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  1. imus shouldve gone a long time ago!

    What I don't understand is why people made such a big deal about this nationally but when Howard Stern said "He would have at least raped the girls before killign them" the day after Columbine the only market to take him off the air was Denver.
  2. battle of Texas

    That must be it!
  3. Sportsline Down

    I'm glad I pay them $120 to run my $3,000 prize pool league and they are down for 30 minutes before the game. Anyone else having problems this morning. I had 2 key start bench decisions Ileft until this morning. Great.
  4. WDIS @ Flex?

    Gore v KC with bruised ribs and losign goal line carried or Moss v CLE with only 6 catches on the year
  5. Baseball Sucks

    This NFL Season... 1 Severe Concussion 1 Ruptured Spleen This shows football is a tougher sport, but is that good? These are serious injuries. Hope they end up ok. Baseball Still Sucks. EDIT: I do not like that guys end up dead or paralyzed playing a "game."
  6. Last Minute WDIS

    Westbrook v SF Taylor v Colts This is normally a no brainer but Westbook has that swollen knee.
  7. Frank Gore Baby!

    Meaning... Don't trade him or Its too hard to value so he cant be traded?
  8. Frank Gore Baby!

    Ugh. I feel ypur pain. Just week 1 though! I don't see Gore doing this all season.
  9. Frank Gore Baby!

    Looks like a great mid round pick paid off! Think this can keep up all season or is this the weakness of AZ DEF? Trade Time?
  10. WDIS @ Flex

    Steve Smith is out. Start Keyshawn? I have F.Taylor as my flex right now, leave him? QB: E.Manning, D.Bledsoe RB: T.Barber, C.Taylor, C.Benson, F.Taylor, C.Brown WR: T.Holt, A.Boldin, E.Kenison, K.Johson TE: J.Shockey, C.Cooley D: Jaguars, Seahawks K: D.Akers 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, 1D
  11. WDIS @ QB and Flex?

    QB: Eli Manning in the Manning brothers shootout or Bledsoe at Jacksonville? Flex: Fred Taylor at Dallas or Chris Brown at the Jets? QB: E.Manning, D.Bledsoe RB: T.Barber, C.Taylor, C.Benson, F.Taylor, C.Brown WR: T.Holt, A.Boldin, E.Kenison, K.Johson TE: J.Shockey, C.Cooley D: Jaguars, Seahawks K: D.Akers
  12. "Rock and Roll Part 2"

    I doubt teams have to pay royalties to play that song after TDs. They are not profiting from the song, people pay to see the game, therefore I doubt its copyright comes into play. Furthermore, there is a strong argument the song has become part of the public domain by now. This is totally foolish. If, on the other hand, he does receive money from the NFL, I can totally understand the position.
  13. Worst Tasting Beers

    Any BarleyWine I go to the GABF (Great American Beer Fest) every year in Denver and end up drinking so may piss beers. Barley Wine is by far one fo the worst ever!
  14. Any sushi fans?

    I went on a 3 week vacation last year to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo and Kyoto. I liked the sushi best in Hong Kong!! (The fish was flown in but more western style Sushi) Kyoto and Tokyo were both good but so damn $$. I'm not sure I hit the best places while in Japan. It was good but I still think NY and LA sushi is just as good. I'll tell you this, traditional Japanese food is crazy and anything you eat in the sticks in China is way, way crazy!!! One of my friends started this company on the side. Its a good starter kit to learn how to make your own. Way cheaper and fun too.
  15. Long Distance Relationship

    Im 31 and was married 3 years ago. My wife lived in NY and I in CO while we were dating for 3 years. We broke up 4x during this time, the last period lasting almost a year. Eventually we got married when she got sick of NY and moved to Denver. At several point in time this relationship was all but over. Its really tought to say if they can work. Before sweating the whole thing just see if it can work, 4 months isn't long. Why end it without trying but don't expect too much. "L.A. is fine but it aint home. New York's home but it aint fine oh nooo, I Am I said!" -Neil Diamond