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  1. Greatest American Rock Band

    In reference to the actual poll - I loves me some PJ, they have the legs but just don't have the impact. PJ and the Dead go in the same category - lifetime achievement awards, but not necessarily changing the paradigm. Nirvana has been discussed ad nauseum here - let's just say that they WERE an important flashpoint, but that movement had been building for the latter half of the 80s; not to diminish them, but SOMEONE was going to be "Nirvana" - and there's rarely anything wrong with being the right guys in the right place at the right time, God bless 'em. The Doors - ah, couldabeens, couldabeens....Morrison was a bit of a pretentious wanker, but that doesn't mean he wasn't a FANTASTIC frontman. "The Wasp", "Hyacinth House", "Not to Touch the Earth"...all unheard but fantastic. But to me they just lack some je nais sais qua that doesn't put them in the top slot. Metallica - greatest American METAL band for sure, but I don't see them breaking out of their subgenre. Certainly belong on the greatest rock band list, probably at 7 or 8, maybe higher. Van Halen - for good or ill, the defining "hair band" - top 5 for sure. G'n'R - Appetite is clearly one of the top rock albums ever. The sad part is that's about all they got. Better than Nirvana, but didn't have the legs - hey Axl, let me thank your for letting your ego ruin what could've been one of the great bands! REM - Objectively, they merit consideration. Subjectively - meh. The Eagles - appear to have it all - the songwriting and instrumental chops, long and varied career, massive sales if not artistic impact. The only problem is that after listening to about any Eagles album, it's all a little too pat and calculated, and I need to listen to something a little more soulful than they are. Like Kraftwerk. Springsteen - I had this debate with a buddy - he says BROOOOOOOOOOOSSSSS! and the E's are comparable to CCR, as far as one dominant guy running the show. And I say that may well be true, but the fact the Boss didn't credit the E's on his albums removes them from consideration all the same. Semantics is a beautiful thing when it's workin' for ya. Really, I think it's pretty clearly CCR. Their songs are timeless (the subtext in just about any of their tunes has applied to about every admin since they broke up - talk about capturing the zeitgeist), and well-crafted, and to me they sound as fresh and as DIFFERENT as when they came out. Overlooking the Allmans was a glaring oversight as well - forget launching Southern Rock, they pretty well perfected the whole "jam band" thing. About the only reason to bother seeing anyone else is because it's more fun to take drugs in an amphitheater than in your room while listening to Live at the Fillmore East.
  2. Greatest American Rock Band

    ....but several of them did have the alienation thing going.
  3. Greatest American Rock Band

    Well, from s/t to Tango in the Night Cali-bred Buckingham/Nicks were the songwriting engine of the Mac, so it isn't COMPLETELY off base.
  4. Greatest American Rock Band

    Fair Warning owns 'em all.
  5. Greatest American Rock Band

    There was some good stuff - much like just about ANY music scene, the music industry business model took a few early innovators and LCD'ed* 'em down with subsequent signings (and subsequent releases by early artists). Hence you go from Def Leppard's High N'Dry to Warrant's Cherry Pie within about 10 years. * - LCD - Lowest Common Denominator
  6. Greatest American Rock Band

    Freddie Mercury was actually born in Zanzibar. Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon were all British to the bone. Still, arguably THE arena-rock band that set the standard.
  7. Vick Indicted

    I'm a bill Just a bill And I'm sittin' here on Cap-i-tol Hill Oh I hope and I pray To be a law some day But up until then I'm just a lonely ol' bill (or something like that)
  8. Tour de France

    They are true professionals - if I saw that running down the road next to me, I'd fall off my bike.
  9. Tour de France

    Shut yo mouf.
  10. chicago huddlers

    Just don't ask dmarc for anything if you need to get out of downtown - he doesn't know the way.
  11. Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

    Solid. I like Willie and the Poor Boys because you can't f*cking argue with any album that is closed by "Effigy."
  12. Peter King's Power Rankings

    He is right.
  13. Tour de France

  14. Where did you propose?

    It was technically during some July 3rd fireworks at a small Milwaukee festival known as Summerfest. But since George Thorogood came out and played about 30 minutes later, I say it was at a George Thorogood show because that sounds way classier.
  15. Tour de France

    Did you see the guy dressed as Borat in the thong one piece cheering on the Astana team?
  16. hot muslim women

    I actually met a beautiful - no, make that SMOKIN' HOT - and intelligent Palestinian woman at a party this Halloween. If my daughter ends up looking like that, I'm gonna throw a burqa on her.
  17. My Pictures/Samples/Sample_Picture05

    You proposed on a bridge in Venice.... Reminds me of when we hung out and were comparing how we met our wives - yours was "on top of the Eiffel Tower" and mine was standing next to the beer keg.
  18. Tour de France

    Next year you should be able to go to the Tour in person and wave a Swiss flag in the rider's faces.
  19. Tour de France

    Stage 6 wasn't much - but stage 7 - THE ALPS. Great drama, as always - the flat stages with the Peloton chasing down breakaways in the last 20 km tend to be pretty boring up until the sprints at the end. Stage 5 was complete mayhem, especially for Astana. Stage 7 in the mountains is what makes me love the sport - some kid just absolutely gutting it out and taking both the stage and the Maillot Jaune on the same day. Vinokourov (and Kloden) are impressing me as well - those two guys are pretty clearly hurtin' but haven't lost time to any real threats. Curious to see how it all plays out tomorrow - I don't expect Gerdeman to have much left after selling out to win today.
  20. Match the Huddler with his Picture

    I'd get angry but it's true.
  21. How to Get Screwed

    IMO, it should be up to the man - if he wishes to continue to support a child that he did not biologically father, good for him. I think this Michael Anderson guy is a bit of an ass - it's his WIFE'S fault, not the poor kid. Teaching a 12 year old "I don't love you because of your blood" is a horrid example to set.
  22. Just found out...

    Too bad they got their ass handed to them by KC the next week, so nobody really counts it.
  23. Just found out...

    I think he's comfortable enough with his nest egg that he's delaying SS to get the larger payments.
  24. RIAA killed the (internet) radio

    Commercial radio doesn't serve my needs. The RIAA needs to realize that if there is a massive demand for sites like Pandora, it is probably doing something wrong. Not that that has stopped it before.
  25. RIAA killed the (internet) radio

    Typical short-sighted record industry policy - letting people hear music similar to what they already enjoy for free would probably increase legal music purchases. At least it has in my case.