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  1. Evans In or Out this week?

    In this one I'm sticking with lockett. Unless you got Hilton. Then go Hilton.
  2. Sit Lockett?

    Come on people. Could really use some input here. I feel like my season hangs on this flex spot. His guys that have played already didn't do that great. Leaving me in the game at this point. I've gotten three responses since Wed afternoon , only two that recommended a player & both different.
  3. Sit Lockett?

    Anyone else? I'm up against the league monster to get to the championship. Lockett has a terrible match up this week. I'm really torn between JuJu or Hines for the flex. Also TEN Davis doesnt look bad with a great match up. Hines has a great match up too but Taylor has cut into his touches. JuJu has a tough match up but light it up against CIN in week 10.
  4. Sit Lockett?

    He has still for the most part had solid if not spectacular games in this league. Still ranked 10th among WR. I'm facing the 800 lb gorilla in the league. So I'm thinking my best chance is to take the gamble & I go JuJu & hope for the double dip with a TD pass to JuJu. Two years ago I won the championship & last year I lost in the championship game. One bad move kept me from the repeat & this year from being a drive for a three peat.
  5. Can I trust Miles Sanders at Flex?

    I'm kind of on the fence. Ryan tends to struggle when Julio is out. Which he is. Means more targets for Ridley. However also going to mean more coverage on him. Still I say slight edge to Ridley.
  6. Sit Lockett?

    Thanks Montana. Anyone else?
  7. Sit Lockett?

    Anyone else? I've got two guys I'm kind of leaning between.
  8. 1st Round Playoffs help needed pls!

    Herbert Jacobs Mckissic & Wilson Sit Lockett
  9. Sit Lockett?

    So who would you flex out of my available players?
  10. Sit Lockett?

    12 team Dynasty PPR IDP Every 10 yards Rush/Rec is 1 point, same with kick/punt yards to INDIVIDUAL player being IDP All TD are 6 Start RB - 2, WR -2, TE - 1, Flex - 1 can be RB/WR/TE Of note my QB will be Roethlisberger RB starting LV Jacobs & BAL Dobbins, My bench ARI Edmunds, BAL Edwards, IND Hines, TEN Evans WR starting ARI Hopkins, CHI Robinson, My bench ARI Kirk, PIT JuJu, SEA Lockett, TEN Davis TE starting BAL Andrews, My bench PIT Ebron Remember those return yards get points just the same as rush/rec yards & small bonus for reaching 75 kick/return yards. Keep in mind I have Ben. So if I flex JuJu or Ebron any TD pass to them is a double dip for me. JuJu scored big last time they placed CIN week 10. SEA has struggled a bit of late & WAS is strong against WR - 2nd best against WR. Lockett though is 10th among WR in this league. Who do I flex?
  11. What's my line up

    Anyone else?
  12. Gamble on Ben?

    Should I drop RG3 & grab whatever best TE I can find on waivers? My 2 TE are BAL Andrews & PIT Ebron.
  13. Wentz or Tannehill

    Tannehill did have a crappy 13 point game against IND 2 weeks ago.
  14. Gamble on Ben?

    12 team DYNASTY 2 division IDP - I'm in 2nd in my division but lost heads up to the 3rd place team Start 1 QB Scoring Pass TD - 6, Point for every COMPLETION & 25 yards passing, every 10 yards rushing - 1, INT minus 2 but NO deduction for sacks League is VERY QB score heavy. A so-so real life game can still get 40-45 points while a good game will get 60-65 points. Big games can be 70+ My other options DEN Lock - now out, NYG Jones, BAL RG3, just grabbed him. Of note I have BAL TE Andrews. I'm playing for 2nd in division & 3rd overall reg season. Without a QB it is all but a guaranteed lose. Without Ben i likely lose. Take my chances & leave Ben in?