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  1. Bulger at home against the Skins or Jeff Garcia at Dallas? You guys (and gals) have been great all season. Especially last week telling me to take Gore over Alexander. I feel like I owe some of you a portion of my winnings!! Let me know who you like. Also let me know if you have a post and I will answer it. Thanks!
  2. WDIS at WR

    I say Wayne and TO. Have to go with the stud players. TO gets a ton of passes thrown his way and Wayne catches everything. NO really spreads the ball around. Good luck
  3. I apprecaite the advice although it seems still a 50/50 Gore or Alexander. Anyone else care to chime in?
  4. I need two. I am hesitant to play both Gore and Alexander for two reasons: 1) I do not want to go into the weekend completely devastated as my runningbacks both did poorly (I know the opposite could happen and they could both do well, but I do't think that will be the case See #2) 2) If one rb does well in that game, he'll be eating up the clock preventing the other from getting the ball. So, I am leaning towards Westbrook and one of the others, but have no idea which one. Come on fantasy football gods, give me the best running backs!!! Let me know if you have a post and I will answer it. Thanks in advance
  5. Ridiculous choices...but it is true!

    In response to questions about my line-up , I traded Muhammed and Maroney for Owens in week 3 (I think) he had a hurt wrist and was about to enter a his bye week. I traded Grossman, Plaxico and Jenning for Steve Smith in week 5. At that point he had still not produced. About three weeks ago I traded Kitna for Addai. He had Bledsoe and Leftwich and needed a qb. Everyone else was drafted!
  6. Need to pick up a QB.....

    Pennington will not get you a ton of points any week, but he'll be consistent. Expect 1-2 touchdowns and 200-250 yards
  7. I play in a highly competitve 10-team league. We start 2 running backs. My choices are Alexander at Denver, Gore at NO, Westbrook vs Carolina or Addai at Tenn. The first three were acquired in the draft and I received Addai in a trade. Now they are finally all healthy and I have a quandry. Which two do you reccomend I start? Also let me know if you have a post and I will answer yours. Thanks in advance for your advice.
  8. battle of Texas

    To anyone watching...what the heck is TO doing?????
  9. A Quickie!

    TD and yardage. Just need one. My other rb is westbrook. If he doesn't go, I will play the other of the two below. Gore vs San Diego Morris vs St Louis Thank you in advance for your advice. Also, let me know if you have a post and I will answer it.
  10. First week of the playyoffs and I need advice!

    Thatis who I am leaning towards unless I am convinced otherwise
  11. I think it is a tough call, but look forward to your advice. Let me know if you have a post and I will be glad to answer it. Yardage and TD with 6 points for td under 50 yards and 10 points for over. No points for receptions, but receiving yardage is added to rushing yardage Thanks!!!
  12. Jamie Martin out

    Now I am hoping Hasslebeck gets negative points so I don't do something dangerous to myself!!
  13. Just wondering. Noticed Duckett is getting a lot of carries
  14. Bump....still can't decide!
  15. Tomlinson

    I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I do love him!!! I just need the J E T S to keep scoring