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  1. Let's talk about the Metal

    So the wife was pissed off at me last night, but the upside was I got to watch Headbanger's Ball for the first time in quite a while. Now, I love metal as much as the next guy, but so many of these new bands (yeah, I know I'm sounding like an old fart here) sound interchangeable - same tempo shifts, same Cookie Monster on PCP vocals, etc. Not that I didn't love the riffing and heaviness, but I just couldn't see throwing down good coin for an entire album of more of the same. The two standouts I REALLY liked were Avenged Sevenfold and Downfall. Anyone got any more? Or, feel free to discuss favorite old-school metal acts; as long as it's about the metal in this thread, it's all good. :bang:
  2. Lookee what I just bought!

    Everyone should own a kickass sword Yeah, it seems to purchase it, but I need it as a prop for the zombie movie I'm starring in.
  3. Fitness gurus

    So I've started pedaling my tubby ass to and from work after being a lump all winter, and while I obviously need to get myself into a shape other than "round", my legs are just not keeping up with my cardio. It's <4 mi one way, and only mildly hilly, but my legs are just dead - they got nothin' after riding on T, W, and Th (too rainy on M). Anyone have any prevention tips/cures? Stretching helps a little, but not much.
  4. 166-0

    That is Menominee, Michigan's aggregate score through 4 rounds of HS playoffs. I, for one, am impressed.
  5. Could you explain that whole trinity thing ot me? TIA.

  6. Tour de France

    Favorites: Alexandre Vinokourov 2/1 Andreas Kloden 11/2 Alejandro Valverde 6/1 Carlos Sastre 14/1 Cadel Evans 16/1 No love for last year's #2 man Oscar Pereiro - he's caddying for Valverde this year. Team Discover is hitching themselves to Levi Leipheimer, but I don't see it - George Hincapie impresses me more.
  7. Greatest American Rock Band

    I was under the impression it was the classic lineup - HR, Dr Know, Darryl Jennifer, and, uh, the drummer - Earl Hudson? Maybe you had them confused with 24-7 Spyz.
  8. Whatcha listenin to

    Not bad at all. I still prefer White Blood Cells as their best, and so far I like Get Behind Me Satan more than Icky Thump, but Icky is growin' on me.
  9. Another chat about health care costs

    I've always been told that our system's willingness to saddle the consumer with high drug and health care costs is a key factor in the innovations that come through the pharmaceutical and health-care field. Though I fail to see how hard-on pills and hair-cream are benefiting the general human condition.
  10. Well, if they haven't found the body, he could still be alive.
  11. Another chat about health care costs

    Bleeder. :highfive:
  12. Top 25 College Football Stadiums

    Another fine article - what's the difference between "history" and "tradition"? AIR FORCE in the top 25? Wisconsin should get at least a 9 for fans for no reason other than the student section and their Advanced Wave Mechanics.
  13. What are Annuities?

    We tend to refer to Prudential as "Screw-dential" but 37k never hurts the cause.
  14. UAW vs. Japan

    Right - part of Chrysler's problem (and the Big 3 in general) is that their profits were centered around the very lucrative truck/SUV market. $3 gas that isn't going down anytime soon has made people re-trench on that issue, and go towards dependable, smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles - which Japan has been providing for years. Japan was also ahead of the curve on hybrids. It's becoming cliche to say about American business to say that instead of anticipating the customers' needs and producing what fits them, they tend to try to make the customers want what they are producing, whether they need it or not. At least that has been the auto industry model for some time - it's similar to the 70s, when the Japanese automakers first made major inroads into the US market - people wanted Honda GLCs, but Detroit was making Chrysler Cordobas and Chevy Suburbans.
  15. Greatest American Rock Band

    Um, yeah, there were. Aside from that, you're totally right.
  16. Greatest American Rock Band

    Well, if we're really parsing, those two pretty much sprung out of Ministry, who got good when they realized that *ahem* liberally "borrowing" from Big Black may not be the worst career move one could make. Much as I love Ministry, Urge Overkill remains my favorite Chi-town band.
  17. Greatest American Rock Band

    No love for the Velvet Underground?
  18. Am I wrong or does State Farm Insurance sucketh?

    Part of your problem - she gets paid for having you as a customer. The adjuster gets paid for denying your claims. Make your agent work for her money.
  19. Greatest American Rock Band

    You read my post without appearing to comprehend Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian was going on in it. I'd have corrected you but I didn't want to be called a "bleeder." Have as big a snit as you'd like, I'm done with you on this subject in here. You know where to discuss it if you'd like to.
  20. Greatest American Rock Band

    I hate having to explain my jokes.
  21. Greatest American Rock Band

    Like I said, "right guys at the right place at the right time" - only in '91, as you point out, there were probably 5-10 bands who could've been those "right guys."
  22. Greatest American Rock Band

    I'm not "comparing" anyone to anybody. Your reading comprehension remains deplorable, as always.
  23. Greatest American Rock Band

    Right on, John - BOC would've been NOTHING without Bruce Dickensen producing.
  24. Fitness gurus

    The joy of sublimation - my bosses f*cking SUCK and I was pissed off all day. Leaving work, I said "f*ck it," filled up the Camelback, and pulled a ~20 mile ride. It was a beautiful thing. Um, I rarely DON'T listen to it now. I figure stay alert and you're OK. Besides, if a car is coming up behind you, by the time you hear it, it's too late anyway.
  25. Greatest American Rock Band

    "He sang the strangest songs to me, by bands I had never heard of: Boston, Kansas, America, Europe, Asia. Travel exhausts me." - Hedwig