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  1. Ask Auburn if SOS doesn't matter. Their pittiful out of conference schedule precluded them from having a chance to get into the BCS title game. Good God, they scheduled a d-2 team. SOS IS counted in the computer polls.
  2. Vince Young: Next Vick or Antwan Randle El?

    He's like many other great talents: He lacks the tools to fully succeed. He couldn't hit the side of a barn with his passes and recieves absolutely no coaching to make him any better. He's a carbon copy of himself last year and it will always be that way under the "guidance" of Lack Crown. What a waste.
  3. Texas/ Oklahoma

    Sorry Sarge, but you're wrong. Stoops even gets pissed if he's asked about it.
  4. Texas/ Oklahoma

    Sorry, Sgt., but Stoops has never and will never put a spy on an opposing player. He's pretty adimant about it. That being said, with Lack Crown is on the other sideline and being UTerus one dimensional, it's not too close. OU by24.
  5. do I. How's everbody been? Again, congrats to K2000 for the ass kicking his team supplied last year and I'm really, REALLY looking forward to the game in Manhatten this year . Also looking forward to the skullf@ing that will be placed on UTerus for the 5th straight year. Have a happy football season and don't get too discouraged when OU mauls your team too badly. They can't help it.
  6. Proud to be a Sooner

    Wow. Where did that come from. It must suck to be you.
  7. Proud to be a Sooner

    Proud to be a Sooner? You bet your a$$ I am.
  8. Congrats to LSU.

    The better team won and no excuses here. OU just didn't have it tonight. Again congrats.
  9. Official OU/LSU pick-em site

    OU 31 LoSUr 17
  10. Wow. Texass sucks.

    Um, no.
  11. USC - AP National Champions

    Could someone please remind me which National Championship trophy USC hoisted over their heads tonight?
  12. Wow. Texass sucks.

    jester jester jester jester jester Congrats Cougs on a great game and long live Lack Crown.
  13. Graduation Rates for Bowl Teams

    Richard Lapchick (??), the UCF professor who is cited and quoted regarding OU's supposed "terrible grad rate", recanted in two local radio interviews regarding the Sooners and admitted that the numbers were ancient and NOT reflective of OU's current situation. This gentleman is the source behind the Boston Globe article that I believe KS2000 originally posted.
  14. Graduation Rates for Bowl Teams

    Well of course they will pale in comparison. So will almost any group you can think of including basketball players, fraternaties, and band members. I bet accountants can kick the arse of a sociologist in the CPA exam.
  15. Graduation Rates for Bowl Teams

    Because I'm sick and ****ing tired of all of the OU bashing for the sake of that only. As far a graduation rate go, If you want to look back a 1993, fine. since Stoops has been at OU, the grad. rates has gone up significantly. Also, I'd be willing to bet that if you look at graduation rates of the general public, 65% would blow the doors off of it.