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  1. Plug your nose and play General Mills. He’s actually not as bad as made out to be and SF is pretty bad against QBs. 25th in league. Edit: Forgot I was in Irish’s post - sorry to overstep.
  2. Set My Lineup for the Big Game!

    Javonte and Singletary are close, but the rest I agree 100%. Go with your gut at flex.
  3. 2QB league need to pick a second to play behind Josh Allen. Trey Lance (vs Houston) or Taysom Hill (vs Carolina)? 4 pts/passing td
  4. Championship Defense

    I currently have the Eagles plugged in so I’ll probably go with my gut. Dolphins are on waivers so I could snag them when waivers run Sunday morning. thanks!
  5. Trying to decide between Eagles, Dolphins, and Bears defenses. Our league is set up so you don’t get negative points due to points/yards allowed, so opportunistic defenses are best even if they give up points. thanks.
  6. 2QB League Help

    Thanks LC, I’m leaning that way currently. Any other opinions out there?
  7. Could make argument to start Dolphins D over Colts, but they’re about even for me. Higgins vs Brown also up for debate since Higgins has been on fire, but I’d play Brown due to volume and talent.
  8. Agree with this. Darnold is starting and he and Moore had a solid Rapport when he was healthy.
  9. Need to sit 1 of 4 RB's.......Which one?

    4 really good options so I don’t think you can really go wrong - I’d say Harris, though. More TD reliant than others.
  10. WR2 Help

    I’d lean Aiyuk or Gage.
  11. The ‘chip RB advice

    Exactly this!
  12. 2QB League Help

    Hey All- I’m in the finals of my first run at a 2QB league and am looking for some advice. I have Josh Allen locked into my QB1, but have a few options for my QB2. Taysom Hill (vs Carolina) Justin Fields (vs NYG) Trey Lance (vs Houston) Tua (vs Tennessee) I’m going up against to top scoring regular season team and even though I project as a minor underdog, I’m thinking I need to go upside here. I’m very tempted to play Lance (if he ends up starting), but Taysom may be a better bet even with the tougher matchup. Tua has a safe floor, but I think I need more upside. Thanks and wish me luck! QBs: Josh Allen and ?? RBs: Mixon and RoJo WRs: Deebo and Lamb TE: Everett or Cook (still deciding) Flex: Javonte Williams or Penny (leaning Williams)
  13. Should have specified - it’s Javonte, not Jamaal. Still Sanders?
  14. Start/Sit - J. Williams or M. Sanders

    Denver - good catch.
  15. J. Williams or M. Sanders in a .5ppr league. Need to choose one to flex.