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  1. UFC 71, Who's Watchin?

    Jardine just got knocked the ?"$# out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Baseball mock draft

    I'm interested, it would depend on the day though.
  3. What are my chances to hold on?

    I'm in the same boat as you except 1pt / 20 yds passing, he has Manning and Wayne, I have Vinatieri and a 40 point lead. I guess we will see tonight, good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I'm up 40 points, he has Manning and Wayne going, I have Vinatieri. For some reason, I don't like my chances.
  5. Can Rudi Do It?

    Only if Rudi scores 11 points.
  6. Seattle Thrusday night Weather

    The game is suspended right now
  7. 5 game losing streak PLEASE HELP!

    Get Romo fast. (what are you doing reading this, go get Romo)
  8. Screw this year! Who do I keep?

    I voted #2 Leinart is in an offense that should be good for years to come. FWP is the main man in the Pitt offense. Portis, if he can stay healthy, is the shiaaaat. and Rudi is in a high power offense. I don't think you can go wrong with any of your options.
  9. down the stretch

    I would go with Vince Young, it looks like he is starting to come around.
  10. I'm down 10 1 point per catch 0.1 point per 1 yard 6 points per td Would you start D. Driver or D. Branch? Thanks
  11. Romo is Really Good!

    I think your defense helped in Romos win.
  12. Michigan / OSU

    Hey, You forgot Clarret Thats right, hes in jail.
  13. tigers get sheffield.....

    He will be DH and spell Monroe or Mags when they need a break.
  14. Are any of you stashing Priest or Curtis?

    I still have Barry Sanders
  15. Tapes from night of foley shooting

    If im drinking and driving at 3:00 A.M. and get pulled over by a cop: A.) I'm not getting out of my car to approach him & B.) If I do get out of my car and he shoots at me, I think I would stop approaching him. The bottom line is Foley was breaking the law, my motto is "Nothing good happens at 3:00 in the morning."