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  1. Bledsoe says NO.

    I was also wondering why Romo stayed in. I agree with the comment that he was afraid to go in and look even dumber by getting sacked a few times, fumbling once or twice or throwing it in the hands of Ronde Barber.
  2. Cowboys K Mike Vanderjadt released

  3. Reggie Wayne

    Look for Harrison to have a HUGE game next week. He has got to be pissed and when this happened earlier in the season he broke out big time.
  4. Bulger and Holt are killing my fantasy team!

    I am a huge Bulger fan, but I share your pain. He is hurting us. I say thqank god for SJax.
  5. Sole Possesion

    Yeah Baby.
  6. bears-pats

    What is up with TJ? This is not good as I started him over Lundy this week in a must win. I need at least 50 - 75 yards total from him.
  7. Bulger Hurt?

    Me too. I will definitely lose if he is out.
  8. Ok, Yuck.

    Lundy, without question. He will get the chance first to get hot and Houston will probably stay with him.
  9. RB help

    I can only start 3 and you all know how much this dilemna sux. I am hoping not to make the wrong call in this must win this week. Please help.
  10. Irvin is Incredibly Stupid

    There is no one more racist than the black man.
  11. RB help

    It seems like Lundy is running away with the benching this week. However, more votes would be helpful. Do you guys really think TJ will fair well against the Pats?
  12. Taylor or Alexander?

    I am one of a multitude that HOPE that Alexander does get 2-3 TDS and 120 yards to make up for the lost time. I think he is ready to go and with Hasselback in he will get the chance at home on Monday night.
  13. WDIS?

    I love Lundy but he is going to share the load, albiet against the Jets, but Ahman will tote the rock almost exclusively on Monday night.
  14. I think, after a long week of reading etc...............that Henderson fills in for Colston with Copper in the slot. I think Horn will have an uptick while the other 2 are going to be hit or miss. I can see the posts next week already.............. "Started Copper and he only got 2 catches for 32 yards..........." "Started Henderson and he only got 3 catches for 56 yards............" While Horn gets the money.
  15. RB help

    bump take 2
  16. RB choice for Sunday

    I say no brainer Lundy in this choice.
  17. RB help

  18. WDIS with LJ?

    Westy is playing the dreaded Indy Defense, however, I take Gore all the way to the bank this week. The Beagle are gonna get rolled this weekend.
  19. Which N.O WR this week?

    Copper has sore knee while colston is ankle, 2 different injuries, I believe Copper will play but how effective?
  20. 5 RB's

    I take SA #1, but TJ concerns me against the Pats who are going to go nuts on Chicago to make a statement.
  21. I think there is too much of a question mark on Coppers condition to go with him. Don't forget, Horn and Henderson are healthy there. Brown will be #1 WR threat for Garcia. (behind LJ and Westy).
  22. Wali Lundy?

    If you are looking for average stats., you WILL get that. How much time he splits with GAdo is yet to be seen, but Lundy will make the most of his chances in the coming few weeks.
  23. Pick one RB

    I think you have to consider Lundy though. Even with Gado having an impact, I think Lundy will get the most of his chances against the JETS.
  24. I know no one knows but .....

    I would hate to put your bread in any Denver Rb's basket right now. Nash is now in the mix.
  25. T.Barber or F.Taylor

    I'd take Fred Taylor............................