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  1. RB 2 & Flex

  2. Any reason to hang onto Corey Davis?

    I say grab DEN D/ST. Season is almost over. Don't see you using Davis unless you are getting in. Bad place with injuries. Time to get the wins with season winding down. Grab DEN for that DET matchup they get at home.
  3. Flex thoughts

    Dynasty PPR IDP 12 team 2 division All TD are 6 points, get point for 10 yards rush/rec & because IDP also every 10 kick or punt return yards Start RB-2, WR-2, TE-1, Flex-1 can be RB/WR/TE At RB starting PIT Harris & CIN Mixon, at WR MIA Waddle & LV Renfrow, at TE BAL Andrews I have RB Hunt & WR DJ Moore on byes Breakdown player, vs or @ & league ranking of opponent against position. My options for flex RB LV Jacobs vs WAS 13th, SF Mitchell @ SEA 31st, HOU D Johnson vs IND 8th WR CHI Robinson vs ARI 8th, DEN Sutton @ KC 6th, KC Pringle vs DEN 13th TE BUF Knox vs NE 1st Just want to make note because of Special Teams points Pringle has produced. Been double digits 7 of 11 games & been over 16 points 5 times. With that being said I think it's between Jacobs & Mitchell. And with seeing Jacobs having a late week ankle injury & Mitchell having a phenomenal matchup it's got to be Mitchell right?
  4. Flex thoughts

    While I think I got my answer, anyone else got thoughts?
  5. Pick 1 out of 3

    This one feels easy to me. Not on the same team but I have both Waddle & Williams. I'm going Waddle at home despite the tough matchup. Think he has been more solid through the year. Where as Williams has been 50/50 boom or bust & at DEN in the thin air. I feel both are above Bateman.
  6. Who to flex

    M Brown or Cooks?
  7. Who to flex

    Every 5 catches = 3 points , rush/rec TD - 6, every 10 yards rush/rec - 1 100+ yards RECEIVING or 50+ yard TD gets bonus point Play 2 WR, 1 TE & 1 flex WR/TE eligible Playing MIN Jefferson & CAR DJ Moore at W3tR & LV Waller at TE My choices for flex WR HOU Cooks vs NYJ (19th against WR) , BAL M Brown vs CLE (13th against WR), TE BUF Knox @ NO (5th against TE) Who is my flex play?
  8. Who to flex

    I didn't play Knox so its down to M Brown & Cooks.
  9. Dak or Stafford

    I think I like Dak in this one.
  10. Ingram unlikely to play; who flexes?

    Jones - volume I would think
  11. Every 5 catches is 3 points Rush/Rec TD - 6, every 10 yards rush/Rec -1, any TD play of 50+ yards gets a bonus point, bonus for 100 yards RECEIVING 2 for the conversion & minus 2 for fumbles. Byes & injuries got me reaching a little deeper this week for RB2. Chubb out & Mixon on bye. Thankfully I have Patterson. NO Ingram @ TEN 7th against RB Or BUF Moss @ NYJ 32nd against RB
  12. Chase Edmonds worth a buy low?

    In a full PPR I like Edmonds. Despite Conner he will get his catches. Ingram holds value while Kamara is out. Moss & Singletary cut into each others value. However if one goes down suddenly the value should take a good jump. If that happens & you held onto the one that got hurt you're high & dry. Try to sell high on Ingram while value is there. He will have less value than Edmonds when Kamara comes back.

    Agree with this.
  14. Pick 2 RB & 3 WR

    Every 5 catches is 3 points Rush/Rec TD -6, 2 point conversion is 2, every 10 yards rush/rec - 1, Bonus point for 100 yards RECEIVING or TD play of 50 yards or more Flex only allows WR/TE in this league. Pick 2 RB ATL Patterson @ NO 5th against RB, CLE Chubb @ CIN 24th against RB, Mixon vs CLE 8th against RB Pick 3 WR Main Jefferson @ BAL 10th against WR, CAR Moore vs NE 18th against WR BAL M Brown vs MIN 26th against WR, BUF E Sanders @JAC 25th against WR Which 2 RB & 3 WR would you roll?
  15. Pick 2 DB

    It's typical of my sh*t ass luck. Especially this year. You would be amazed the record of my teams with the rosters I have.
  16. Pick 2 DB

    Any TD -6, Two point return/safety/sack/INT/fumble recovery -2 each Every 25 yards kick or punt return/solo tackle/pass defended - 1.5 Blocked PAT/FG/Punt, forced fumble, assistanted tackle - 1.0 Every 5 tackles gets an extra 0.5 Pick 2 CIN Jessie Bates @ NYJ, LAR Jordan Fuller @ HOU, DAL Trevon Diggs @ MIN, DAL Anthony Brown @ MIN
  17. Pick 2 RB & 3 WR

  18. Trade Waller for Barkley?

    Agree with everyone else. Take the trade.
  19. Pick 2 RB & 3 WR

    Anyone else?
  20. Week 9 qb

    Given his Swiss Army knife usage, it's possible. Not necessarily a TD through each. But could rush for a TD & throw one while maybe catching a pass or two for some reception yards.
  21. Week 9 qb

    Tyson because of that running ability. Meaning is likely to run at least 1 in for the full 6 points. Also if its a PPR league he could get some points with a couple of receiptions on some trick/gadget plays. If not him I'm going against the grain here & saying Ryan.
  22. Pick 2 RB & 3 WR

    LOL! Half the time when I make short posts I then get asked a bunch of questions. No Patterson is not WR eligible.
  23. 10 team 2 QB league Pass TD -4, every 25 yard pass & 10 yards rushing -1, every 5 completions -2, Bonus point for 50+ yard play, 400+ yard passing - 3, minus 2 for INT or Sack My starters are ARI Murray & MIN Cousins Can only keep 3 QB & I have had T Taylor on IR & looks like he will be back soon. So either he or Darnold will have to go. Of note I do have DJ Moore. So if I were to play Darnold there is the possibility of double dipping a TD pass. Which QB would you keep? UPDATE league 2 have Tyrod here also Also have Tyrod in EXTENDED IDP KEEPER. Scoring is nearly identical to other league. We have one more year before we reset & do complete draft. IN SEASON can keep 4 QB. When we mark our keepers a total of 11 but no more than 2 at any position. I have LAC Herbert, ATL Ryan & SF Garappolo & Lance, HOU Taylor on IR. Obviously someone has to go when Tyrod comes off IR. Be it Tyrod or 1 of the other guys. Obviously I am keeping Herbert for next year. Not sure if Ryan should be the other, maybe Lance? Obviously SF is difficult to say who is the starter ROS. So cutting one of them could leave me with someone who ends up not being the starter. Do I cut Tyrod in this league?
  24. Sorry I should have been a little more clear with comments. I understood what you meant. Was just adding to conversation in regards to my situation.