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  1. Cashmere farting cupcake spoons

  2. Caddy

    I wouldn't mind taking a chance on Caddy in the 4th round.
  3. The Island

    Decent enough movie.
  4. UAW vs. Japan

    pwned again.
  5. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    Keep all sharp objects away from Broncos.
  6. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    It amazes me (and sometime entertains) to see people get pissed off about anything on a message board.
  7. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage.
  8. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    Wow...a multiple page Michael Vick thread.
  9. The SURGE

    Mission Accomplished! Time to take Iraqi's off U.S. welfare and then we will work on the south.
  10. Let it go, little buddy, let it go.

    I figured this commercial had something to do with Msaint.
  11. WCOFF role call....

    I remember how everyone was saying last year that WCOFF owners tend to go particularly RB heavy in the first few rounds. Last year, it seemed typical to see about 6+ WRs off the board by the end of round 2. I'm not expecting Smith, Johnson, or Holt to last past pick 2.6 or 2.7ish.
  12. Let it go, little buddy, let it go.

    I thought it was going to be a commercial about Twerpski.
  13. Greatest American Rock Band

    I believe HR is in and out of the band depending on his psyche...I'm fairly positive he was with the band at Sasquatch.
  14. That was always my understanding, I'm just amazed how much the three scores can range.
  15. Happy Birthday!