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  1. Should I bench Favre this week v MIN?

    With it pouring now, should I still start Favre?
  2. Should I bench Favre this week v MIN?

    That's what I thought. But, this other guy in my league, (who wants me to win because it helps his chances to get into first) said that with the weather being so cold, and Favre performing so bad last week, he pick up Rattay and start him over Favre. I thought he was crazy, but then thought I would pick up Rattay just in case. But, I don't think I can bring myself to starting Rattay.
  3. I heard that he could be benched for mouthing off to the coaches for poor play calling in last week's game. Did anyone hear about this?
  4. Should I bench Favre this week v MIN?

    Rattay is the only one left. I have him now, but I don't know if I should start him.
  5. Favre looked horrible last week v DET. And, this week they play MIN in cold weather. I know that Pennington was on fire against MIN last week, but that was in a dome. I know Favre "should" do well, but should I take a shot with Rattay instead? The last few QBs to go against CLE have done pretty well. Even Boller threw two TDs against them last week. And, I think Green threw 4 a few weeks ago. Please help. This is our last playoff week.
  6. Ward or Mason

    So, I should start Mason over Ward?
  7. Horn out - Copper playing

    I think that Henderson will still do great as long as Brees has a good game. Which seems to be the case (although I am playing the guy with Brees, so I am not hoping for too much). But, honestly, I think that Colston will be covered more, and Henderson will still have more speed (he's not coming off an injury). The only problem is that Bush and McAllister are also there. So, you never know who will get the ball. All in all, he's a great #3 WR or a good #2.
  8. Ward or Mason


    Betts has been HOT. And, Taylor is injured. The better bet is Betts, but both should do great if Taylor stays though the game. You have a tough decision, but I would go with Betts.... He's healthy.
  10. Driver or Boldin

    Driver should be a great start, but he is also questionable. Also, Boldin is facing a DEF with Bailey as their only reliable CB. I think its a harder choice than others in this forum believe. So, if I were to make a choice it would just be a guess.
  11. Ward or Mason

    Anyone else? This could be my last week in the playoffs...
  12. Ward or Mason

    Is this basically a filp of the coin start?
  13. wdis... need quick help

    Ditto.... Especially if Chambers doesn't play.
  14. Ward or Mason

    Ward v CAR (coming back from injury, but I don't think it should bother him too much) or Mason v CLE (had 7 receptions for 132 yrds in week 3) Or, if you think both are a good start, I could sit James, and start both of them. 1 pts per reception (NOT FOR RBS though) 1 pt every 10 yrds +3 for TDs over 50 yrds receiving or 40 yrds rushing +5 for over 125 yrds
  15. Colston Update

    This is only good news to those who don't have to play Colston now in the playoffs.