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  1. keepers

    Henderson for a R10. I like Hockenson but the RB value at R10 on Henderson now is hard to pass up. Please see mine. Really need some input.
  2. Keeper help

    I think Rodgers who is going to be playing with an even bigger chip on his shoulder this year is hard to pass on for an R11 pick. See mine please. Really need input.
  3. Which QB

    12 team 2 division Dynasty PPR IDP Pass TD is 6, INT is -2, no loss for sacks, typical point for 10 yards rushing/rec Start 1 QB As a BACKUP which QB would you want? NYG Jones or CAR Darnold. I have Jones. Who is getting some positive up talk last few weeks. I may be able to get a straight up one for one for Darnold. Who is also seems to be getting more positive up talk than negative. Or maybe just with a LITTLE add on my part. Of note one of my WR is DJ Moore. So any games that I did play Darnold I would be getting double points on any TD pass - something I don't have with Jones. I traded for 1st pick & will be taking JAC Lawrence. My other QB is Cousins. Who with scoring structure is generally a top 10 guy. He finished 11th last year. So while he isn't generally going to light the boards up he is serviceable. So Jones or Darnold? And would you move Cousins for either Wentz or Goff?
  4. Which QB

    No, I was saying if I had Darnold in any game I might play him that he throws a TD to Moore I would get 12 points because I had both the QB & WR involved in the TD play. No bonus for having both players. Just would get points on both ends if playing Darnold.
  5. Dynasty 12 team 2 division PPR IDP All TD are 6, usual point for 10 yards rush/rec, same goes for 10 yards kickoff & return being IDP. QB Roethlisberger RB Dobbins, TE Ebron, R2-2, 2022 R1 For QB Darnold, R1-2, 2022 R3 Is this a trade so bad that it should be vetoed?
  6. Like this trade?

    Dynasty 12 team 2 division PPR IDP 5 round mini draft All TD 6 points 10 yards rush/rec & kick off/return being IDP all 1 point I give CLE RB Hunt, ATL LB Deion Jones R1-9, R3-4 I get NE RB D Harris, R1-5, R3-11 What do you think? I already traded for R1-1 & have deal for R1-2 about to go through. So I would have picks 1, 2 & 5. Along with R2-3 (15th overall) if I do the deals. My last pick as it is I'm planning on taking a DL anyway. So being at the end of R3 shouldn't be any big deal.
  7. Anyone? I know it's a little bit of a read but I wanted to make sure all the info was there
  8. Dynasty 12 team 2 division PPR IDP Typical 10 yards rush/rec is 10, any TD is 6, being IDP kickoff/return yards get points like rush/rec yards with small bonus for reaching certain yardage marks Relevent to this post start 2 RB, 2 WR, TE 1, 3 LB, flex is RB/WR/TE, position limits RB 6, WR 6, TE 3, LB 6 5 round mini draft, all teams must have 5 picks - no trades that unbalance that Currently me R1-1 & 9, R2-2 & 3, R3-4 Him R1-5, R3-5, 7, 11 & 12 Me RB LV J Jacobs, BAL Dobbins & Edwards, AR Edmonds, CLE Hunt, LAC Ekeler WR CHI A Robinson, DEN C Sutton, JAC Chark, CAR Moore, CIN Boyd, AR Kirk TE BAL Andrews, Ebron, TB Howard - plays in with my plans LB CHI R Smith, IND D Leonard, ATL D Jones, BUF T Edmunds Him RB JAC A Rob, NYG Barkley, DEN Gordon, NE D. Harris, TEN. D Evans WR TEN AJ Brown, MIN Thielen, SEA Lockett, CAR Anderson, JAC Shenault, NYG Slayton LB SEA Wagner, DEN Alexander Johnson, CAR S Thompson, BUF AJ Klein, TEN Jaylon Brown, NO Kwon Alexander Note I have deal done that part of it included Dobbins & my R2-2 pick this year & my R1 next year to get the R1-2 pick this year. Was undone because of technicality. It passed the league veto vote though. Issue will be cleaned up & that will be submitted where I'm assured 1 less veto vote next time around. Trade in question guy has expressed solid to strong interest in Hunt, Allen Robinson & Sutton. Sutton put up some good #'s in 2019 including several stud like games. With only a total of 3400 passing yards & 16 pass TD for the entire team. Robinson is a stud in his own right. With his best LB Wagner in year 10 & Klein in year 9 he could use some help at LB. I want to make a deal with him to net his R1-5 pick. My plan would be R1-1 JAC QB Lawrence, R1-2 PIT RB N Harris, use the R1-5 for either ALT TE Pitts or CIN WR Chase, take an LB with my 4th pick & strengthen my DL with last pick. This is my idea cause he keeps coming for Robinson & an RB. I send RB Hunt, WR Robinson, Sutton (he just inquired about him), LB Jones, R1-9, R3-4, his 2023 (we can out 2 years) R2 from a previous trade He sends WR AJ Brown, R1-5, R3-7, 2023 R3 Is this an acceptable deal? Is it worth moving these guys? This other team owner hits me up left & right to trade.
  9. Keeper Trade

    Agree with what is being said. Do it. You will be stacked.
  10. Who would you drop in dynasty league?

