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  1. Cooley vs Vernon

    I think VD will go off this weekend. Best TE play of the weekend. IMO
  2. I had to post this...........

    Before Romo became the starter for the Boys, they looked like they were gonna end up at the bottom of the NFC East, now............we all know the story. I think this plays into the whole thing. What a turn around. I speak for all of the Cowboy fans that believe that based on what he has done for the team, he deserves to be there. Just because Grossman and Muhammed sit at their lockers all day voting for themselves, does not warrant a spot. (Ha Ha)
  3. I like Bulger to bounce back at home after a couple of ho hum outings. I believe he will light it up as they have the taste of playoffs in their mouth. They are within reach. I believe Garcia will have a tough go against the Boys this weekend and the Eagles will rely heavier than ever on Westy and Buck to carry them in this game. I like Bulger. But, hey, you never do know.
  4. Did anyone hear the radio announcement...

    2 reasons why this will never happen. KC is still in the hunt, I believe, and 2, I am playing against him this weekend.
  5. Suspend T.O? Are they crazy?

    I heard on TV that they have no tape to confirm so the severity of the action is not conclusive. From the sounds of it, Hall would not get out of TOs grill and he spit on him. TO rarely lets DB talk get to him so this sounds like Hall must have been working hard to get under his skin, let alone trying to keep up with TO on that go route.
  6. Tomlinson or Michael Bennett

    Its SURE was, and I was an A$$hat for taking Bennett over LT in our rookie draft. LT has been the franchise player for another team in the league and has been carried let alone won multiple titles due to that HUGE mispick.
  7. What does being the all time rushing leader QB get you?

    Answer: Endorsements and more endorsements. My little boys (7 and 10), still think Vick is the best QB ever. Amazing. Until he quit last night.
  8. Do you trust Shaun Alexander anymore?

    His stats suck and he will not do anything for us here on out. I speak as a bummed out owner that took him 2nd overall and had my fingers crossed that I would at least get him back to old form for this years playoffs, but he is killing me.
  9. WDIS TE - Stevens or Scheffler

    If you score points for drops...........................
  10. Will the real "LT" please stand up?

    I like it.................LTD. Schweeet. That ought to be the way he is referenced to on this board.
  11. Tomlinson

    My feelings are that once they secure a bye (not a #1 seed) they will spell LT with Turner. BTW, Turner is capable of wearing down defenses as well. As for running up the total of TD's, whatever, I would presume he would want to keep it within reach as a goal for next season. Keep him fresh for the playoffs. .02
  12. If the Texans could pick again

    Ryans. He is playing like a first rounder.
  13. Have they turned the job over now

    "Heard Rumors?" At Starbucks? Was Lovie there as well?
  14. Addai or Benson?

    Addai, Last week was Rhodes chance as Addai blew up the week before. Things will go back to "normal" again in Indy with Addai relieving Rhodes and getting the best of his chances. On Monday night, the Bears will go back to letting TJ carry the rock. The only fear I have here is if they blow out the Rams. However, the Rams with SJax is always going to be in the game. I like Addai.
  15. Shaun Alexander

    I sure hope so.
  16. Dallas fans

    Dallas should matchup nicely against the over achieving Saints, IMO. The 4-3 that Dallas has is tough for opposing pocket passers..................ask Peyton Manning. While I LOVE Brees and think the world of Sean Payton (Thanks Sean for bringing Romo to the Big D) I think they will be over-matched and Dallas, at home especially, will roll the Saints. Dallas 31 Saints 17
  17. Remembering...

    Lawrence Phillips......What a waste of talent.
  18. Wali Lundy

    I believe Lundy would kick butt is given teh chance to carry the full load week in and week out. He has shown that he can also catch the ball out of the backfield.
  19. dallas clark

    I love it, the commercial. Cracks me up......why would Clark not think thats great?

    If this action needs to be explained to the owner, he should be kicked out immediately. Find an potential owner for next year and give him the reigns on this team now as a teaser / practice.
  21. Glenn and McGahee are no brainers. I second the waiting on VD until he shows up for good. It may not even be this year.
  22. Am I holding onto a name?

    The Cowboys are gonna really make Eli look bad this weekend. Blood in the water my man.
  23. Bo Scaife

    I believe so, I missed him last week and had to settle for Stevens. Dangit.
  24. I need at least 51 measly yards and a touchdown to win tonight in a must win. I started him over Lundy.