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  1. Frisking at NFL games?

    The problem is that the PRIOR security measure that were in place were more than enough to prevent 9/11. Had the US intelligence community not had its collective head up its ass.
  2. Frisking at NFL games?

    The 4th is apparently negotiable.
  3. Frisking at NFL games?

    I agree completely with the court's decision - I just think conservatives have come a long way from "live free or die" mantra - "keep me safe no matter what" seems to be the drumbeat these days. Especially since I regard most "increases in security" to be pretty pointless and needlessly intrusive; as Bill Maher pointed out, we can do security - in Vegas, they nail you for counting in your head. The ham handed attempts I see at ballgames and airports is intrusive and useless. Gimme EFFECTIVE security, not lip-service and band-aids.
  4. Randy Moss

    I've heard that trying to decide who to root for in a Kent and Bonds squabble was like trying to figure out if you wanted Hitler or Stalin to win in a knife fight.
  5. Randy Moss

    As I recall, Pudge had issues getting into the Hall as well - namely because he came close to almost punching out reporters on a regular basis.
  6. Randy Moss

    You're holding playoff record against a WR? That is just stupid.
  7. Randy Moss

    This is all true. Of course, when a player spent the better part of a decade being the most feared WR in the league, poor work ethic and bad locker room influence aside, I have to say I think Dr Z is talking out of his ass. I can't see Moss as anything but a HoF lock. Maybe the Pro Football HoF voters will start acting like the baseball twats and decide that Moss is a HoFer, just not a "first ballot" HoFer.
  8. Randy Moss

    Brady's numbers are better than people seem to want to give him credit for. And he's done it with an average-to-worse group of WRs. Not trying to start a debate, I just think that's a pretty apparent observation.
  9. Frisking at NFL games?

    DARPA looked into running what amounted to a "stock market" or "betting pool" for probable terrorist targets. Intriguing idea but the politics of the time got it shut down.
  10. Frisking at NFL games?

    ...only if they destroyed the entire stadium, which would be tough to do with a device small enough to be concealed on your person. Besides, with 80 games per team in the NBA and 162 in MLB, baseball and basketball present MORE opportunities to attempt to smuggle something in - and with more lax security, that makes them a riper target than the NFL.
  11. Frisking at NFL games?

    That's a funny argument for a conservative.
  12. Actually, QotSA was generally always just Homme and Oliveri. Much as I like Oliveri's bursts of energy, the bulk of the heavy lifting on the albums was done by Homme - it looks like the current members are Joey Castillo (drummer since the SftD tour), Troy Van Leeuwen (who may or may not have played on SftD, but toured with them after it and was on Lullabyes), and Homme. The slightly different flavor to the new one means, to me, that they are part of the songwriting process, which is important - otherwise just retire the Queens name and release stuff as Josh Homme, y'know?
  13. Haven't given it a thorough listen yet - more varied than Lullabyes to Paralyze, at least. I'm going to have it cranking while I'm running errands today, I'll report back.
  14. Attention Chicagoland Huddlers

    If you manage to get free, you're more than welcome to pile in with me and (hopefully) the Mrs.
  15. Attention Chicagoland Huddlers

    If you don't like Gil, just start taking a spoonful of sugar before reading his posts - it helps the medicine go down. Also, nobody can wear a Tommy Bahama shirt as well as he can; that's gotta count for something, right?
  16. Track 10 is "I'm Slowly Turning Into You"; I like "St Andrew" but I'm a sucker for the pipes. On early returns, I still think of the 4 albums they've released since breaking out (White Blood Cells on), WBC is still the tops, and I may be the only person in the world who thinks Get Behind Me Satan is a fantastic bit of rock, close behind WBC. I slot Icky Thump ahead of Elephant but don't think it will beat out GBMS in my book.
  17. Speedo's

    Sacrebleu probably does - we went to a resort in Mexico and saw TONS of what I assumed to be Europeans fashionably sporting what was coined a "marble bag" or "grape smuggler".
  18. Culpepper to be a Packer?

    Let me stay that trading for a talent like Larry Johnson's makes sense. Saying TED THOMPSON is going to trade for a talented guy who will immediately hold out for a new contract does not sound like reality - if GB has the "most interest" in trading for LJ, that says to me that there isn't much interest.
  19. Culpepper to be a Packer?

    No, it isn't - but by the same token, the top 2 draft picks from Ron Wolf's first draft were disappointing (T-Buck) or never played (D'Onofrio). With Terrence Murphy's neck injury, I'm willing to give a mulligan - he looked like a contributor; so with the caveat that Rodgers provides depth at the most vital position and appears to be willing to take as much of a leadership role as backup QB provides, I think it's fair to say Thompson's top 5 picks in that draft are OK - Rodgers (QB of the future), Collins (starting S), Murphy (good-looking player until unfortunate injury, not TT's fault), Underwood (could've started opposite Collins if not for knee injury; in the mix for starting S this year), and Poppinga (starting SLB). Plus Mike Montgomery contributes on the DL. And if you mention that as a failure, that's fine - but I think you at least have to give credit on the '05 picks, because that draft looks like a franchise-builder - not so much as in getting the big-name superstar, but as in providing solid starters and depth across the board - Hawk looks like he has the potential to be a Pro Bowl player, but aside from that, you got 3 good, young OLs, and a promising WR, plus players who at the very least give good depth at CB, S, DL, LB, and CB. It's not fair to judge Thompson on either draft though - he may have gotten lucky in '05 or unlucky in '04. That's why we need to see how this draft develops - it's the rubber match, in a sense. Harrell, Jackson, and Jones are going to be counted on to be immediate contributors, and we haven't even seen them in pads yet. It's too early to tell.
  20. Yo Spain

    Friday would be best for me.
  21. When breaking up

    In my idiot days, I used to do the standard "I'll make the woman dump me, that way I won't look like an ass hole" manuever - which rarely works and you look like an ass hole before the dumping AND after. If it's over, it's over - cut the f*ckin' strings.
  22. Picked up 4 CDs last week: Queens of the Stone Age Era Vulgaris The White Stripes Icky Thump Peter, Bjorn and John Writer's Block The New Pornographers Electric Version I haven't given an intense listen to any of them really, but so far as background type stuff none of them suck. PBJ has stands out the most so far - terrific, Beatles-esque pop - you may have heard their "Young Folks" on the radio (it has that insanely catchy whistling hook)
  23. OC Fries

    I recall having a decent olive burger at Dagwood's.
  24. Attention Chicagoland Huddlers

    And that people is me.
  25. Attention Chicagoland Huddlers

    You and Gil have probably already had an intimate encounter anyway, at some random rest stop, late at night in the men's room....