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  1. ESPN Waivers Question

    Ok, clearly my search didn't turn that up, but thanks for confirming
  2. ESPN Waivers Question

    Hi All, For those using ESPN, I have a waivers question on something I noticed today and wondered if anyone knows if the system did this properly or if this is a software bug I should report. One of my leagues still uses a waiver system for player pickups. Waivers ran last night and several teams made moves. Early this morning one team went online to pick up a player that was now a free agent. He dropped one of his players and picked up a specific RB (who had cleared waivers and was now a "free agent".) After picking up this player, the team continued to look for some other options and found a different player he wanted more than the free-agent RB he just acquired. So, he dropped the free-agent RB he just picked up and picked up this other WR. This all happened within a 30-minute time frame. Typically this practice has been called churning players so others cannot pick up a player for several days, however, our league charges quite a bit for each move, and in this case, the team in question wasn't trying to churn the player. He just legitimately wanted the other WR more. All of this is fine, and I don't even care if someone wants to spend the $$ to churn a player or two as it only builds the pot at the end of the season. What I'm curious about is that the RB that was dropped within 30 minutes of being picked up was still listed as a Free Agent and was picked up by another team 6 hours later, even though, the transaction on ESPN saying the RB was "dropped to waivers". Normally, that RB should have gone back to being on Waivers and based on our league settings should not have been able to be picked up until Sunday. At least, that is the way it worked in the past with ESPN. The only thing I could think of is that ESPN changed its own settings to allow this to happen to circumvent the process of churning players on the waiver wire, especially if they are only on a new team roster for a very short period of time. I couldn't find anything on ESPN about it. Has anyone else seen this?? I'm the league manager and noticed this, and one other team already asked me about how this happened, but I'm honestly not sure. Thoughts???
  3. Montgomery grabbing his leg

    Hope he is alright. Any updated on what happened??
  4. Players coming off IR worth looking at??

    Yeah, agreed, and I picked him up before I actually posted this message.
  5. Has anyone started rostering players that are due to come off of IR around Week 6 if they have the space? Are there any worth looking at?? Someone in one of my leagues drafted Michael Thomas and then dropped him in week 1, so he's been sitting out there in one league, but also seeing guys like Hilton, Tarik Cohen, and others. Marlon Mack is available in most, but he's likely to be traded soon and has just been inactive.
  6. I haven't even heard about teams inquiring. I'm sure there have been some, but it's been kept quiet around Indy
  7. With the news of the Colts & Marlon Mack mutually agreeing seek a trade, who does anyone see as potential suitors... Initially, I thought either SF or Baltimore. Where does everyone see him landing?
  8. Debating between CEH vs the Chargers or Mike Davis vs the Giants. CEH has NOT impressed at all the first two weeks, but neither has Davis. A couple different sites I use suggest Davis over CEH, however, I'm still worried about Cordarrelle Patterson stealing from Davis, and the ATL offense is just not that good. My thought is CEH still has more opportunities in the KC offense. Putting one of them in the flex is not really an option either. This league is 1 pt PPR
  9. Another Ravens running back goes down

    Just signed Bell
  10. TE Situation in Philly

    Any Philly homers out there that know the real situation going on with the TE in Philly. Over the summer, everyone speculated that Ertz was over the hill / washed up and going to get traded, but the news I've seen now says he's all happy, feeling great, had a fantastic camp and that he is now planning on retiring in Philly. I've also seen a couple of articles speculating that the iggles are now looking to possibly move Goedert (I hate dangling this out there without a link, and am looking for that) Ertz is dangling out there in several of my leagues, and if they do move Goedert, Ertz will be on everyone's shortlist.
  11. 12th pick

    Following as well as my draft is tonight, and I've been struggling with the same question. Have done numerous mocks, and I feel like the best RB/WR combo at 12 & 13 is the best option, but it's definitely a struggle. In some mocks, I've also had Kelse fall to me at #12, which throws an even bigger wrench into the mix.
  12. I bet you couldn't predict this

    I don't think the hard stuff will be coming down for hours......
  13. Stern is on now

    What's going on??? found it.....ouch.. Donaghy
  14. Let it go, little buddy, let it go.

    I lost to these two guys last year, and had LT on my squad!!!!
  15. Consensus cheat sheet

    Amen to that!! I definitely owe him a few beers!!! Several years back, there would be a few guys look at my cheat sheet right before the draft, and say crap like, "What moron put this sheet together". "You're ranking who over who???" Then I would win my division, go deep into the playoffs, or win the league out right. Now I have to guard my cheat sheet with