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  1. WDIS - RB?

    Made playoffs and need big day from one of these 2. WDIS?? Edge vs. Seattle D (Edge had 60some yards earlier in year) or T.Henry vs. Houston D (Henry only had 29 yards against them earlier in year) Who is more likely to score a TD I guess is the real question??? Any help would be more than appreciated!!
  2. I totally agree. This is a homecoming for Young!! Coming to Texas! He'll rush for atleast 50 and a score and throw for another. Love the matchup! I'm starting him over Delhomme this week. 1st round of playoffs start 'em!
  3. WDIS?!? Must Win

    I need this win bad to clinch a playoff spot!! WDIS??? Reggie Bush Ronnie Brown Fred Taylor Pick 1 league -TD (6) , Rec (1/2), 10yds (1) PLEASE HELP!!

    This seems like a no brainer but Gore is going up against the best run Defense in the league in San Diego. Should I take a chance and start him or leave my worries behind and let Bush get his 1st start of the year for me against Philly. League = 1/2pt (rec), 1pt (10 yds), 6 (TD) Any thoughts would be aprreciated!!
  5. 14 team league ..... we start 3 WR's.... I have D.Mason starting......need some help w/ the other 2 M.Booker vs. Buffalo E.Kennison vs. Denver E.Wilford vs. Pittsburgh (MNF) M.Clayton (TB) vs. Atlanta any help would be greatly appreciated......must win for me this week!!!
  6. 14 team league

    Thanks Big, it looks like I am leaning towards the 8th pick!
  7. 14 team league

    Our league consists of 14 teams. Names have already been drawn for draft order. Although this league gives you the option of selecting where you want to draft. I was drawn 5th. Picks still open: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14 What would you take in my position?? I have never been in a 14 team league. I am sure talent is gone pretty early! Any help would be appreciated
  8. Chambers or R.Moss

    Will Chambers continue to be hot?? Will Moss get more looks w/ new QB?? Need some help.....Who do I start??? Obvious MUST WIN!
  9. WDIS - WR

    R.Moss (no Collins) C.Chambers (was last week a fluke??) D.Driver (dinged up last week) Need (2) guys! Thanks!
  10. Playoffs on the Line...

    I like Ricky Williams this week....have him in my league and im in same boat as you as far as playoffs go.....Williams been averaging 80 yrds 16 carries a game past couple weeks... i like to play matchups and Miami is playing against the worst run D in the league and they are at HOME....Williams has always run well against Buffalo ('02 had 228 yards!! '03 had 153 yards).....R.Brown is not used to the long season....i believe Ricky will get bulk of carries (and hopefully they are from the goal line) probably close to 20 this week, so look for a 100 yard game and a score. Hope that helps... For sure start Curtis Martin as Herm wants to get him a 1000 yard season!! In fact, Martin, who has 706 yards rushing in 2005, needs only 294 to become the only player in NFL history to accumulate at least 1,000 yards in each of his first 11 seasons in the league. He and Sanders currently are tied with 10 seasons. Jets coach Herm Edwards is quite aware of this. "No one has ever done that in the history of pro football starting out," Edwards said Monday. "So that's a big accomplishment for him personally, and it would be a great accomplishment for this football team and for the guys that are on this team. We talked about it. I told them about it. I said that's something. We've got a couple goals down the road here - to win some games, obviously, for our players to get better and, obviously, for Curtis Martin to set this record. I think it's important, and it's important for football and it's important for this football team."
  11. I have Kyle Boller and Brad Johnson (thanks to Culpepper and Leftwich this year)...anyway I need to start one of these scrubs w/ playoff contention on the line.... Boller has a great matchup this week (vs. Houston) Johnson burned me last week b/c I did not start him... not sure how he'll play against Detroit... Any thoughts on who to start will be appreciated...

    Looks like G.Jones will get the start.... I also have C.Mart going Sunday night... Who should I start??
  13. McMahon or Lefty

    Debating on who to start this week!! TD heavy league! Will McMahon put up decent #'s??? I have a feeling Leftwich will be handing the ball off all day Any suggestions??
  14. Bledsoe vs. Tough Denver D Favre vs. Eagles Must win Any thoughts??
  15. Chris Mortensen just reported....Taylor to start in todays game!!!