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  1. This night just got better!

    What the hell are YOU smoking? Vick is a pothead and everyone knows it. The real tragedy is that that smoking a Josh Gordon can ruin your career, but if you go to the team doc and get vicodins and percocets nobody cares. What hypocracy.
  2. Cutler vs Plummer

    Dementia perhaps?
  3. Cutler is a lock to be the next Elway!

    What a Maroon.
  4. Broncos fans must love this

    I don't remember a Faiders week around here for years. It's just another game now, nobody gets excited about beating a doormat.
  5. cutler to start the rest of yr

    As a Bronco fan the best you can hope for with Jake the Fake is one and done. He had the table set for him last year, a home game against Pittsburgh to go to the SB and he failed miserably. The guy is a mental midget. I would rather watch a rookie make rookie mistakes instead of a 10 year vet who still can't read a defense to save his life. Let Cutler make his mistakes this year so next year we don't have to wait half a season for him to get comfortable.
  6. Vinny to the HOF?

    Exactly, and the same goes for Curtis Martin.
  7. what the heck are they saying?

    What have the Broncos got to lose by starting Cutler. Jake the Fake has had what...4-5 years to learn this offense? And Shanny is still dumbing it down for him. There will be no Super Bowls as long as Jake is the QB so whats the difference between going 1 and out or no playoffs at all? Put in Cutler and let him take his lumps the second half of the season. Next year he'll be that much better for it.
  8. KRob arrested

    Exactly Big Score. Thank you.
  9. KRob arrested

    He's an alcoholic, not a selfish prick. When you're hammered you are not thinking straight and are convinced you can make it home safely. Which is why I don't drive to bars anymore.
  10. Ashley Lelie

    I'm not trying to stick up for the guy...he definately has made a bonehead move, but I could see him going somewhere else and becoming a solid reciever. I think once you piss off the Mastermind it's only a matter of time before you're gone.
  11. Ashley Lelie

    The fact that he hasn't had a qb that can throw a pass more than 25 yards with any accuracy hasn't helped him either.
  12. 5000 post count league

    Well said. When the day comes when I have nothing better to do then waste my time on a football board, and take pride in my number of posts... esp in the middle of summer....please put a bullet in my head and end my miserable excuse for a life.
  13. Joe Montana: Best QB of all-time?

    Don't forget Reeves was the moron who thought Elway was washed up and drafted Tommy Maddox to replace him.
  14. Now it's time for the ......

    It's obvious now...after the exposure of the NHL gambling ring. If they got a State Trooper in their hard would it be to get a few NFL refs?
  15. Ricky Williams

    Ricky would love Denver......we just legalized Ganja possesion!
  16. The REAL meaning of football

    Sorry, but the officating is ruining the game. Shut up and say nothing and nothing will change.
  17. Weak calls?

    Anytime a player starts crying for a penalty call he should be assessed a 15 yard misconduct penalty.
  18. Is it just me...

    Too bad Madden and Michaels don't have the balls to point out the obvious....this is the worst officiated Super Bowl in history.
  19. Bill Leavy Sucks

    And a turnover is the result. This is atrocious.
  20. Worst halftime show ever

    They had a forklift truck out Aretha Franklin for the pregame. There's your Motown.
  21. Worst halftime show ever

    The Stones kicked ass...who would you like to see.... Kelly Clarkson??
  22. Bill Leavy Sucks

    D Jack was definately out of bounds but I agree..the push off call was total BS.
  23. Teams interested in Ricky Williams

    All the sportswriters in Denver are clamoring for them to pick up TO. Ricky & TO on the same team?
  24. Congrats Steelers

    You came into Mile High and totally kicked ass. No excuses to be made.
  25. Ben's arm

    Looked like he hurt it pretty good against Indy but haven't heard much discussion about this. Which leads me to believe it's fairly serious. See they have him listed as probable with a "thumb" injury.