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  1. Golladay, Cooks or D Smith Need 2

    I guess between Cooks and Golladay. The only reason I have Golladay in the mix was the match up with the Falcons.
  2. Kenny Golladay vs ATL Brandon Cooks vs CAR Devonta Smith @ DAL Need 2 Non PPR
  3. Strength of Schedule

    Thank you DMD! I'll keep this up for the easy links.
  4. Strength of Schedule

    Is there a SOS for 2021? I can't seem to locate and it has been a part of historical draft decisions. Please advise if anyone know, as I have my draft tomorrow.
  5. Yo Irish, I clicked on the first link and I was like....who's asking about Tony Romo, did I miss something?
  6. Big Ben at BUF Stafford vs GB
  7. TB or SF?

    I picked up TB. Like them a lot this week. Plus need them to shut down Cooks
  8. Big Ben at BUF Stafford vs GB Thanks brother!
  9. WDIS A Brown, M Evans or M Hardman

    Thanks for the reply
  10. You're my go to man! M Evans vs LAR Antonio Brown vs LAR M Harman vs LV Need 1
  11. M Evans vs LAR Antonio Brown vs LAR M Harman vs LV Need 1
  12. Grandma won it 2 years straight.
  13. My Reebok Employee Discount - NFL Gear

    That's child abuse!