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  1. Which RB & WR cut or trade

    Anyone else also care to chime in? Guys that responded so far had some good insight.
  2. Which RB & WR cut or trade

    AJ Brown is the guy I have my eye on - would be nice to team him up with Tannehill, not rolling Wilson right away. Also I'm strategic in who I trade with. I generally won't trade with the top teami n my division or the top team in the other division. I try to target teams either in the middle or towards the bottom. This way I don't make the top teams I'm trying to catch better & if say I get a R1 pick out of the deal it should be higher up in the draft.
  3. Which RB & WR cut or trade

    Stevenson actually had a very strong preseason. Something like 5 TD if I recall correctly. And without Robinson included there is no way I'm getting AJ Brown off of him.
  4. Which RB & WR cut or trade

    Here's the thing though. For ANY chance of getting AJ Brown. I think it's going to take Robinson, Sutton & one of Jacobs, Hunt or Edmonds & maybe a 3rd or even 2nd round pick next year. He is VERY bullish on AJ & trust me this guy isn't afraid to make trades. If send 2 WR to get 1 I won't need to cut any. I get what you are saying about Gallup. On DAL he doesn't have good odds of breaking out. However he has seemed to show some talent & if he gets away from DAL he could become more productive. Also could catch a break if Lamb or Cooper go down with injury.
  5. Draft which QB

    Because in a QB score heavy league you need a QB. I don't really have issues with RB. This is the draft so all rookies & some vets will be available. I have though changed my plan. I'm going to take a chance & take PIT RB Harris & see which QB fall to the 9th. I have a deal to in which I'm sending Cousins but I'm getting Tannehill in return. So I'm thinking it will probably come down between Lance & Wilson being the ones left on the board at that point.
  6. Draft which QB

    DYNASTY 12 team 2 division PPR & PP completion Any TD is 6, no deduction for sacks I have Cousins & NYG Jones. We do a 5 round mini draft. I have R1-1 & 9, R2-2 & 3, R3-4 Obviously I'm taking a QB with first pick. I think it comes down to Lawrence, M Jones, T Lance, Fields & Wilson. To note I do have WR Chark so I would double up on any TD pass to him if I take Lawrence. I also do currently have CHI Robinson - though keep in mind he is later in his career. I've trying to work a trade with him while I can still get value for him. Which QB should I draft?
  7. Draft which QB

    Drafting in just over an hour.
  8. Dynasty 12 team 2 division PPR IDP also PP completion All TD 6 typical point for 25 yards passing & every 10 yards rush/rec. Minus 2 for INT but no deduction for being sacked 5 round mini draft, I have picks R1-1 & 9, R2-2 & 3 & R3-4 We start 1 QB. Mine currently are Cousins, Roethlisberger & Rudolph, NYG Jones Guy offering trade is my division & is the monster team in league. He has Mahomes & Bridgewater also. He offered up J Winston & this year R3-1 for my R2-2. Obviously I cut Rudolph if I take this. Couple of notes. This league with PPC & 6 point pass TD is VERY QB score heavy. I plan on taking Lawrence with 1st pick. I also can probably get a trade down with another guy in MY division for Tannehill for NYG Jones & a "little more" as he put it. Do I take this Winston trade? Or do I try to turn it into Bridgewater? Or just go for Tannehill? Or do both the Winston(or angle for Bridgewater) & Tannehill. If Bridgewater takes more I could always try Ben & my early R3 for Teddy & his R3. He would be barely bumping down in the round. I want insurance at QB. Doing both deals would leave me with a QB roster probably looking like Lawrence, Cousins, Tannehill & either Winston or Bridgewater.
  9. Worth taking this trade?

