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  1. Tennessee RBs

    I am hoping for Chris Henry to take the snaps as I think he has a chance to exceed expectations. Has anyone heard how this is shaking up out there. I know Lendwhale White and Chris Brown will bein the mix, but who is the frontrunner? Thanks
  2. And Bledsoe retires...

    You guys are nuts.......................Bledsoe is GREAT!!!! He is an amazing QB. He is great at looking at reads 1 and maybe 2 (screw 3rd and 4th options) only if he has 5 seconds. He is great at holding the ball longer than any other QB and taking that sack. He is great at fumbling the football when taking said sack. He is great at throwing that pick just when the offense gets into scoring position. Yeah he's great. Now how many picks did he throw in his career? Probably close to as many TDs. Playoffs, he probably threw for more. He is so great, I wish he went to my favorite teams rival.
  3. Still the best RB in the league

    I'd take T Henry over McGahee any day...........................
  4. Muhammed?

    Or will Berrian continue to be the better option? Any thoughts?
  5. Muhammed?

    Does he out play Berrian? I am in a playoff league and have to choose between them for a higher draft pick for next year. Most teams are going with Berrian. I can get the top pick if I go MM and he outscores BB. HMMMM
  6. Who was LT bucking up on after the game?

    The "great person, consumate professional" just got caught on tape being a sore loser. Can't say I am surprised.
  7. Vick would have scored...

    The fridge would have made it.
  8. Andrea Kramer...

    how about Lisa guerrero?
  9. Thank You ROMO

    If this is Romos favorite forum........hell.........from another life long fan.............I second all that but would like to add................Give up the place holding job will ya..........Work on holding the ball with 2 hands as long as you can in the pocket and talk the Boys into keeping TO on the team and tell him to work with Holt on catching the ball in critical times............... Thats it for now.
  10. Vick would have scored...

    Vick couldn't even get it into the ProBowl from the 1.5 yard line.
  11. Seattle cheated

    As previously mentioned, the snapper makes up 1/3 of the equation and he should have noticed a problem with the ball. I am making NO Excuses over the ball issue due to this point alone. However, the loss sucks....but the Seahawks will need a hell of alot more than a missed field goal this weekend to advance. GO BEARS!!!

    I felt the same as Martin only had to throw himself into 27 but when things happen so fast, man. Only of that block on 27...................only if.
  13. McGahee wants extension

    I live in Roch NY, as a Dallas fan, I used to be a "secondary" fan of the Bills. I drift around with my second team from time to time and can't stand the Bills ever since they dumped Henry. I thought he was a stud for them and played his heart out for them. Oh well.
  14. Randy Moss back to Vikings ?

    Moss has proven in the last 2 years that he is an elite WR with a great attitude and great hands. He is a great team player and goes all out on every play. He has a the talent and experience to make any QB look good. Who wouldn't want him on their team?
  15. McGahee wants extension

    The day that they ran Henry out of town, was the day that I stopped giving a damn about that team. Henry did more for the Bills in his tenure than Willis.
  16. Vernon Davis just got Jacked Up

    He is well on his way to becoming a dominant force next year. I have him as a keeper for next year also. I will need to choose between him and Wali Lundy. At this point its a tough call but I see VD being the man next year.
  17. Sit Alexander for the SB?

    It should'nt even matter, you have a WR playing TE.
  18. What's going on with Larry Johnson?

    Hes getting tired, this is his first full load / full season after all and he takes alot of punishment with out a FB.
  19. Every other team in contention in the NFC must lose both remaining games. How are those chances? I am kidding, but I am probably not too far off.
  20. Thomas Jones

    Its killing me. As my flex in a strong playoff matchup I have to choose between TJ and C Henry. Early word was that TJ was hurt and may be rested. Then they say he made it through 2 days of practice and WILL play.............but how much? This sux.
  21. could favre suck an worse

    Hey Jake, I have got to ask..... how can a team in a 12 man league have Manning,Portis, Alexander,Holt,Owens, Ha rrison and Crumpler?
  22. could favre suck an worse

    clearly jennings checked up.................that was obvious.
  23. could favre suck an worse

    I went with Bulger over Favre (thank god I didnt change my mind). I think he will get some redemption later in the game with a TD and more yardage.