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  1. Which Huddlers have you met in person ?

    Those guys are all sizzle, no steak. Fear not.
  2. Which Huddlers have you met in person ?

    Jimmy is a Mormon, though - he won't be indulging in our favorite social lubricant. But hey, it's another chance for Brentastic to dodge you.
  3. Tour de France

    Kloden ractured his coccyx today, but they say he'll continue the race -Vinokourov hasn't been impressing either; Astana looks like it was a paper tiger.
  4. Bumper sticker... you're saying the Dems are completely correct? I thought they were evil America-haters - obviously backing the invasion of Iraq, they knew there were no WMDs and it would be a quagmire, thus making the president and his crew of neocons look like fools. I'm surprised someone as canny as you fell for this transparent ploy.
  5. eBay Motors

    I am watching what could end up being a decent deal on a car on eBay motors - problem is my wife is highly skeptical of purchasing a car online. Anyone have any experience with this?
  6. Bumper sticker...

    The classic Jon Stewart line of the only armies we haven't deployed yet are "Salvation and KISS" is a good one to explain why the mess in Iraq is bad. We are currently bogged down there, with no options should REAL trouble (well, Iraq currently IS real trouble, but it wasn't before we got there) threaten our country.
  7. "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

    Take yer crazy outta here, thread is full up with it already.
  8. The Greatest President of Our Time

    The military have no choice in the matter really - they go to where they're told and do the best that they can do. I think it is incumbent upon US to make sure that those who take that oath and willingly put their lives out there to protect the country are not needlessly and capriciously put into a bad situation based on some inscrutable agenda.
  9. The Greatest President of Our Time

    I agree - it doesn't make them cowards or traitors, it makes them blind and stupid. At the VERY least, the US wouldn't be in a morass in Iraq at this point in time. Ideally, we'd have a government that still was as transparent as possible in the post 9/11 world - and one that had some sort of respect for the Consitution (for example, GItmo - I have no problem with putting terrorist suspects there for a finite time due to security concerns; I DO have a problem with completely denying them due process in perpetuity). I will now sit back and wait for Whitney or DMD to wipe this thread from the boards.
  10. NASCAR is considered a sport and those guys don't even get out of there cars - well, every once in a while to cross-train in girly slapfighting.
  11. Maybe you should use a real sport for exercise, then.
  12. Future Hall Of Famers

    The problem with Smith (and Jimmy Smith) is that due to the tightening of pass interference rules, by the time they are eligible they will be below scads of WRs production-wise. And they'll be shut out. Much like Art Monk, Gary Clark, and Henry Ellard's chances continue to diminish every year.
  13. Tour de France

    Huge wreck. Only about 20 of the 188 riders were there for the sprint at the finish. One of "my guys" - Frank Schleck from CSC - also went down, but I'm guessing that if he wasn't in the Peloton by the time of the crash, he caught up shortly after.
  14. Has small hands, smells of oranges.

  15. Best in his sport

    In defense of Wilt - check out his per-game numbers in 66-67 and 67-68 - he was dishing out about 8 assists per game, pulling down 24 boards, and oh-by-the-way hanging 24 ppg on about 67% shooting. That's maybe MORE impressive to me than the 50 pt/25 reb season he posted. 8 assists aren't due to size differential.
  16. Best in his sport

    Bottom line is that in the NFL and NBA, there is plenty of debate about best overall, so there isn't that tremendous of a gap. I used to prefer Wilt but am starting to lean towards Robertson these days, though I think in the NBA it should really be divided between backcourt and frontcourt when discussing greatest players. I think Babe Ruth is pretty inarguably the best ever among MLB players, though not as huge of a gap between him and Mays, Aaron, Cobb, etc as there is between Gretzky and anyone else ever in the NHL - the scary part is the gaps could've been bigger, because Gretzky was still healthy and productive when he retired. NFL, since that's the point of this thread - Az has a point that while Rice vs other WRs is a HUGE gap, and indicative of his talent, WRs can only have so much impact on the game. Still, his longevity and production vault him into the upper echelon. But if we're talking QBs, I need to go with Unitas above all - he retired with margins that were as big or bigger than Rice's at his position, and basically defined what the modern QB should be. Jim Brown, despite all the naysayers, was a phenomenal athlete who was a virtual force of nature during his entire career - and retired with significant margins ahead of all other runners. LT dominated games from the OLB position. Walter Payton not only had the ability and production, but I believe arguably the most desire of any player out there - AND he succeeded on what was a thoroughly sad-sack Bear team for a large chunk of his career. But it's a flawed argument - you can talk about the glamour positions (QB, WR, RB, DE/OLB, DB) because they to some extent have quantifiable stats that can make up for lack of first-hand knowledge. But for all we know, the best player in NFL history may have been Jim Otto or Alan Page, who have no numbers to bulwark their arguments.
  17. Best in his sport

    Oscar Robertson damn near averaged a triple double over TWO STRAIGHT seasons, plus came a hair away a few other times - 9.7 ast to go with 10.1 reb in 60-61, 10.4 boards and 9.5 ast in 62-63, and 9.9 reb to go in 63-64. Oh yeah, he scored about 30 a game back then as well. That's f*cking insane.
  18. Tour de France

    Considering how he left everyone in the dust, apparently he's the ONLY person on them this year.
  19. Super Bad

    " the clerk is going to look at this ID, and go 'here's the Hawaiian organ donor McLovin, or here's some kid with a fake ID'." "I am McLovin."
  20. Tom Brady and the mediocrity gauge

    Yo bait be all stanky.
  21. Let's talk about the Metal

    Oh yeah. Without giving you the full dissertation, I got to see them touring behind their recent s/t album and they were pretty freakin' great. You will be missed, Monsieur Piggy.
  22. Let's talk about the Metal

    I don't even know you anymore.
  23. Tour de France

    Not as good as McEwen's stage 1 win - he shot past everyone like he was riding a motorcycle.
  24. He could only get seabass. But they are ill-tempered.
  25. Loaf Goes off The Chain

    "There's a paper bag on the front porch, and it's on fire! I'm gonna stomp it out!"