    Please look at initial post for full picture Doesn't look like we are going to come to agreement on a deal. However he is VERY interested in CHI A Robinson. So to note I have RB Dobbins & thankfully Edwards, Ekeler, LV Jacobs, ARI Edmonds, Hunt WR CHI Robinson, CAR Moore, Chark, DEN Sutton, ARI Kirk, Boyd TE BAL Andrews, Ebron Start RB-2 WR-2 TE-1 Flex-1 allows RB/WR/TE I think I have a lot of upside at WR but worried if I trade Robinson I have no proven stud at WR. Sutton looks like he could be one. In this league in 19 he had 11 double digit games including 6 stud level games with iffy QB situation. He has Mixon who he is willing to trade in deal for Robinson. He also has TE Hockenson. Should I offer up Robinson & Hunt for Mixon & Hockenson. No issue throwing in Ebron if wants a TE back. Remember I can roll 2 TE if I want. I could also do the R3 swap if needed but I think that is as far as go on this. Thoughts?
  10. Who would you stash? Brieda or Ty'Son?

    I have to agree. I think there are better stash options to had than those two.
  11. Need trade advice

  12. Need trade advice

    Dynasty 12 team 2 division PPR plus PP pass completion ALL TD are 6, typical point for 25 yards passing or 10 yards rush/rec, being IDP individual players get a point for every 10 yard on kick/punt returns Start QB-1 RB-2 WR-2 TE-1 Flex-1 (RB/WR/TE) K-1, LB-3 DB-3 DL-3 5 round mini draft, I have R1-1 R1-9 R2-2 R2-3 R3-4 My players QB Cousins, Roethlisberger & Rudolph, NYG Jones RB LV Jacobs, Ekeler, Dobbins & Edwards (thankfully), Hunt, Edmonds WR CHI Robinson, DEN Sutton, CAR Moore, CIN Boyd, Chark, ARI Kirk TE Andrews, Ebron LB CHI S Smith, ATL D Jones, IND D Leonard, BUF Edmunds Obviously my biggest need is QB. While I'm not over the top at RB I don't think I'm as weak as some of the guys in the league think I am. Guy in MY division has the R1-4 & 5 picks. Said he is looking to build up his D side. Is it worth it for me to offer him - R1-1, R3-4 & LB D Jones (top 10 last year in league) for the 4 & 5 picks. Maybe either throw in next year R3 for his R4 or possibly add Hunt. Thing is it is possible 3 RB go off the board or what I think is likely is Lawrence who I was going to take with 1st pick along with 2 RB. I most likely not get Lawrence or PIT RB Harris if I make this deal. I would be choosing between QB Mac Jones, Trey Lance & Justin Fields. None of who are starting right now & not likely to start to later in the season. A rookie QB starting late in the season going through growing pains isn't going to help me. Plus on a personal level I don't like either NE or SF & CHI has a crap record with QB. Is this deal worth trying? Or just stick with the picks I have & take Lawrence. I would get a double dip on any TD pass to Chark because I already have him. Thing is I had my eye on Harris, CIN Chase & Pitts. Tried to maneuver so I could get Lawrence & at least 1 of those other guys. Right now I'm only likely to get Lawrence as expect other 3 gone by 9 pick. Do I try the trade?
  13. Need trade advice

    Thoughts? Another guy also probably trade me Tannehill for NYG Jones & little something extra. Maybe swap my R3 for one of his late R3 picks. Which I need to burn on a K anyways as I have Lutz.
  14. How about this trade?

    I'll try it. But if I have to I'll add the pick swap. Like I said, I'm going to have to burn it on a K anyway having Lutz.
  15. How about this trade?

