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    I just read the first two books of the Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi series and I cant wait to read them all and each series. Lots of good material in there from what I started reading, and I hope Disney can use or buy the rights to some of those books. I am actually looking forward to more movies after the I-III movies came out and made me lose my faith.



    Since the books were written in the SW sandbox, I'd assume that there are already have some ownership stake in them (though I'm not 100% sure on how all that works)



    FWIW Cartoon Network's The Clone Wars series was really, really good.




    No comment other than if you don't like the two mooks being trotted out as our either/or choice, check out what these candidates have to say.


    For the independent candidates who have confirmed they’ll attend the Chicago debate — Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson — this is their sole chance to present their platforms to voters on a major stage.


    Viewers can tune into the third party debate on Tuesday night at 8 p.m. EST on C-SPAN, Al Jazeera English and Russia Today, and streamed online at Ora TV and on the Free & Equal debate site.


    “I think they deserve a voice,” King said of the third-party candidayes. “It’s obvious they’re not going to win, but in the Constitution it never says there’s a Democrat or a Republican Party. It never mentions a two-party system. We’ve had Federalist presidents, Whig presidents. … We’ve always had independent candidates. They deserve a voice and they haven’t had a voice in this campaign at all.”



    *check listings, I've heard both 8 pm ET and 9 pm for the debate.

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    Maybe they could score more if the defense could force more three-and-outs, and get the offense more opportunities? Or how about setting the offense up in good field position? The Eagles rank 29th in starting field position....that ain't gonna win ya many games in the long run.




    Maybe they'd score more if they weren't wallowing in the mud with KC as far as turning the ball over.

  4. Based on something Tony Kornheiser about the Eagles' D being 13th in points....


    - 10th in yds/play


    - 2nd in opposing passer rating


    - 30th in sack % (which is odd, considering the opposing passer rating they have)


    - 4.1 in yds/rush (league avg is 4.2)




    Yo, this just in Andy - your D ain't the problem. You can carp about the sack % but they're effective defending the pass. I'd also give some extra credit on being 13th in points allowed, which would probably be better without opponents getting short fields due to turnovers (if nothing else, 2 defensive tds off Eagle turnovers).

  5. But he still has value to their team. Seems to me they didn't look as good before Hernandez got hurt. Are they hell bent on waving goodbye, or would they resign him, just at their price, and not Welker's?



    I think that's it.



    Ideally (for the Pats), you let him walk and he gets no decent offers and comes back for chump change. And then he catches 120 passes and you win the SB.