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  1. Is there anywhere on the site we can search archives from before the switch to pay?
  2. Archives from before last July?

    OK, just curious. Am I correct in assuming that the past year will be archived, then?
  3. BCS may abolish margin of Victory

    I agree, NU would have won the NC straight up if the two teams played. I doubt it would have even been close. Too bad we never got to find out; but the main point was that merely being a "football coach" doesn't really give anyone greater acumen on the national scene (or if it does, it's often not used for various reasons) nor does it free one from kowtowing to the "popular" vote - seriously, how does Michigan fall from 1 to 2 AFTER winning their bowl game?
  4. BCS may abolish margin of Victory

    respect in the polls = popularityIMO, the AP poll that is taken of sportswriters is the most suspect because of the lack of qualifications of the participants, but the ESPN poll of coaches (used to be UPI) is fairly solid. Sure, there may be some decrepancies & some politics involved, but you have to take the polls with a grain of salt. Such as when the ESPN poll awarded Neb a share of the NC because Osborne was retiring.... BOTH are highly flawed; there are numerous reports of coaches doing a half-assed job of filling out their polls, or handing it off to someone. IMO, the AP actually IS the more legit one - sure, many sportswriters might not know a flanker from a split end, but they DO have more interest in watching scores from around the country. A D-1 HC should really be focused on winning HIS games and not worrying whether BYU or Iowa State is a better pick for the 25th best team in the country. Joe Reporter, on the other hand, has nothing better to do.
  5. BCS may abolish margin of Victory

    Well, margin of victory is one of those factors that can be looked at several ways: - if Nebraska SHOULD blow out the Blind Sisters of the Poor by 6 tds easy, yet merely squeaks by in a nailbiter, shouldn't they be punished? Probably. - if FSU beats the crap out of the BSotP next weekend for 3 quarters and starts pulling alums out of the stands to mop up, leading to a few late "oh by the way" scores and thus lessening what would have been a huge margin of victory, should they be punished? Not really. - If Miami leaves it's starting unit in for 4 quarters vs the BSotP (they have one tough schedule this year) to defeat them 1,000,000 to -2, is that really desirable in 'amateur' athletics? Definitely not.
  6. Conn Smythe? curious who you think

    And if the 'Canes win the Cup?

    That b!tchslap the Schwings gave the 'Lanche is gonna leave a mark! I was watching the highlights (working last night, so's I couldn't watch), and I could not believe how badly they lit up Roy. Wow. But, best case scenario - either Shanny wins another Cup or one of the NHL's all-time class acts, Ron Francis gets his first (think how emotional it was when Bourque finally lifted Lord Stanley's trophy). I think the grit and grind of the 'Canes may give the Wings more trouble than most people are thinking.
  8. Wings fans............

    With the Rangers being the worst of the fact. I think you can make an argument either way, but the bottom line is that teams, when they do it succesfully, will get scrutinized as buying a championship. If the Rangers won the cup this year every one would say the same thing. But since they really suck monkey arse, no one is talking about them. [/QB]So could we perhaps equate the NY Rangers to the Texas Rangers?
  9. NHL Awards finalists announced

    Amen; face it wings, almost EVERY coach of the year award could really be called the "biggest turnaround" award. Bowman DID do a stellar job, but he did it with a loaded, perenially contending team, whereas Sutter, Francis, and Ftorek took also-rans into respectability. I mean, Ftorek took the non-playoff Bruins to the #1 seed in the east! The Wings are SUPPOSED to be contenders, so being the #1 seed isn't as "impressive" to people. Not necessarily saying it's fair, but that's just the way it is.
  10. stanley cup playoffs, round 2!!

    Here's one huddler who WON'T be participating in this thread...... F'n Bruins. :mad:
  11. other than flyers, biggest NHL disappointment?

    What's REALLY sad is Boston had won like 4 of the last 5 series - it used to be REAL embarrassing, as opposed to merely horribly lopsided.
  12. other than flyers, biggest NHL disappointment?

    Any #1 seed going down to an 8 (read: Boston) is a pretty f'n big disappointment IMO.
  13. The Montreal Canadians are a farce.

    sac would probably give you a far better answer, but as I understand it, the Canadiens are referred to as "Les Habitantes" by their French-speaking fans; I would assume (with the ass out of u & me rule in full effect) that "Habitantes" has similar meaning to the english "inhabitants" - so it's just a way for those oh-so-friendly and humble Quebecois to claim their team.
  14. Hockeytown is a farce

    I really have no problem with it - the Wings fans are pretty rabid, and supported the Wings through some pretty lean years in the 80s, plus the original six thing, Gordie Howe, etc; And it's probably better "The Murder City" as far as projecting a good civic image. But, yeah, if anyplace should be called Hockeytown, it's probably Montreal, given the insane amount of Stanley Cups the Habs have won. Similar to GB being "Titletown" - when some other franchise wins their 12th (or would it be 13? I lose track....) NFL title, they can take the name.
  15. Whining Canadians????

    Michel Therrien beats his chest on
  16. Whining Canadians????

    And I'll go on record as a Bruins backer, that it was a very schizophrenic moment - when Zednik got leveled, I was jumping up and down on the couch with excitement; but when I saw he was perhaps seriously injured and that McLaren took a cheap shot instead of a clean hit, I was going "ah, sh*t, now I can't feel happy about it anymore." But it was so perfect - guy skating across the ice and not looking just gets tattooed; I love that stuff (for a GOOD example, see Stevens/Lindros).
  17. Whining Canadians????

    Maybe Zednik should keep his head up when he skates across the ice. I'm not defending McLaren, but if he had kept his elbow down, he STILL would have flattened Zednik. Stupid move on McLaren's part, and it made what could have been a great, clean hit into a cheap shot. And Czarina's dead on about the Slap Shot remake; according to this, Therrien has pretty much said that there's going to be "retaliation" in the next game.
  18. Well Give the Hoops some love too!

    Man, you guys are SHAMELESS when it comes to post padding!
  19. Is your account name tied to your forum alias?

    In other words, look for Sgt LBS Timberland to file for bankruptcy in the very near future.