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  1. Like I said I have Tyrod on IR. He looks to be back soon & we can only keep 3 QB so somebody has to go while 1 will be my backup QB. Not sure I will have enough time for a trade.
  2. RB/WR/Flex

    League 1 Rush/Rec TD -6 Every 3 catches - 5 points, Every 10 yards rush/rec - point, Bonus point for 50+ yard TD play or 100 yards rush/rec Start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex can be RB/WR/TE My roster RB ATL Patterson & Davis, CIN Mixon, ARI Edmonds, BUF Moss WR ARI Hopkins, CAR Moore, LAC M Williams, CIN Higgins, BUF E Sanders Starting MIA Gesicki at TE after losing WAS L Thomas Don't like that LAC playing NE notorious for taking teams top weapons away but to note I have Herbert. So any TD to Williams would count twice for me. Which 2 RB & 2 WR & who do I flex from who's left? League 2, essentially same scoring Can only play 2 RB as flex doesn't allow RB ATL Patterson, CIN Mixon, CLE Chubb, Buf Moss Which 2? Both Patterson & Chubb have terrible matchups
  3. Given what I'm getting on my own thread I think it has to be Tyrod.
  4. RB/WR/Flex

    Who would you flex then in league 1?
  5. Edmunds or Moss

    Edmonds. I got a couple of threads. One about QB to keep & another about lineup. See them please.
  6. Allen Robinson dropped..

    I Agree. Think Davis or Golladay are worth the gamble on A Robinson. I have A Rob in 1 of my leagues. Hoping he gains some value soon.
  7. Keep Darnold or T Taylor UPDATED

    Anyone else?
  8. RB/WR/Flex

    Anyone else?
  9. trade Stafford for Mahomes?

    I think it's worth it. I think KC will get it going. I got a couple of posts out there. One for lineups & another about which QB to keep. If you could look at them, thanks.
  10. Can I make it through my big bye week.

    Duh! Brain fart on my part. Got sidetracked when I started reading. When I got back to it, slipped my mind.
  11. Can I make it through my big bye week.

    Considering who you have on byes I think you aren't looking too bad in a 12 team league.
  12. Thoughts with these offers for Kamara?

    I don't like the first deal & would want to see more from AJ Brown (& Tannehill) before investigating in AJ. He has been boom or bust pretty much. See mine please
  13. RB/WR/Flex

    Curious as to what you see that makes you like Higgins over Moore. Higgins has a terrible matchup while Moore has a soft matchup l
  14. Trade James Robinson for?

    Your WR core is a mess. A Robinson & Crowder ain't worth crap given QB situation. Do the trade for Thielen & Waddle. You will play them both & their combined output will be more than J Robinson by himself. See mine please
  15. Pick 3 - 2WR & Flex. 1/2 PPR.

    Agree with this. See mine please
  16. Dynasty 12 team 2 division PPR IDP All TD are 6, every 10 yards rush/rec - 1, Being IDP kick/punt yards to individual player - like rush/rec every 10 yards gets a point Start RB-2, WR-2, TE-1, Flex-1 can be RB/WR/TE My guys RB PIT Harris, CLE Hunt, CIN Mixon, LV Jacobs, HOU D Johnson, SF E Mitchell WR CAR Moore, CIN Boyd, CHI Robinson, LV Renfrow, DEN Sutton, MIA Waddle TE BAL Andrews, BUF Knox Renfrew has soft matchup but coaching regime change. Don't trust Robinson right now. Boyd going into bad matchup off of bad game. Sutton coming off tremendous game but tough matchup. Both Andrews (soft matchup) & Knox (bad matchup) coming off great games. I have 3 good RB & 2 good TE. Obviously I start Harris & with Chubb out Hunt at RB & Moore at WR. Who do I start at WR2, TE & who do I flex? League 2 Every 5 catches - 3 points, rush/rec TD -6, every 10 yards rush/rec-1, Bonus point for 100 yards REC or TD 50 yards or longer. Start 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 flex WR/TE Pick 2 WR, 1 TE & who do I flex from those left WR MIN Jefferson, CAR Moore, BAL Brown, LV Renfrow TE LV Waller, BUF Knox
  17. Who am I rolling? Edit added more

    What about league 2? Thoughts?
  18. Who am I rolling? Edit added more

    Bump as I added more. Wouldn't let me just reply without quoting for some reason.
  19. RB out of options...

    Gaskin. He is the starter. Murray is going to get a lot of yards poached by Lamar. See mine please
  20. NYG Jones. He has been solid. See my please.
  21. Pick 2 RBs to start

    Hunt & Cook. See mine please.
  22. 2 questions

    With Mixon hurt I would go Sanders & Chase & Cook out I'm rolling the dice on Mattison
  23. Line up, what to do?

    Dynasty PPR, 12 team 2 division IDP - meaning ST points to individual player, All TD - 6 Every 10 yards rush/rec - 1 point Start RB-2, WR-2, TE-1, Flex-1 can be RB/WR/TE My players RB - PIT Harris, CIN Mixon, CLE Hunt, LV Jacobs & Barber, SF E Mitchell WR - CAR Moore, CHI Robinson, CIN Boyd, LV H Renfrow, DEN Sutton, MIA Waddle TE - BAL Andrews, BUF Knox With the ankle on Mixon & late injury to Sutton, don't trust them. Don't trust Robinson right now till I see more from Bears. Sutton does have a great matchup. As does Renfrow, Waddle & Knox - though Andrews as been my starting TE. Just recently picked up Knox. What I'm thinking RB Harris & Hunt, WR Moore & Renfrow TE Andrews Not sure who to flex Who would make the lineup for you?
  24. Line up, what to do?