6 per TD, -2 pr turnover; D gets 1 pt per sack, 2 per turnover/blocked kick, 2 per safety, 6 per TD)
  13. Which QB to start?

    I'd go with Rex, especially with 1 pt per 25; MINNIE's Pass D stinks.
  14. Week 13 Starters?

    Nah, JAX has good DBs and if Harrington can go off on DET, just think what Brady will do.
  15. Help pick two RBs from these three

    Addai and Tiki; The Bears are likely to clamp Chester. see mine