    Agree about dropping Julio at this point. Also agree about either Hines or Cohen. But absolutely disagree about Cousins. The guy is so underappreciated & not given the respect he rightfully deserves. At $4 he is worth keeping. This is a guy that in a 12-team league is a low-end starter & cheap insurance if something was to happen Mahomes. He won't bury you if you had to use him. Get rid of AB. As good as he is I would also be inclided to drop Fuller. For one reason or another he has not been able to stay on the field. Please see mine - Dynasty also
  11. Evans In or Out this week?

    In this one I'm sticking with lockett. Unless you got Hilton. Then go Hilton.
  12. Sit Lockett?

    12 team Dynasty PPR IDP Every 10 yards Rush/Rec is 1 point, same with kick/punt yards to INDIVIDUAL player being IDP All TD are 6 Start RB - 2, WR -2, TE - 1, Flex - 1 can be RB/WR/TE Of note my QB will be Roethlisberger RB starting LV Jacobs & BAL Dobbins, My bench ARI Edmunds, BAL Edwards, IND Hines, TEN Evans WR starting ARI Hopkins, CHI Robinson, My bench ARI Kirk, PIT JuJu, SEA Lockett, TEN Davis TE starting BAL Andrews, My bench PIT Ebron Remember those return yards get points just the same as rush/rec yards & small bonus for reaching 75 kick/return yards. Keep in mind I have Ben. So if I flex JuJu or Ebron any TD pass to them is a double dip for me. JuJu scored big last time they placed CIN week 10. SEA has struggled a bit of late & WAS is strong against WR - 2nd best against WR. Lockett though is 10th among WR in this league. Who do I flex?
  13. Sit Lockett?

    Come on people. Could really use some input here. I feel like my season hangs on this flex spot. His guys that have played already didn't do that great. Leaving me in the game at this point. I've gotten three responses since Wed afternoon , only two that recommended a player & both different.
  14. Sit Lockett?

    Anyone else? I'm up against the league monster to get to the championship. Lockett has a terrible match up this week. I'm really torn between JuJu or Hines for the flex. Also TEN Davis doesnt look bad with a great match up. Hines has a great match up too but Taylor has cut into his touches. JuJu has a tough match up but light it up against CIN in week 10.
  15. Sit Lockett?

    He has still for the most part had solid if not spectacular games in this league. Still ranked 10th among WR. I'm facing the 800 lb gorilla in the league. So I'm thinking my best chance is to take the gamble & I go JuJu & hope for the double dip with a TD pass to JuJu. Two years ago I won the championship & last year I lost in the championship game. One bad move kept me from the repeat & this year from being a drive for a three peat.
  16. Can I trust Miles Sanders at Flex?

    I'm kind of on the fence. Ryan tends to struggle when Julio is out. Which he is. Means more targets for Ridley. However also going to mean more coverage on him. Still I say slight edge to Ridley.
  17. Sit Lockett?

    Thanks Montana. Anyone else?
  18. Sit Lockett?

    Anyone else? I've got two guys I'm kind of leaning between.
  19. 1st Round Playoffs help needed pls!

    Herbert Jacobs Mckissic & Wilson Sit Lockett
  20. Sit Lockett?

    So who would you flex out of my available players?
  21. What's my line up

    Anyone else?
  22. What's my line up

    12 team DYNASTY 2 division FULL PPR also IDP so return yards go to PLAYER To note my QB is Roethlisberger, my backups are DEN Lock, NYG Jones Need 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE & 1 flex which can be RB/WR/TE Scoring TD = 6, every 10 yards rush/rec/kick or punt return = 1 RB LV J Jacobs, ARI Edmunds, IND Hines, BAL Edwards, LAR Henderson, SEA Homer, pick 2 WR ARI Hopkins & Kirk, CHI Robinson, SEA Lockett, PIT JuJu, TEN Davis, pick 2 TE BAL Andrews, PIT Ebron, pick 1 Andrews is now without Lamar is on COVID-19 list From all left then pick one for flex. As you can see I'm heavy on PIT which could get postponed which isn't till Tues now & could be low scoring game. Edit Dropped RB Homer to grab QB RG3
  23. Wentz or Tannehill

    2 QB league. Pass TD =4, every 5 completions is 2 points, every 25 yards passing = 1, TD play of 50+ yards bonus 1, 400+ yardsrush passing = 3, Sacks & INT minus 2 My QB1 is SEA Wilson. So do I go with crappy Wentz at home with a soft match up or Tannehill at IND who is ranked a lot harder for QB2?
  24. Gamble on Ben?

    12 team DYNASTY 2 division IDP - I'm in 2nd in my division but lost heads up to the 3rd place team Start 1 QB Scoring Pass TD - 6, Point for every COMPLETION & 25 yards passing, every 10 yards rushing - 1, INT minus 2 but NO deduction for sacks League is VERY QB score heavy. A so-so real life game can still get 40-45 points while a good game will get 60-65 points. Big games can be 70+ My other options DEN Lock - now out, NYG Jones, BAL RG3, just grabbed him. Of note I have BAL TE Andrews. I'm playing for 2nd in division & 3rd overall reg season. Without a QB it is all but a guaranteed lose. Without Ben i likely lose. Take my chances & leave Ben in?
  25. Gamble on Ben?

    Should I drop RG3 & grab whatever best TE I can find on waivers? My 2 TE are BAL Andrews & PIT Ebron.