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  1. Consternation rears its ugly head...

    Javonte Williams, Singletary
  2. Flex help

    Penny. Was reading that the Colts should "cover" Renfrow relatively well, and open looks will be elsewhere.
  3. Need 1 ppr

    Najee. I'd say Edmonds but I think Conner will see a little time today, which makes me nervous. And Swift is too risky with this team, at this point in the year, IMO.
  4. who don't want it ALL

    I agree. Good luck!
  5. QB: Lance or Huntley?

    Never had a good starter all year, was playing "pick em" with QBs. Managed to win last week with Roethlisberger (man I was sweating it... til Miami's D/ST played)
  6. For ALL the marbles

    I'd go Hurts against Washington, and can usually rush more. But really, both should do well for you
  7. I'd definitely go with Tua at QB and Sony Michel at RB2, and for Flex I'd go with Justin Jefferson. Aaron Jones has been so sporadic lately, and I'm not sure I trust GB to stick with him once they get a lead.
  8. Dalvin Cook

    GB will be able to focus more on the run until Mannion proves he can support the passing game, but I'd still roll with Cook.
  9. Packers or Saints D?

    Definitely GB
  10. Flex help

    I'd go Penny against the Lions
  11. Brady or Rodgers and a FLEX?

    Rodgers, Elijah Mitchell (assuming he's a go... if so, they'll play him full time)
  12. TE

    It does, I agree that w/o an injury Freiermuth is the lead dog.
  13. Input on Championship Line-up

    I would think seriously about swapping out Dare for Jaret Patterson. I like Dare, but that NE defense is no joke. Philly's D isn't a pushover but Jaret's finally getting an opportunity and I think it's an easier defense to produce against.
  14. Seattle Rain. Ugh!

    Ugh I hate to bench really good players, but lately Metcalf hasn't produced (I blame Wilson mostly) and Jaret will get a lot of touches tomorrow. I'd keep St Brown in and replace Metcalf for Patterson, even though he could go off at any time.