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  1. How do ya mix

    Whatever, the math seems to work out OK when I make them.
  2. Attention Chicagoland Huddlers

    I can't stand spain but I still show up.
  3. Culpepper to be a Packer?

    Obviously the 9ers thought more highly of Smith than they did of Rodgers. That doesn't mean the 9ers thought that Rodgers was a turd, just that they thought Smith had a better shot at being a better pro prospect. And sometimes good players fall into people's laps - there are PLENTY of instances every year where a team drafts a guy and the first comment is "we didn't think we had a shot at him where we were picking"; Rodgers carried a high first round grade and was ranked as a consensus top 5 guy. Besides, it's pretty apparent that you can't really say much of anything about Rodgers' on field performance so far - he can't unseat the guy he has no shot at unseating anyway? Horrors! Quinn was discussed as the top overall pick and slid out of the 1st. Leinart slid from consensus #1 out of the top 10. Marino slid. Randy Moss and Warren Sapp both slid. It happens. You appear to be one of those who wanted Ted Thompson to be fired roughly at or about the moment he was hired, and wanted to tank McCarthy after the first minicamp. Which is your right as an American, but so far Thompson has been average as a GM - nothing great, nothing terrible, really. I'm more than willing to see how this year's draft class and team develop before running either out of town.
  4. Culpepper to be a Packer?

    ...or Brett Favre?
  5. Attention Chicagoland Huddlers

    Tracked him down through 3 phone number changes so far.
  6. How do ya mix

    Fill 16 oz pint glass with ice; fill halfway with tequila; fill another 1/4 with Triple Sec; fill other 3/8 with sour, top off with lime juice, and a squeeze of lime. Pour into shaker, give 'er hell for 5 seconds, rub lime along top of glass and salt. Pour and enjoy.
  7. Yo Spain

    spain, did we settle on Friday the 6th for the festivities?
  8. Best 2 WRs

    The guy has a woodrow for CJ - I figure CJ and Holt are essentially coin-flips; I'd be willing to live with Holt as my #1 guy. And as much as I love Driver, due to the fact Favre may be gone soon and that Driver is the oldest of the crew anyway, he's trade bait as well. I'm figuring I might try dangling CJ and Driver for his 1st and 3rd rounders.
  9. robn is going Thews on us, stand clear! Sure, uber passionate fans are key - I think it's pretty stupid that they lump PotC and Titanic in as "cult" films - as far as I can tell, those "cults" died out fairly quickly - basically as soon as the next Tiger Beat cover boy made a movie. To me a "cult" for a film is a small, dedicated bunch of people that keep the film's legacy alive for decades, if necessary. As Az said, ST and SW have their cultists, but they also had/have a broad mainstream appeal.
  10. Panama City Beach Florida

    There was a bar called "Buffalos" more or less across the street from those two - had AWESOME wings.
  11. Baby given 27 names

    This wouldn't have happened in New Zealand.
  12. HealthCare

    Of course, since we're talking about ENGLAND and CANADA, I don't think the accusations of cultural differences are exactly on solid footing.
  13. A little Funk does a body good

    "Gutter, do you know who that is? Doctor Funkenstein.." "The leader of the P-Funk All-Stars..." "The Grandmaster of Funk..." "Dude, the man is the king of Interplanetary Funk!" "Moles, tell him who it is." "That's George Clinton, man!"
  14. A little Funk does a body good

    Far superior to the lame-ass "Loco-Motion" in terms of gettin' a good conga line going.
  15. ...and no one yet has noticed enough to bust me on calling Midnight Cowboy a western in post #6.
  16. I think my friend is confusing a "cult" film with a "genre" picture. This list is very mainstream, there isn't anything approaching a "cult" movie on it. Maybe Blade Runner, if you're really stretching it.
  17. Movie theater seats

    I recommend a strict cheese curds and High Life diet to put on weight.
  18. If SW and Trek are "cult" films, that's a Catholic-sized cult.
  19. sky hated the first Lumeire Brothers film, and told them so to their faces.
  20. Lack of Talented Song Writers?

    I'm listening to The New Pornographer's Electric Version right now - they write some of the best pop rock since Lennon/McCartney (okay, since Neilsen/Zander, at least).
  21. I'd put Caddyshack on there before either one.
  22. bad accident

    I take it you've stopped driving your car ever since you heard about a horrific car accident, as well?
  23. How much should I charge my brother for rent?

    I'd charge family whatever amount sounded like it would get them to move out the soonest without looking totally greedy.
  24. HealthCare

    Canadians realize that they have tremendous security due to 2 oceans. And if you did any reading on it at all, you'd realize that Canadian units distinguished themselves in every war they've fought in.