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  1. First down.  Run inside slant.  He will blow up most dbs and fly past safety help.  Brady is gonna be psyched.  Second down.  Run a deep route.  Oh safety help over top.... Gronkowski is gonna be psyched.  3rd down.  Repeat.  lol.  


    If Gordon can take advantage of this opportunity.........



  2. I like Williams.  The offense last year without Rodgers seemed to move better with Williams being solid in the run game as well as passing game.  Jones probably factors as a change of pace and 3rd downer.  Montgomery is gonna be used all over the place.  All of this my gut feeling and based on nothing else. LoL.

  3. If you are a mental case of a fantasy team owner like me, you are stoked to see JG return today.  I have been carrying him on my roster as a franchise player since the beginning.  4 yrs ago I won the title because of his dominance and look forward to him being the stud that he is.  The good thing is that my team is rolling without him so his return is gravy.  

    I expect 10 / 175 and a TD.  I also believe his return propels the Browns to their first win against a surging Chargers team.



  4. Didn't Christine Michael have a stellar performance in the playoffs last year versus the Packers? I have a feeling that the Packers will be starting him next week in hopes that his aggressive running style works for their offense.


    I should have double checked before posting. It was Minnesota where he impressed in the playoffs.

  5. This is set up to be just like last year but in reverse. Last year, Felix is out, Murray comes in and tears it up in an easy matchup vs the Rams and he is the greatest thing since Emmitt. Felix has to heal, and come back only when Murray gets hurt to finish the season. This is going to be the same thing....... I know I am in the minority in that while I like Murray and love when he is on the field, I think Felix, while most think he sucks, is as good for us. If he does not do well with this opportunity tomorrow vs Carolina, then he doesnt deserve to start again for us. This is his golden opportunity to make non-believers..............believe............again...............until next week anyways.


    Go Cowboys!

  6. Don't get me wrong, I like Lynch a I do guys like poor Sjax........poor guy (in jail on a team that routinely sux). I have enjoyed watching Lynch this season and he has carried my fantasy team big time, however, he is running lights out for a big time contract. I hope he continues runnig like a beast for ever until the wheels come off. I love it.

  7. I made a trade for Roddy White this week that included VJax. i got sick of the no shows. Roddy has been human this year, however, at least consistent. I need consistency for the payoffs.......

  8. Love this Oline the last 4 weeks. They sucked in the beginning of the season, we were all questioning why they let so many names go, now is It Murray that made all that talk go away or vice versa...............hmmm. Either way.............Lets go Cowboys! I was here in Big D yesterday all the way from Upstate NY to watch them whoop on the Williams. Nice!