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  1. Future Hall Of Famers

    I think for RBs and WRs and QBs, there are definite statistical benchmarks that can help point you in the direction of greatness. For defensive players, it's a bit more nebulous - some people who've hit what should be notable benchmarks - like Kevin Greene in sacks - may or may not be regarded as a HoF candidate. Darren Sharper has 49 career ints and has a pretty good shot at ending with 60+; I have a hard time thinking of him as a "dominant" Hall of Fame guy. Or even his former battery mate Eugene Robinson. It took Paul Krause forever to get in. And projecting consistent INT totals is even more quixotic than attempting to project other stats. In Green Bay in particular, guys like Mark Lee and Tom Flynn have popped off 9 int seasons and disappeared into the ether, for all intents and purposes. By the same token, I don't think anyone has any idea where LT ranks on total tackles and is sliding in the total sacks, but I don't think anyone can argue his importance. Zach Thomas has racked up tons of tackles, but while a terrific player, I think he's borderline at best. IDP in fantasy has indicated that sometimes tackling machines don't have major impact on the game - even at this point in his career, I think AJ Hawk looks like a game-changer, where tackle-hog Nick Barnett is just a good player who does what he's supposed to and doesn't impact things. To make it short, I guess it boils down to a) attempting to project int totals is futile in 99% of the cases; and b ) defensive stats matter less than you'd think.
  2. Immigration Bill

    Enforcing the employment laws would GREATLY decrease the demand for immigrants, leaving them the option of being poor and unemployed in Mexico or being poor and unemployABLE here. The former is a better option.
  3. Randy Moss

    Just because some (if not all) of the voters are stupid on this point doesn't mean YOU have to be.
  4. Jesus! This chick is smoking hot.

  5. Culpepper to be a Packer?

    Shouldn't you be somewhere jerking off to swimsuit photos of Tom Landry?
  6. Randy Moss

    It happens so often to you, I assume you don't even notice it anymore.
  7. Randy Moss

    So we agree. EDIT - the post that bundled your undies was intended as an obviously facetious poke at Hook's moronic playoff assertion.
  8. Randy Moss

    There wasn't much Moss could've done against the Giants, aside from pile up garbage yards - that was a total team ass-pounding. I enjoyed every second of it, but that's neither here nor there... ATL - went 14-2 and lost the SB; top ten D in scoring and total yds DAL - top 10 D in scoring and total yds; top ten in TDs allowed, ints, 12th in yds per pass ARI - awful defense. I'm sure Aeneas Williams was nowhere near Moss in that game. NO - 10th in pts, 11th in yds; around the top 10 in all notable passing categories GB, NOR - rotten defenses So, by the numbers, at least 3 of those Ds you disparage as "medicore" were solid. It's not murderer's row, but they ARE defenses that did enough to help their team get into the playoffs.
  9. Randy Moss

    In the Vikings NFC title games, Moss had a solid 6-75-1 against Atl and stank it up (along with the rest of the Vikes) against NY. Of course, since the Vikes D allowed 30 and 41 points, about the only way he could've done more is to play defense. Harrison's 3 AFC title game numbers were 12-104-0. TOTAL. And his SB numbers were a workmanlike 5-59. Harrison has not been outstanding by any means in the postseason. It doesn't make ME think less of him in the least, but I'm not the one who says those numbers should carry any weight.
  10. Future Hall Of Famers

    I'm not saying Vasher isn't a fine player, but to start putting someone on a list after 3 years is mind-boggling to me. That'd be like me putting AJ Hawk up there.
  11. Randy Moss

    Bottom line, Moss' 35-723-9 in 8 playoff games means he gets it done FAR better than Harrison's 60-835-2 in 14.
  12. Immigration Bill

    How many - I'm guessing 5 or 6 million of the 12 to 25 million BB was talking about?
  13. Randy Moss

    Yeah, that's why the whole "QB playoff record" is specious too; football is a team game, and for a QB/RB to do their job, they at least need the OL to provide them some operating room. An EXCELLENT QB can still be productive when lacking a star WR; I think it's pretty fair to say that it's tough for a wideout to excel with a poor QB, though. It's all tremendously intertwined - and in the realm of importance, it's pretty rare for a WR to be the deciding factor on a team good enough to win a SB. And focusing on rings has gotten Irvin and Lynn Swann in but not Art Monk (key part of 3 SB winning-teams himself) or Andre Reed - both of whom have better #s than Swann or Irvin. But I figure you'd realize this since Harrison has had all of 1 100+ yd game (only 2 over 75 yds) and scored 2 tds in 14 career playoff games - the playoffs don't matter as much as people like to think they do.
  14. Future Hall Of Famers

    He probably didn't list Woodson because he can read (though his listing of Bettis puts that in doubt).
  15. Frisking at NFL games?

    I don't know that we're diametrically opposed - I just look at the shake-out from 9/11, and it's disgusting how many ways that it could have been prevented by laws and procedures already on the books - let's use what we have already instead of passing more (and more intrusive) laws, especially when they whittle away at the Bill of Rights. That said, if I object to something that occurs at a sporting event (searches, metal detectors, Hitler Youth rallies, etc etc), I am not required by any stretch to be there, and can choose to not go, and watch it from the comfort of my home atop a mound of guns and booze.* * - unless it's a minor league or high school game.
  16. Future Hall Of Famers

    So were Sterling Sharpe and Terrell Davis.
  17. Frisking at NFL games?

    Also true.
  18. Future Hall Of Famers

    Matt Birk and Steve Hutchinson. Darren Sharper will end his career with some gaudy int totals, but I don't know that he was ever truly "dominant."
  19. Immigration Bill

    Nobody seems willing to admit this.
  20. Lunch

    Had a late breakfast/early lunch - will probably wolf down an apple and a banana later in the day to tide me over until dinner. Tomorrow I may be going past the nearest White Castle - look out, I already hear the 10-pack of bacon cheeseburgers, pepper jack, calling my name.
  21. Future Hall Of Famers

    "Too young for HoF statements" isn't a BAD thing IMO. So are the Cardinals, Edgerrin James excepted.
  22. Future Hall Of Famers

    Corrected the one small flaw in your post.
  23. Future Hall Of Famers

    Strange things happen to you when you drink the navy-and-orange kool aid while wearing your navy-and-orange sunglasses.
  24. Future Hall Of Famers

    I dunno, he looked good at the end of last year - if Whiz rides him into the sunset, he could have a similar late-career arc to the Bus (which took a borderline guy and made him a pretty likely inductee). Edge is over 10k yds and top 20 in rushing yds, and top 50 in total tds - where a couple-3 solid years can get him into the top 25. If he has a few more solid seasons (1000-1200 yds, 8-10 tds), he can be a VERY strong candidate.
  25. Future Hall Of Famers

    Great list, aside from 3 of the 4 not playing for Dallas anymore. And 2 of them not playing at all.