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  1. Need 2 LB

    Dynasty 12 team 2 division PPR Any TD is 6, Sack - 3, INT fumble recovery & safety - each 2, Forced fumble - 1, Any kind of yards returned for fumbles or S/T like rush/rec yards gets a point every 10 yards Player, vs or @ & league opponent ranking against LB Pick 3 CHI R Smith vs NYG 11th, ATL D Jones @ BUF 15th, IND Leonard vs LV 19th, BUF T Edmunds vs ATL 7th Leonard back from covid. Despite he has outscored Edmunds by 29.4 points Edmunds always seems to have a bigger projection than Leonard. As he does now 10.5 vs 9.00. Obviously I'm playing CHI Smith. Who are my other 2?
  2. Help win championship

    Guys I also made a post in the IDP section I could use some help with. I know that section isn't as busy so I thought I would say something here, thanks.
  3. Help win championship

    Dynasty 12 team 2 division PPR & IDP, start 2 RB & WR, 1 TE & 1 flex from RB/WR/TE All TD -6, get point for 10 yards rush/rec & also individual player gets point for every 10 yards kick/punt return being IDP Starting RB PIT Harris, WR MIA Waddle & TE BAL Andrews. Need 1 more RB & WR & 1 from who's left for flex Player - vs/@ opponent league ranking against position RB CIN Mixon vs KC 20th, LV J Jacobs @ IND 6th, SF E Mithcell vs HOU 28th, CLE Hunt vs PIT 27th, CAR Abdullah @ NO 1st SF Mitchell sounds very iffy & of course 4:05 start. Only RB starting same or later is Hunt who has sucked lately & Abdullah WR LV Renfrow @ IND 26th, CAR Moore @ NO 25th, ATL Gage @ BUF 1st, DEN Sutton @ LAC 9th, PIT McCloud vs CLE 11th Which WR? Also have CHI Robison likely back from covid, not playing but not cutting - DYNASTY. Have to cut a WR to make position spot for him. Think its between Sutton & McCloud - either team could be in Rodgers race making a big impact on WR. Who would you cut? TE BUF Knox vs ATL 12th Who am I flexing from who's left?
  4. QB: Lance or Huntley?

    Given the production last week I would lean Huntley. Provided Lamar doesn't play. If Lamar does play your choice is made for you.
  5. Help win championship

  6. Pick my WR2 for the title

    Moore if plays. If not I would lean Boyd. He still seems to have a solid floor & CIN is likely to be in shootout with Burrow coming off a hell of a game.
  7. Help win championship

    Need a flex from who is left. Also which WR would you cut to keep CHI Robinson? Think it either has to be Sutton (who I got as part of a trade) or PIT McCloud. Both teams I think could be the Aaron Rodgers race which could jump the WR stock. I think DEN might be the lead dog in that race this off season. They obviously made a big effort this year.
  8. Pick my WR2 for the title

    It's difficult to not go Diggs. Think the snow will let up in the morning according to current reports. If you're not comfortable with that if he plays I would then lean Moore. Saying rain in the morning & evening.
  9. Need 2 RB

    Anyone else?
  10. Need 2 RB

    Every 5 catches 3 points, rush/rec TD - 6, every 10 yards rush/rec - 1, Bonus point for 100+ yards RECEIVING or 50+ yard TD play Player vs/@ & opponent ranking against RB CLE Chubb @ GB 6th, CIN Mixon vs BAL 10th, ATL Patterson vs DET 30th Which 2?
  11. Badly need to pick correct

    This kind where I'm at also. I'm just tense about running both LV players with Carr's poor play lately.
  12. 12 team 2 division PPR IDP, for post purpose start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE & 1 flex choice of RB/WR/TE All TD -6, 10 yards rush/rec -1, kick/punt return yards also get player point per 10 yards being IDP Got screwed 2 other leagues I'm in. My opponent here has & of course played AJ Brown & Deebo. Already has 61.50 Also has RB IND Taylor & DEN J Williams. Given scoring likely going to have around 100 points from just 4 players - start 17 total. He also has # 2 & 7 LB & #6 DB. I'm desperate. I'm starting RB PIT Harris, WR MIA Waddle & TE BAL Andrews (he may use BAL backup QB. I need RB & WR 2 & Flex from who's left - Player, vs or @, ranking against position RB - Cin Mixon vs BAL 8th, LV J Jacobs vs DEN 4th, WR - LV Renfrow vs DEN 8th, CAR Moore vs TB 15th, DEN Sutton @ LV 6th TE - BUF Knox @ NE 1st Need another RB & WR & then a flex. Of course I have a bunch of crappy matchups in there including my QB Herbert (8th). Which 3 do I play?
  13. Lineup help for Playoff game

