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  1. I bet you couldn't predict this

    I don't think the hard stuff will be coming down for hours......
  2. Stern is on now

    What's going on??? found it.....ouch.. Donaghy
  3. Let it go, little buddy, let it go.

    I lost to these two guys last year, and had LT on my squad!!!!
  4. Consensus cheat sheet

    Amen to that!! I definitely owe him a few beers!!! Several years back, there would be a few guys look at my cheat sheet right before the draft, and say crap like, "What moron put this sheet together". "You're ranking who over who???" Then I would win my division, go deep into the playoffs, or win the league out right. Now I have to guard my cheat sheet with
  5. Consensus cheat sheet

    Personally, I'm awaiting Rhino's cheat sheet. That weighted projection sheet rocks!!!!!
  6. Opinions on Huddle Draft Kit

    Has anyone actually used the Draft Lab, and can they give opinions on it????
  7. Michael Vick

    Ok, that would be funny!!
  8. Michael Vick

    Damn, it's not like this topic hasn't been discussed to death in the NFL Forum, I can't even get away from the Vick talk in this one....
  9. Peyton Manning at the Espys

    Peyton checkin them out
  10. Mock Drafts

    The damn thing kept locking up on me last night and this afternoon. I was trying to get a couple mocks in at lunch and it would lock up on me and draft two players while it was refreshing, and I was locked out. : This guys servers need more bandwidth.
  11. Mock Drafts

    Now why couldn't I find that!!! Newbie Tools. Please read.
  12. Mock Drafts

    Big John, Wasn't there a string a looooong time ago on all the different Huddle vernacular???
  13. An Excel spreadsheet for stat lovers

    Good Info here!! It'll be fun to analyze this data more.
  14. so I'm doing a mock draft today

    At least the girl knew what a mock draft was in fantasy football. That would have been all I needed to ask her out.
  15. Corey Simon removed from PUP list

    Hook, Any thoughts on what we're going to do with this loser???