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  1. Attention Chicagoland Huddlers

    Take the ferry to Milwaukee and you can ride with us.
  2. Milwaukee area Huddlers

    Well, you wouldn't want to be sitting around distracting her, would you?
  3. Best 2 WRs

    In a 6-man keeper, I have C Johnson, Holt, Colston, and Driver as my WRs. Which two have not only the best prospects THIS year, but long term? I'm tempted to just hang onto CJ and Holt, but Driver is a f*cking rock and Colston has awesome upside. I also have an offer for a 1st rounder for CJ, less for any of the other guys.
  4. Best 2 WRs

    Hot diggity - a 1st and a 5th for Holt.
  5. Attention Chicagoland Huddlers

    Mrs Chavez works until 3:30. I usually get home at about 5, ~2 hr travel time - we won't make it before 7.
  6. Attention Chicagoland Huddlers

    Certainly a more impressive collection of talent than this buncha stiffs
  7. Tour de France

    McEwen is the most fun to watch though - he's always up there with the leaders....well, until they hit a stage that isn't flat ground.
  8. Attention Chicagoland Huddlers

    Okay, gotcha on the loc. Mrs Chavez says she's coming, but bein' all knocked up, I'd hate to guarantee that one. She's a trooper, though so I'm sure she'll make it.
  9. Future Hall Of Famers

    I think you're correct about Lynch - he's a Zach Thomas type guy, very good player but lacking something - HOWEVER I think media guys regard him highly, so he may be able to sneak in.
  10. Milwaukee area Huddlers

    You get the same answer everyone else gets - "I LIVE here, what the hell do I know about hotels?" Um, I don't know prices, but basically I'd recommend the La Quinta Suites in Glendale - right off I-43, you can get to UWM by pretty much taking 2 turns, and it's near shopping and restaurants in a nice area. It says average rate is $171, but Orbitz has it listed at $105. Otherwise, Milwaukee is ridiculously easy to get around compared to just about any other large city I've been in - hotels down by the airport tend to have the best rates, but they are a 15 minute drive away from UWM. Downtown hotels are closer than the airport, but they generally run major $$$. And North Ave is still a safe place to go out and scope the UWM co-eds.
  11. Attention Chicagoland Huddlers

    What brewery? The same place robn and I hung out with Love last time?
  12. Future Hall Of Famers

    I will bet you $1000 Brian Westbrook doesn't make the NFL Hall of Fame.
  13. Team of the "Noughties"

    why am I not surprised that a Cowboys fan thinks they are the team of the decade?
  14. Roger Waters

    Won't have a chance to see him here in Brew town, but I did just watch Pink Floyd: Live in Pompei and it was f*cking awesome
  15. Grab your backpacks

    Manistique is about 45 minutes east of my hometown (no, that is not where my wife is from).
  16. Hey, the guy is new, cut him some slack.
  17. Potential cure for HIV discovered

    Fantastic! We have moved forward from the inhuman "don't smoke dick" prevention method to a cure.
  18. We're already half-naked noble savages, all we need to do is open some casinos.
  19. Just read this...

    Great point, because everyone in the thread is arguing that the people who kidnapped them should get off scott-free - why, with the kids alone in the hotel room, the parents were practically BEGGING someone to kidnap them.
  20. Immigration Bill

    Legalize drugs. Another problem solved.
  21. Immigration Bill

    Why would we have to legislate enforcement of existing laws? The only change would be the repurcussions of the laws. I maintain that if business owners have to face REAL jail time for knowingly employing illegals, the demand for illegal labor goes WAY down. Of course, then costs in certain sectors of the economy would go way up, but I find it hard to have much sympathy for someone who would essentially be whining "I need to engage in illegal acts for my business to be profitable and competitive." Different matter entirely from illegals doing illegal things - put them in prison.
  22. Future Hall Of Famers

    The problem is he most likely doesn't vote for Hall inclusion.
  23. Future Hall Of Famers

    Much as I think Swann has no business in the HoF, comparing the numbers of a guy who played in the pass-anemic 70s to someone from today's era, where offensive stats are inflated across the board, is folly. I think the HoF is based on a subjective eye test - have you ever looked at Hines Ward vs other WRs - Moss, Owens, Harrison, etc - and thought "Man, he is clearly tops in the league at his position"? Well, maybe YOU have but I think most regard Ward as being what he is - a good, tough, productive, hard-working, classy player. A "Hall of the Pretty Damn Good" candidate.
  24. Future Hall Of Famers

    Timely article, especially regarding defensive players: - Champ Bailey with less than 40 ints is a lock - 120+ sack man, with a plethora of 10 sack seasons, Simeon Rice is bubble at best - tackling machine Zach Thomas isn't worthy - 49 int guy Darren Sharper doesn't bear mention - 50 int CB Ty Law is regarded as a bubble guy (though I think Prisco is pretty clearly wrong on this - voters will look at "rings" and decide Law is worthy) I've been critical of Prisco in the past, but I think his opinions here are at least worth noting.