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  1. Terry Glenn

    He is probable on the injury report but will he be limited. Any inside scoop?
  2. Terry Glenn

    ESPN reported Glenn is good to start, but I am nervous in a MUST WIN of starting him this week over C Henry.
  3. Addai vs. Rhodes

    Looks like we have a single back in Indy with todays stats.
  4. Bengals WR?

    I thought that was chris henry........................
  5. Free Agent RB Help.

    Lundy is no way the flavor of the week in Houston. I like them both. Houston is getting better every week and last week against Jax wa a sign of things to come for Lundy.
  6. What WR is the Better to trade for

    Wow, toss up. But AJ is having a career year. He is benefiting big freakin time with E Moulds opposite. If the running game continues to get better, his stats can only get better. Boldin is solid, but I think, all things considered, AJ is the man this year.
  7. Romo to start in Dallas

    I sense that we have a Bledsoe lover amidst us? My god, Bledsoe Sucks. He just plain sucks. He cannot improvise, he folds under pressure, he cant make his reads, he can't move, he can't take demotion like a real man, etc..........The only thing he can do ( I guess ) is throw a good ball when given 8 seconds to do it. Dang. As stated earlier, this was not a knee jerk reaction. Bledsoes benching came as no surprise to real Dallas fans that have wondered all along "what is taking so long?". The change to start the second half was due to the fact that the wheels were coming off the bus and Bledsoe showed no signs of being able to stop it. Things were getting ugly fast. Romo comes in (after practicing with the 2nd team) and does so-so in a half work against the Giants who have tasted blood. Ok, 3 picks, dropped 4-2, our (presumably) future gets a week to practice with the first team and show us all what we have. I for one am excited. I hope Bledsoe never throws a pass for the Cowboys again. Watching Statchdrew throw picks in the red zone repeatedly has taken its toll on me.......
  8. What SHould I Do?

    Lee Evans gets tons of balls thrown his way as the Jills have no legitamate #2. Price / Reed / Parrish all split #2 balls. I don't think Evans will score big every week, but he will get you a couple more big 9-120 and 2 Tds or so. J Horn is not the focus in NO any more now that Colsten and Bush have taken some looks and Bryant is WAY too up and down. When he is down he is real down.......... I must say, I think you hold tight.
  9. Possible Trade

    I may be missing something here, but what are you trying to achieve with this trade?
  10. Did I miss something? Was Davenport declared the starter this week in Pitt? Lundy.
  11. qB START? Bulger or Grossman?

    I am a HUGE Bulger fan. The offense has finally clicked and even when they were not.............Bulger threw NO INTS....This was huge. I am also of the opinion that he will be a top 3-5 QB by years end. I think these guys should be started week in and week out regardless of opponent. The studs.............step up and perform. I have Favre backing up Bulger and have vowed to start Bulger every week uuuunt, I mean, unless he gets hurt.
  12. Which WR

    Whos gonna get the ball to DJAX?
  13. Give up C. Henry for H. Miller?

    Youre right, given your roster, but I think you can sell Henry for alot more down the road after he scores in a few games (IF).
  14. Which WR

    I love both of these guys............but you have got to be kidding. Bailey will be matched up with Harrison all day so Wayne will go off. Jackson is a stud, but Seneca Wallace without a running game.........not a chance that he out scores Wayen this weekend. .02 (mine)
  15. Dare I sit SJackson?

    SJAX will NEVER Sit on my team. He will perform against anyone when you have a good passing attack like ST Louis. Is there a better balanced offensive attack????? SD may be tough, but SJAX is a stud that should never be on the bench. .02 (mine)
  16. Give up C. Henry for H. Miller?

    I have Henry stashed and have found that no one wants to trade for him with the risk of him not playing. Thats fine, I have held on to him all this time. I think he will play and shine with TJ and CJ taking all the defensive attention. As far as H Miller, this is a one week fillin? I am assuming that you would have a toss up each week between Cooley and Miller. Take the hit this week at TE and move on. Thats my O pinion.
  17. Dealt for L.T.!

    I find it impossible that someone that has LT as a keeper can be 1-6. The guy in my league that has LT has had a winning record for the last 6 years and he drafts horribly.
  18. WDIS at Flex?

    I like Lundy. I have only mentioned this a few times. (Seems like there are more posts about Lundy right now than anyone else, even TO) Amazing.
  19. Dealt for L.T.!

    How much cash did you give him?
  20. Giants/Cowboys Game Thread

    what the hell..................
  21. Giants/Cowboys Game Thread

    what the hell...........................
  22. Giants/Cowboys Game Thread

    lets go cowboys
  23. Giants/Cowboys Game Thread

    i think they are ready to go now..........
  24. Giants/Cowboys Game Thread

    see ya in 3 more years lavar.
  25. Giants/Cowboys Game Thread

    because bledsoe whimpered