    DYNASTY 12 team 2 division full PPR IDP & point per pass completion All TD 6, 1 point for 25 pass yards or 10 yards rush/rec 5 round mini draft, I have R1-1 R1-9 R2-2 R2-3 R3-4 Start QB-1, RB-2, WR-2, TE-1, Flex-1 allows RB/WR/TE My players QB Cousins,Roethlisberger. NYG Jones RB Ekeler, LV J Jacobs, BAL Dobbins & Edwards, ARI Edmonds, Hunt, WR CHI Robinson, CAR Moore, DEN Sutton, ARI Kirk, CIN Boyd, Chark TE BAL Andrews, Ebron, OJ Howard I have tried Ben Edmonds Robinson my R3-4 & next years R3 For Tannehill Mixon R3-12 & next year R4 He won't go for it. Won't take Edmonds. Being PPR & that S/T goes to individual player being IDP Edmonds finished 12th last year & is now the lead RB. He countered with Ben Ekeler R3-4 for Tannehill Mixon R3-12. I really don't want to give up Ekeler. I was thinking Ekeler & Mixon would be a great 1-2 punch & let me go for Lawrence with 1st pick but he is so set on Ekeler. Should even do this? He has shown some interest in Dobbins also. Should I try countering with Ben Dobbins R3-4 for Tannehill Mixon R4-6 - going to have to burn my last pick on K anyways as I have Lutz. Throw in that next years R3 for his R4 if I can get it done with that? I'm hesitant to throw in another RB like Edwards or Hunt. As I already got a couple of other hooks out there for Herbert and the R1-4 & 5 picks which tie up J Jacobs & both my R2 picks. My plan would be grab Mixon while holding onto Ekeler, have Herbert & either Cousins or Tannehill & going PIT Harris with first pick & CIN Chase & ATL Pitts & take an LB with R1-9 as I have an LB included in one of my hooks I put out. But I'm up in the air right on other 2 offers. Got pretty good idea where I'm at with guy wanting Ekeler & I would definitely hate to give up Ekeler if I can't at least get that 4 pick. If I can't get Herbert I think I have to go Lawrence. Thoughts?
  16. How about this trade?

    Or maybe Ben & Hunt for Tannehill? Maybe throw in my R3-4 for his R3-12 if I have to.
  17. Trade Advice

    Have to agree with what has been said. Another thing to consider is you're giving up two starters who Jones will not match their combined weekly output. When I do trades I look at two things. Will it increase my weekly points? Or will it give me a better shot another trade which is my ultimate goal?
  18. How about this trade?

  19. How about this trade?

    Anyone else? Thanks. Issue is I also want Tannehill. Not so much as I see him a QB to have as I don't think he has proven himself because he has been inconsistent. His previous two seasons before last were not good. I see him as better trade bait than Cousins who finished 11th last season in this league. He also has AJ Brown who I have quit trying for. He wouldn't take Robinson & Sutton for him. He also has Hockenson who has been difficult to get. I could try a deal just for Tannehill but I think unless there is an RB involved I doubt he deals & he doesn't seem to want Edmonds. Regardless should I try Ben & Edmonds for Tannehill? Is that a deal you would be willing to do?
  20. QB draft question

    Another possibility is if I can land Herbert in a trade along with Cousins & either NYG Jones or Darnold as my backups do I really forgo drafting a QB in this talented QB class playing in a Dynasty league?
  21. QB draft question

    Need thoughts on this one & not getting it in my other post with more to it. So the QB question by itself here. DYNASTY 12 team 2 division PPR IDP, also point per pass completion Position limit QB -4, RB-6, WR-3, TE-3 Start QB-1, RB-2, WR-2, TE-1, Flex-1 can be RB/WR/TE All TD are 6, point for 25 yards passing & 10 yards rush or receiving We temporarily expand roster by 5 for draft & make cuts before start of the season. I have R1-1 (by trade), R1-9, R2-2, R2-3, R3-4 My QB Ben & Mason - will cutting Mason, Cousins, NYG Jones RB BAL Dobbins & Edwards, Ekeler, Edmonds, Hunt, LV Jacobs QB score heavy league with pass points. I need a QB. I'm not hurting at RB. If I can wrangle the #4 pick out of the guy who has it do I pass on Lawrence with the 1st take PIT Harris & go Mac Jones at the 4th. Teams at 2 & 3 both need RB. So only 1 should take a QB. I'm torn if I get the trade being how hyped up Lawrence is on passing on him.
  22. QB draft question

    Please give your in order your top 4 rookie QB. Going to work on getting that #4 pick, maybe the 5 also. Thinking if I can at least get that 4 pick that I should take PIT Harris at 1 & depending on who is on the board at 4 (MAYBE Lawrence is there - teams at 2 & 3 both need RB pretty bad but 3 pick also needs QB) I will be looking at Lawrence maybe & should have NE Jones, CHI Fields, SF Lance to choose from.
  23. Draft help.

    Always like hearing what those two have to say.