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  1. Yo Irish, I clicked on the first link and I was like....who's asking about Tony Romo, did I miss something?
  2. Big Ben at BUF Stafford vs GB
  3. TB or SF?

    I picked up TB. Like them a lot this week. Plus need them to shut down Cooks
  4. Big Ben at BUF Stafford vs GB Thanks brother!
  5. WDIS A Brown, M Evans or M Hardman

    Thanks for the reply
  6. You're my go to man! M Evans vs LAR Antonio Brown vs LAR M Harman vs LV Need 1
  7. M Evans vs LAR Antonio Brown vs LAR M Harman vs LV Need 1
  8. Grandma won it 2 years straight.
  9. My Reebok Employee Discount - NFL Gear

    That's child abuse!
  10. 1 Player Keeper

    I never pick a QB before round 5, that is because the top QBs are usually gone by the end of round 2 middle of round 3. That being said, I would take Brees in a heartbeat for a 4th round pick. The fact remains, good receivers are much easier to come by. Additionally, I have seen Brees going in the top 10. Colston has been averaging in the 40 to 55 range in rankings, early I know, but the truth is you may end up with Colston in the 5th. You WILL NOT have an opprotunity to draft Brees later than a 4th.
  11. Fox Apologizes for F-Word on a T-Shirt

    Just look at her ankles. If she has thin ankles she will never get fat. If she has slightly larger ankles and is thin, she has the tendancy to get a little thicker. Just an FYI.
  12. Who was LT bucking up on after the game?

    I would think Marty would have had more control over his players on the field.
  13. Eagles/Saints Game Thread

    Tiki should step down from the Pro Bowl and let the deserving players play.