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  1. Chambers v. Tenn Rod Smith v. Oak Wayne @ Sea. Performance/Scoring league. Thanks.
  2. Pick one: Parker @ Minn Barber @ Wash Jones @ Wash Ricky v. NYJ Perf/scoring league. Thanks.
  3. Perf/scoring league: WR - should I start - Chambers v. NYJ or Wayne v. SD? Also - which def - JAX D v. SF or Indy D v. SD (pts for sacks/ints/td's)? Thanks.
  4. WDIS as my 3rd WR !

    Toomer. They're going to have to put up points.
  5. QB Dilemma

    I have the same two - I'm going with Manning. Personally I wouldn't want to lose with him on the bench.
  6. Which RB to start?

    Thank you all!!
  7. WR Help

    I'd also go with Jimmy. Thanks for replying to mine.
  8. Need a second RB

    voted - thanks for replying to mine.
  9. Which RB to start?

    Need one of these: J. Jones @ Wash M. Barber @ Wash Ricky Williams v. NYJ W. Parker @ Minn Performance/scoring league. Thanks.
  10. Fast Willie or Gado?

    Parker - I wouldn't risk Gado v. Bears D.
  11. J. Jones @ NYG M. Barber @ NYG Ricky Williams @ Buf. Willie Parker v. Cinn. Rod Smith @ KC Chambers @ Buf. Performance/scoring league - need one. Thanks.
  12. Indy at Cinn or Jax at Tenn? Pts for TD's, sacks, int's, etc. Thanks.
  13. WDIS at WR

    I'd go with Mushin - Orton looks to throw to him the most.
  14. TE question

    Witten @ SF or McMichael v. Carolina. Thanks.