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  1. Dynasty 12 team 2 division PPR

    Any TD is 6,  Sack - 3, INT  fumble recovery & safety - each 2,  Forced fumble - 1,  Any kind of yards returned for fumbles or S/T like rush/rec yards gets a point every 10 yards

    Player,  vs or @ &  league opponent ranking against LB

    Pick 3

    CHI R Smith vs NYG 11th,  ATL D Jones @ BUF 15th,  IND Leonard vs LV 19th,  BUF T Edmunds vs ATL 7th


    Leonard back from covid. Despite he has outscored Edmunds by 29.4 points Edmunds always seems to have a bigger projection than Leonard. As he does now 10.5 vs 9.00. Obviously I'm playing CHI Smith. Who are my other 2?

  2. 1 hour ago, Montana is da Man said:




    Need a flex from who is left. Also which WR would you cut to keep CHI Robinson? Think it either has to be Sutton (who I got as part of a trade) or PIT McCloud. Both teams I think could be the Aaron Rodgers race which could jump the WR stock. I think DEN might be the lead dog in that race this off season. They obviously made a big effort this year. 

  3. Dynasty 12 team 2 division PPR & IDP,    start 2 RB & WR,  1 TE & 1 flex from RB/WR/TE

    All TD -6, get point for 10 yards rush/rec & also individual player gets point for every 10 yards kick/punt return being IDP


    Starting RB PIT Harris, WR MIA Waddle & TE BAL Andrews. Need 1 more RB & WR & 1 from who's left for flex

    Player - vs/@ opponent league ranking against position


    CIN Mixon vs KC 20th,    LV J Jacobs @ IND 6th,   SF E Mithcell vs HOU 28th,  CLE Hunt vs PIT 27th,   CAR Abdullah @ NO 1st

    SF Mitchell sounds very iffy & of course 4:05 start. Only RB starting same or later is Hunt who has sucked lately & Abdullah


    WR LV Renfrow @ IND 26th,  CAR Moore @ NO 25th,  ATL Gage @ BUF 1st,   DEN Sutton @ LAC 9th,  PIT McCloud vs CLE 11th

    Which WR?

    Also have CHI Robison likely back from covid, not playing but not cutting - DYNASTY. Have to cut a WR to make position spot for him. Think its between Sutton & McCloud - either team could be in Rodgers race making a big impact on WR. Who would you cut?


    TE BUF Knox vs ATL 12th


    Who am I flexing from who's left?

  4. 12 team 2 division PPR IDP, for post purpose start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE & 1 flex choice of RB/WR/TE

    All TD -6,   10 yards rush/rec -1,   kick/punt return yards also get player point per 10 yards being IDP


    Got screwed 2 other leagues I'm in. My opponent here has & of course played AJ Brown & Deebo. Already has 61.50 Also has RB IND Taylor & DEN J Williams. Given scoring likely going to have around 100 points from just 4 players - start 17 total. He also has # 2 & 7 LB & #6 DB. I'm desperate. I'm starting RB PIT Harris, WR MIA Waddle & TE BAL Andrews (he may use BAL backup QB. I need RB & WR 2 & Flex from who's left -


    Player,   vs or @,    ranking against position

    RB -  Cin Mixon vs BAL 8th,   LV J Jacobs vs DEN 4th, 

    WR -  LV Renfrow vs DEN 8th,  CAR Moore vs TB 15th,  DEN Sutton @ LV 6th

    TE - BUF Knox @ NE 1st


    Need another RB & WR & then a flex. Of course I have a bunch of crappy matchups in there including my QB Herbert (8th). Which 3 do I play?


  5. Every 5 catches 3 points, rush/rec TD - 6, every 10 yards rush/rec - 1, Bonus point for 100+ yards RECEIVING or 50+ yard TD play

    Player vs/@ & opponent ranking against RB

    CLE Chubb @ GB 6th,  CIN Mixon vs BAL 10th,   ATL Patterson vs DET 30th


    Which 2?

  6. Every 5 catches are 3 points, rush/rec TD -6, every 10 yards rush/rec - 1, Bonus point for 50+ yard TD play or 100+ yards RECEIVING 

    Player vs or @ & league ranking against position


    CIN Mixon @ DEN 11th,   ATL Patterson @ SF 21st,   CLE Chubb vs LV 29th

    To note on top of being a soft matchup for Chubb, Hunt has been ruled out


    WR playing MIN Jefferson, need WR2 & a WR for the WR/TE flex

    CAR Moore @ BUF 1st,  BAL M Brown vs GB 15th,  HOU Cooks @ JAC 23rd


    Like I said, need 2 RB & 2 WR


  7. Dynasty 12 team 2 division PPR & IDP - meaning special teams points such as kick/punt returns goes to individual player

    All TD -6, every 10 yards rush/rec/kick/punt - 1

    Flex allows RB/WR/TE

    Played PIT Harris, going with CAR Moore & LV Renfrow at WR & BAL Andrews at TE. Need to decide RB 2 & Flex

    Player vs or @ & opponent league ranking against position


    CLE Hunt vs BAL 7th,   CIN Mixon vs SF 29th,   LV J Jacobs @ KC 21st,   SF Mitchell out on me

    Issue Mixon is Q is expected to play but 4:25 game while Hunt & Jacobs are 1 PM games


    My other options in regards to flex


    CHI Robinson @ GB 15th,  DEN Sutton vs DET 13th,  KC Pringle vs LV 11th


    BUF Knox @ TB 23th


    Before you dismiss Pringle remember special teams points. Because of this he has been double digits 7/12 games. I'm thinking given Jacobs big game last week, Drake is out & favorable matchup Jacobs is RB 2 & I flex Mixon. If he doesn't play I would have Sutton & Knox available. This the right call? And if Mixon doesn't go who you rolling between Sutton & Knox? I like Knox. Different idea, let me hear it. 

     Please also see my other thread, shorter than this one