    Given what happen last time when WAS was at home & Gibson being more prone to boom or bust I agree
  14. Need 2 RB

    Thanks Montana. Anyone else?
  15. Pick 2 RB & 2 WR

    Every 5 catches are 3 points, rush/rec TD -6, every 10 yards rush/rec - 1, Bonus point for 50+ yard TD play or 100+ yards RECEIVING Player vs or @ & league ranking against position RB CIN Mixon @ DEN 11th, ATL Patterson @ SF 21st, CLE Chubb vs LV 29th To note on top of being a soft matchup for Chubb, Hunt has been ruled out WR playing MIN Jefferson, need WR2 & a WR for the WR/TE flex CAR Moore @ BUF 1st, BAL M Brown vs GB 15th, HOU Cooks @ JAC 23rd Like I said, need 2 RB & 2 WR
  16. Pick 2 RB & 2 WR

  17. Playoff pickup

    Because of waiver rule want to say hold it but I think you need to grab Rhomandre given your RB situation
  18. Pick 2 RB & 2 WR

    I have a consensus on Chubb at RB & Cooks at WR but not on the second players. Anyone else?
  19. Pick 2 RB & 2 WR

    Anyone else?
  20. Pick 3 - PPR flex

    For my money the 3 I'm rolling with is Zek, J Williams & Penny, in that order. Out of 3 others Carter is my top pick followed by St Brown then Kirk
  21. Which 2 RB & 2 WR

    10 teams every 5 catches is 3 points Pass TD - 4, all other 6, every 10 yards rush/rec -1, bonus point for 100+ yards REC or 50+yard TD play Flex is WR/TE only using Knox, have Waller who is out Player vs/@ & league ranking against position RB Mixon vs SF 20th, Patterson @ CAR 5th, Chubb vs BAL 10th, While Mixon is listed as Q he is expected to play. However he is a 4:25 kickoff while Chubb & Patterson are 1 PM WR - played MIN Jefferson, need other WR & flex, pick 2 CAR DJ Moore vs ATL 25th, BAL M Brown @CLE 10th, HOU Cooks vs SEA 6th Please also see my other thread
  22. RB 2 & Flex

    Dynasty 12 team 2 division PPR & IDP - meaning special teams points such as kick/punt returns goes to individual player All TD -6, every 10 yards rush/rec/kick/punt - 1 Flex allows RB/WR/TE Played PIT Harris, going with CAR Moore & LV Renfrow at WR & BAL Andrews at TE. Need to decide RB 2 & Flex Player vs or @ & opponent league ranking against position RB CLE Hunt vs BAL 7th, CIN Mixon vs SF 29th, LV J Jacobs @ KC 21st, SF Mitchell out on me Issue Mixon is Q is expected to play but 4:25 game while Hunt & Jacobs are 1 PM games My other options in regards to flex WR CHI Robinson @ GB 15th, DEN Sutton vs DET 13th, KC Pringle vs LV 11th TE BUF Knox @ TB 23th Before you dismiss Pringle remember special teams points. Because of this he has been double digits 7/12 games. I'm thinking given Jacobs big game last week, Drake is out & favorable matchup Jacobs is RB 2 & I flex Mixon. If he doesn't play I would have Sutton & Knox available. This the right call? And if Mixon doesn't go who you rolling between Sutton & Knox? I like Knox. Different idea, let me hear it. Please also see my other thread, shorter than this one
  23. Which 2 RB & 2 WR

  24. RB 2 & Flex

    This post can be read in probably under 2 minutes & the other literally probably under a minute. Anyone?