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  1. shaun alexander is starting

    Gawd, I am hoping he comes back this weekend. But man, the O-Line must get it going for him to produce. I can make a late push as I am 2-4 with this weeks game still in question. (Should win). He is killing me this year.
  2. Another Lundy thread...

    Lundy will be the starter and faces easier schedule moving forward. C Perry is only a 3rd downer that WOULD be viable IF R Johnson went down.
  3. What is Wali Lundy's value this upcoming week?

    I am going to start Lundy every week until Kubiak says otherwise. Gado was not as effective from the stats and what I have read, Lundy was strong and ran very well behind the line. He broke offa couple long runs and even mixed in 4 catches. He is a good runner that will see easier defenses down the road. I truly believe the Texans gave up on him too early thinking that he couldnt take the pressure of starting as a rook. Ride it like you stole it.
  4. Paging Mr. Chad Johnson

    From someone that has no interest in CJ's relevence, I think defenses know they MUST double him to stop him. Just ask CJ, he will tell ya. He brought all this attention to himself last year and teams will not match up with him all day one on one. TJ is the new #1 target as he sees more single coverage. The CJ owner in my league traded him away this week for, get this........Welker and Bryant Johnson (2 #3's). It probably made sense after all.
  5. man I miss sunday night football

    I will finally feel rested on a Monday morning.
  6. Boldin

    I am sure he was doubled all day as he put on a one man show last monday night. Oakland has a good secondary that took him out of the game until late when he got a few (probably in prevent defense). I had desperately started Troy Walters and figured he would have more of an impact (albiet little) with Boldin being doubled.
  7. Too bad I had ______ on my bench.

    Started CBuck for Lundy. Called it for Lundy this weekend but changed my lineup at the last minute.
  8. Who's the starter in Houston?

    There is nothing worse than making posts in a thread stating that Lundy will be the man against the Jags. Being right, the last minute taking him out of your lineup when Gado is declared the starter. This may have been my season if I don't sneak out a much needed win. Lundy looked grreat and WILL start here on out.
  9. Bye week disaster

    I know, I know, this sounds silly. But here is the deal, I am in a real deep 16 team league and in a MUST win situation. I have to choose between these 2 guys. I am just wondering if CBUCK will get PT this week and Walters can score on a puint return and he is the #3 with Fitzgerald out. Any insight will help me , thanks in advance.
  10. I keep waiting ( I am not alone for sure) for Peerless "I am a #1 receiver" Price to step his butt up and be a viable fantasy player. Maybe this is the week. If and only if, NE can shut down Evans who seems to always get open these days.
  11. McNaire

    This is a great thread. I love it. First, a typo is an error in typing not when a person misspells a players name not once but 4 times in a post. Sorry, but this sure looks like the person is clueless, sorry. I can see if you made the mistake once. But c'mon now. You have to agree. A player that has been around since the ice age too. But to answer your question now that that is out of the way, I think McNair will be back and Bowler is NOT worth picking up. Bowler is a good backup that performed well, but in truth Bowler was lucky with 2 tipped passes. So no, don't pick up Bowler.
  12. Shouldn't steroids be legal in the NFL?

    I would hate to see what the effect would be on children if they knew that they had to get started early on roids in order to even make the college team. We would have kids on steroids.
  13. Benson over Thomas....

    Exactly, he has one poor performance (based on one or 2 runs) and we're talking about Benson again. Dang. Benson will get his shot in weeks 16 and 17 to show the fans what he can do. I thought the same thing about TJ with his running bt you got to know that he wanted to break the big one against the Cards.
  14. Giants vs. Dallas

    Being a Dallas fan, I can't wait until Monday night as these games against the Giants are always a joy. But man, I gotta tell you, anytime Statdrew is in the saddle, I cant run my mouth. In tight games he has proven that he can single handedly lose it for us. He's a joke. But in anycase, heres to the Cowboys.
  15. Bye week QB issue

    I think SA will pay HUGE dividends when he returns, it sux now as he is out, but you must be patient.
  16. Jamal Lewis is going to get hot...

    I agree with Lightsoutterp, I have only seen him in one game this year so far and he doesn't hit any holes to speak of, he is tip toeing his balls off and looks like a clown. I even saw him tip toe his way to the side line a couple times a couple of weeks ago, Anderson will show him how to pound it home.
  17. At what point...

    I believe that once criminal Henry gets back in the fold, CJ will go back to his single coverage and his stats will pick up. CJ cannot handle the double coverage. Its obvious. He has even "dared" teams to match up with him one on one.....(yeah that will work).
  18. Who's the starter in Houston?

    A Jax defense with out arguably their best 2 defensive playmakers..........Stroud and Peterson. I like Lundys chances this weekend.
  19. Benson over Thomas....

    Benson owners will never stop wishing on a star. Not this year, not unless TJ gets hurt.
  20. McNaire

    Who is McNaire?
  21. Who's the starter in Houston?

    I really like Lundys chance to impress. I think he was "forced" too early into the starting role and this is more of a reasonable opportunity. This may be a tough weekend but the future looks bright.
  22. Who's the starter in Houston?

    I still think Lundy should get a chance to start, this has been classical musical backs and it creates a mess. Jax is not hte same without Peterson, rest assured, so Lundy may be a decent spot starter this week. I may actually take a chance on him. He is the better option than Dayne. Gado is a good thrid down back. IMO.
  23. I am not a Dolphins fan at all, trust me, so this is totally unbiased. I took a bye week flyer just a minute prior to early kickoff (my other options were C Brown and CBuck) and I just barely snuck out a victory. I was stuck with the Dolphins/Jets and had a chance to see this guy get targetted alot later in the game. Now I know he dropped a TD but he impressed me with his first real regular season action. Just a hunch, but I think this guy will start opposite Chambers with Welker in teh slot for the remainder of the season. Booker is washed up IMO. Anyone feel the same or differently?
  24. Cut the hair, it looks stupid on a football field. Its only for attention. Give him the attention he craves, rip it out of his dang head. Fair game in my opinion. Defensive guys are more apt to have this long hair because they are less apt to get it pulled because they usually dont get tackled.