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  1. Miami D or Buffalo D?

    Same here, luck to us both crazy how D decisions become a big deal in the finals
  2. Ahmed or Bowden at RB tonight??

    anyone? Ahmed to split with Gaskin Bowden, parker out again, should get some targets was really hoping gaskin would have been out
  3. Miami D or Buffalo D?

    I hate needing to make this decision tonight.. I face the same choice as you I'm staying tuned for any last minute input I had miami slotted in all week, but swapped in Buffalo today and now thinking of going back to my gut and go Miami For whatever it's worth, when I was doing a DK fri-mon full slate lineup, they had miami as the most expensive D, for whatever that's worth
  4. Ahmed or Bowden at RB tonight??

    1 PPR lost both CEH and Akers for my RB2 spot.. need to choose between Ahmed or Bowden at RB tonight I dont have any other option (I meant I have Gurley as well, but don't want to go there) and out of FAAB (not that there is anyone better than the above anyways thanks
  5. Which WR

    need to plug one as WR3 1PPR Emmanuel Sanders (vs MIN) Antonio Brown (@DET) leaning Sanders with both Thomas and Tre'quan looking out but AB is interested as well, looking solid
  6. Hurts, don't it?

    Picked up Hurts with Wilsons tough matchup. Know I need to decide who to actually play Hurts @ DAL Wilson vs LAR hate to bench Wilson, but he's cooled off a lot and faced the toughest matchup. Just want some reassurance that Hurts is the right play in the final thanks
  7. WRs all dropping..

    Heading into the week I was planning on going with Julio / Cook / Crowder all of whom are now out or almost out (crowder still listed as questionable) Need to fill 1 WR slot and 1 Flex. 1PPR my option are now: Mike Williams (vs ATL) Perriman (@SEA) Gurley (@LAC) Deandre Washington (vs KC) who are my best bets? thanks
  8. Who at flex?

    down a bunch of starters this week Need to start 2 of the following (1 needs to be RB) 1 PPR R. Jones (vs KC) Fournette (vs KC) James White (vs ARI) Mike Williams (@BUF) Keelan Cole (vs CLE) Was thinking R.Jones and Williams thanks
  9. Taysom over any at flex/TE?

    Taysom would be an easier play if I didn't already have good options. Which 4 do I play: Michael Thomas Ridley AJ Brown Kelce Taysom Initially I was considering benching AJ in favour of Taysom at flex But also thinking benching Thomas can be "smart" choice since if Taysom get the start for the full game, any Thomas TD would also be a Taysom TD
  10. A lot of close calls

    1PPR Ronald jones or Fournette Mike Williams vs Brandon Cooks Fant vs Jonnu I'm leaning slightly towards Ronald / Williams / Jonnu thanks